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Published by mrgallagher

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Published by: mrgallagher on Oct 03, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Who developed the new form of literature known as the essay?________________________ 2. Who was getting married the day of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre?__________________ 3. What was the major dynasty that ruled France during the Age of Absolutism?________________ And who was the first of this dynasty?_________________ 4. What was the Edict of Nantes?_____________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Who was Louis XIII’s major advisor?__________________________ 6. In what two ways did Louis XIII advisor strengthen the French Monarchy?__________________  ________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 7.What dynasty did Louis XIII’s advisor felt was the biggest threat to France?__________________ 8. What is skepticism?______________________________________________________________ 9. Who is considered the most powerful leader in French history and the ultimate absolute ruler?__________________ 10. What did the motto “L’etat, c’est moi” mean?_______________________________________ 11. Who was Cardinal Mazarin?_____________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________ 12. What event in Louis XIV life made it so he wanted to be an absolute ruler? ________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Who was the Louis XIV’s brilliant economic advisor and what economic system did he believein? _______________________ and ______________________ 14. What had been the purpose of art during the Middle Ages?__________________ and during theRenaissance it was to _____________________ now during Absolutism the purpose of art was to _______________________ 15. What term means to have alliance’s so no one country is too powerful?____________________ 16. What alliance was made to keep Louis XIV at bay?_________________________________ 17. During the War of Spanish Succession what dynasty died out?_______________ and whatdynasty actually became more powerful?______________ what was the name of the treaty thatended the War of Spanish Succession?_______________________ what was the name for the war in the America’s?_______________________. What country actually gained the most from thewar?___________________ The War of Spanish Succession also allowed what dynasty to condenseits holdings?___________________________ 
Central Europe
1. What allowed German rulers to pick the religion best suited for their people?________________ Except what religion was not allowed?______________________ 2. How did the Thirty Year’s War start?________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What King and his little army turn the tide of the war?__________________________________ 4. Though a religious war what Catholic country sided with the Protestants?___________________ why did the leaders of this country do this?_____________________________________________ 
Name________________________________________ 5. What did the Thirty Year’s war do to the area we call Germany today and what did it prevent? ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. What treaty ended the Thirty Year’s war and what 5 important things came out of this treaty? ________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What ultimately was the most important result of the Thirty Year’s War?____________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Why did Central European nations take so long to mature compared to the West?_____________  ________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Unlike the west Central European countries still had a threat from _________________________ 10. Charles VI of Austria had to do what to insure that his family would stay in power?__________  ________________________________________________ This is known as
Pragmatic Sanction
your book did not name it but you should know the name
11.What two royal families had designs on Central Europe?______________and_______________ 12.What war was ended with the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle? ________________ that was was alsoKnown as ______________________ in the America’s.13. During what war was Austria,France, and Russia against Great Britain and Prussia? ________________________ that war was known as the _____________________________ war in the America’s. This war saw no territorial changes in Europe but ________________ lost all her colonies in North America to ________________ and ________________ gain sole economicdomination in India.** Maria Theresa’s rule marked the beginning of the Hapsburg-Lorraine dynasty also one of her daughter’s was Marie Antoinette of French fame that we will talk about later****
1. Why is Ivan III so important? ______________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Who was the first Absolute ruler of Russia?________________________ what title did he takeFor himself?________________________ 3. Upon the death of his wife _______________________, Ivan blamed the ________________ for  poisoning his wife.4. Upon the death of Ivan’s remaining son Russia went through the_______________________in1613 _______________ became the new Czar thus establishing the _______________ dynasty.5. Because of the Mongols what two major time periods did Russia not go through that WesternEurope went through thus making Russia backwards?_____________________________ and ______________________________ 6. At this time the only major sea port for Russia to the west was?______________________ 7. What religious difference did the Russia have?______________________________________ 

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