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Is the Matrix Real

Is the Matrix Real

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Published by sell9376

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: sell9376 on Aug 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Johnson 1
Shawn JohnsonProfessor BaerWritten Expression II8 December 2009Is the Matrix Real?Do you think the matrix is real? Could it be possible that all life onplanet Earth has been living in a world that is not as it seems? Could it bepossible that all life on this planet has been deceived into thinking that whatthey see, hear, touch, taste, or smell is nothing but an illusion? Couldeverything that we believe is real, be nothing more than a trick? Life mayhave very well been deceived. Everything may be a deceptive trap that leadsto another trap, which sucks in innocent souls into corrupt and illegitimatethinking and behavior. What do I think? I think the matrix is real. The world we see around us could very well be false. There is no trueway to actually prove that it is false, unless of course, we were outside of thematrix. There is no way to even actually tell that we are in a matrix. It ismade up of many sub matrices that all follow under a main matrix similar toa pyramid structure. The matrix is designed to fool everything inside of it. Itis meant to pull wool over our eyes to blind us from our true reality andnature. It is a mere deceptive tool used day in, and day out. So what is thematrix?
  Johnson 2
 The Matrix is our reality. It is the reality that we perceive through ourevery day interaction with text and other things around us. It is the verything that defines human nature. It is the sun that we see on the horizonrising and setting every day. It is the food we eat and the air we breathe. It isthe dream or goal everyone has in mind. Everything that we believe in is thematrix. The very sports that we compete in are involved in the matrix. Everybelief or passion that we have ever had or will have is somehow tied into thematrix. It will forever dominate the world, if no one does anything about it.But then again what can we as mortal souls of an immortal trap, do about it?Do we as humans really know if our brain is playing tricks on us?Maybe our brains are playing tricks on us, or maybe tricks are being playedupon our brain. In the review The Matrix Trilogy" and the Revolutionary Drivethrough "The Desert of the Real” by Alex Blazer, he introduces the idea, “TheReal is not the ‘true reality’ behind the virtual simulation, but the void whichmakes reality incomplete or consistent” (Blazer 271). He is simply statingthat whatever we may think is real, may actually be a false representation of reality or an image of what reality should be like. The matrix is simply aprogram that replicates reality to induce a ‘real’ feeling or belief when infact, that feeling is not original and copied. For example, let’s say you arehaving a lovely dream. You are on the beach relaxing somewhere in Cancunwith three margaritas on the table beside you and a couple of servantsnearby to serve your needs whenever you want something. Let’s say you see
  Johnson 3
the love of your life walk by you and you somehow talk to them and end upmarrying them. Then you have kids and watch them grow up to be respectful andbecome successful in their endeavors and after all these years, you and theperson you met in Cancun are still happily married together. What happenswhen you wake up? You most likely will wish you had never woken up andhad kept on dreaming. Maybe you felt this way because you are stressed outin life, or maybe you were just afraid of getting married. Whatever the causemay be, you woke up and you might never have that dream again. What if you never woke up? What if you stayed in a coma and had that dreamforever? Would your reality change? I’m sure it would. You’re reality wouldnow be that dream. You would know nothing else, but that dream. Realitywould then be incomplete, void, and indefinite, since your reality was easilyswitched to a dream that was not real (or maybe it was who knows?). The fact of the matter is that reality is indefinite and can bemisconceived. The brain can be easily fooled into believing what is real andwhat is not. Reality has no boundaries, except the boundaries that we putforth in it. Our minds can be tricked very easily. Technology is so advancedthese days that we can now literally instill fear in a person or see how thebrain functions by which parts of it light up on a screen. This could possiblybe the next stage in advanced science. The possibilities are endless. The skyis the limit. Neuro-imaging technology has now made it possible to

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