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Vermiculture and more: Solutions for Sustainable Living

Vermiculture and more: Solutions for Sustainable Living

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In this issue:
Herb gardening Alternative Energy 2003 BioneersVermiculture
and more...
Solutions for Sustainable Living for Over 25 Years
Fall 2003
2 AT Transfer 
The AT Transfer is the newsletter for the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, which is funded primarily by the Associated Students of Humboldt State University. The views and concerns of The AT Transfer are not censored or reviewed by the Associated Students. All correspondencesmay be addressed to: The AT Transfer, CCAT HSU, Arcata, CA 95521. HSU supports AA/EO
Campus Center for Appropriate Technology staff:
Front row left to right:
KJ Coop (WebAdministrator), Michael Padget (Web Master), Playalina Nelson (Herb Gardner), Lisa Murgatroyd (InfoRequest Coordinator), Eddie Tanner (Co-Director), Beej Berhanu (Outreach Coordinator), Jeff Adams(Maintenance), Katie Harbaugh (
 AT Transfer 
Second row:
Charles Heinberg (Tour GuideCoordinator), Kendra Cecil (Co-Director), Krystal Rogers (Co-Director), Dustin Jolley (Project Engineer),Jennifer Lumbert (Groundskeeper), Garret Mcsorley (Groundskeeper), Bart Orlando (Volunteer)
 Not pictured:
Josie Santos (Office Manager), Brenda Francek (Librarian), Jo Manmondi (CRP CompostDirector), Astrid Dobo (Biodiesel), Sara Hall (Biodiesel), Jamie Allen (Vegetable Gardner), Kyana Taillon (
Co-Editor), Molly Wingland (Events Publicist)
Our mission...
The mission of CCAT is to demonstrate appropriate technology in a residential setting, to providehands-on experiential learning opportunities to Humboldt State University and the surrounding community in Arcata, to collect and disseminate information about appropriate technology, andto dispel the myth that living lightly on the Earth is difficult or burdensome. CCAT is dedicated tosustainability and self-reliance and seeks to help others live likewise.
 AT Transfe
Katie Harbaugh, Kyana Taillon
Kyana Taillon
Bart Orlando & Katie Harbaugh
Molly Wingland
AT Transfer 3
By JML, Groundskeeper 
live in a shack. It may be tiny, but it’s cozy and it’sin the woods. There are no annoying wires attachedto my roof like parasitic umbilical cords; no over-ambitious IV tubes feeding me water; and no artificialintestines transporting my wastes to some other creature’sbackyard.You see, I got tired of making baby steps toward alighter footprint in houses supported by the mothergrid.It’s useless trying to green up a rental home that is poorly designed. No, I wanted to start from the bottom withoutall the accoutrements of civilization and modify gradually with additional components. I consider my lifestyle aform of solidarity with developing countries in which Iplan to work.Many of these nations want an improvedquality of life for their citizens, yet detest the havocour developed world has wreaked through its wanton,gluttonous “modernization” processes. Scientists cannotpredict which straw will break our planet’s back, yet therace toward international development is already on.Helping such places implement appropriate technologiesbefore infrastructures are established is crucial if totalenvironmental collapse is to be avoided.Which brings me back to my experiencesattempting to put together a portable, field-capableappropriate technology (AT) micro system for my cabinthat would include a) lighting and b) a charging systemfor properly chosen AA, cell phone and laptop batteries thatdoesn’t rely on a 12-volt storage bank.By the time I’m ready to globetrot I should be all set up. Thankfully, I will also have accomplished a majorstep in my personal evolution and adaptation to the simplest life I can see myself living. From there on out I’ll be ina position to carefully monitor the influx of goods and services to my existence, choosing to incorporate only thoseitems that would truly serve me and others well on my path through this world.It’s no secret that much of the primary emphasis of appropriate technology is on replacing grid-supplied power forcurrent consumption levels. Native Americans used to laugh at the huge fires white men made when such little firesmet people’s needs. The same could be said about Western society’s desire for power among the A.T. community,and it’s troubling.So here’s my pitch: let’s all adapt to little fires. When consumers demand change, industry eventually listens. Invest $300 to $400 and put together an AT system you can bring along when you move. So what if youdon’t have a shack! Stick a solar panel on a pole outside your window. Tie one onto your roof, (Look, landlord, noholes!) Downsize your stereo to fit your energy production. Eat food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Use arechargeable battery-powered clock. Be creative, and remember, we are the paradigm shift. You’ll appreciate yourforesight later when the developing world becomes the model for culture change.
So will the earth...
 Adaptation Game
 JML sits outside her home, a self-sustaining example of appropriate technology 

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