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Interview Transcript

Interview Transcript

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Published by flowsonic
Lancashire police interview Elavi transcript
Lancashire police interview Elavi transcript

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Published by: flowsonic on Aug 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.zshare.net/download/78954509e8a122cb/Transcript interview: 29
June 2010...you have been examined by the medical staff here al right the time now is ten past twelve on theafternoon of Tuesday 29th
June 2010 this is...Elavi: i've got a pain in my chestDC Benn: yes but you have been examined by better people than me, more educated people than meyou went to the hospital yesterday and they said you are fit to be detained. You have been assessedunder the mental health act and they say you are fit to be detained. I'm just going to ask you somequestions about what happened at the hospital yesterday (Elavi: Yeh) do you understand that?Elavi: yehDC Benn: Alright then, I'm DC Ben I'm joined by my colleague DC McNichalous. You have beenarrested for an offence of a public order offence under section four of the public order act and thathappened yesterday afternoon at the royal Preston hospital in the accident and emergency unit there.Elavi: is that where I was?DC Benn: yeah that's where you were. You was with police officers and quite a few medical staff there at the hospital because then you said you had this pain, you got taken up to the hospital andyou have been examined and said fit to be detained by us at the police station.Elavi: So it was you here that decided I was fit to be detained?DC Benn: No the medical staff I wouldn't certainly say I wasElavi: Not when Dr. Durum...is it durum? Dr durum? Durum?DC Benn: yesElavi: The Dr. that discharged me, can I make sure that I am pronouncing his name correctly.DC Benn: It is Durum I am sure you are quite correct. Anyway that's why you've been arrested.Before we go any further I must caution you.Elavi: Can I say?Stephen: You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defenceElavi: Durham right?DC Benn: Durham would say he's right yes that you are fit to be detained?Elavi: No is it, is it, Dr. Durum who discharged me?DC Benn: I don't know which Dr. it was. Its the public order offence we're interviewing youregarding. Alright, so you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do notmention when questioned something you later rely on in court anything you say may be given inevidence. Now that is a mouthful do you understand what the nature of the caution means?Do you understand what the caution means?
Elavi: Can I clarify it?DC Benn: You clarify it then. What do you understand by the caution?Elavi: It means that anything that I say maybe erm,DC Benn: what it means is you don't have to answer our questions, nothing can happen to you if you don't answer the questions. Do you understand that part of the caution?Elavi: Can I act as my own legal representation?DC Benn: Course you can.Elavi: in all legal matters from now on?DC Benn: You can by all means, alright.DC Benn: but you understand that you don't have to answer the questions don't you?Elavi: I’d like to make a statement.DC Benn: well you can make your statement but when you've explained the nature of the caution toyou. Then you can have full our full attention and all that of the tape alright? So you don't have toanswer the questions do you understand that?Elavi: all i'm saying is this, the pain in my chest and the pins and needles in my hand and the pain inmy neck and my head. I don't know if erm...DC Benn: if your going to speak up you'd better speak up so the microphone can hear you.Elavi: (laughs/sighs)DC Benn: OK, so. Seeing as you won't let us finish theElavi: you could have had it down.DC Benn: pardon:Elavi: You could have had the microphone down here.DC Benn: Could have had the microphone but its not its fixed to the wall there. Right seeing asyou're short of breath you save your energy and I’ll carry on explaining the caution to you. Thecaution goes on to explain that if you don't answer the questions now and this matter goes to courtand then at court you give an explanation or answer all the courts questions do you understand that part? They may think well what Mr. Dowie says to us now makes and awful lot of sense but thenthey may just take an adverse interest and think hang on a sec if its right what he's saying to us nowwhy didn't he tell those two nice officers on this the first opportunity? Has he needed time to get hisstory together? Do you understand that?Elavi: you're saying a lot of stuff DC Benn: I am saying a lot of stuff 
Elavi: if if if can I clarify?DC Benn: no no no just let me exp' carry on explaining and then i'll stop talking and you can takeover alright?Elavi: Can I just clarify what you said?DC Benn: N...well...go on then?Elavi: You said that what I say here now when I go to court to legally represent myself in the courtof the land.DC Benn: You're wasting your chance you better if you wanting to give an explanation speak upand then the tape can listen to you alright?Elavi: Yeh (slightly inaudible)DC Benn: So go on, if you when you defending yourself at court...you were half way through...no?Elavi: Erm...DC Benn: You wanted to clarify the part of the caution I’ve said up to now. Are you do youunderstand what I’m s yeah? Do you want to add anything? Or do you want me to carry onexplaining the caution?Elavi: Yeah explain it.DC Benn: Right it goes on to say if you answer the questions now but this matter still goes to courtand then at court you give a completely different answer to the questions or different version of events the court won't know which one to believe because two different stories both can't be thetruth can they?Elavi: noDC Benn: and finally this is the part the microphone comes into anything you say may be given inevidence and that's because that microphone tries to pick up everything that we say and that's whyyou have to speak up and it is purely audible so its only the answers you give via your mouth thatare picked up. It doesn’t pick up shaking your head or nodding your head.Elavi: yehDC Benn: OK and the microphone goes to these three machines..er..tape. Goes to this machine thathas three tapes in it. The red one is the master, i'm keep ga.. I keep getting tongue tied now.Elavi: was that a Freudian slip or just aDC Benn: a Freudian slip...I don't know what you mean by that..I keep saying there’s three tapeshere but I actually meanelavi: Just made that odd statement is that a Freudian slipDC Benn: I don't know what you mean by that.

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