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Games Bosses Play

Games Bosses Play

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Published by kpmramani

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Published by: kpmramani on Jun 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Games bosses playComment Mail to friend
By: Shreya Biswas, ET Bureau
Any mention of his boss leaves a bad taste in Brandon’smouth. He has virtually started avoiding any kind of interaction with him. In the last five years, Brandon hasnever had such an antipathy towards his boss. After all, notowning responsibilities for anything gone wrong and passingthe buck to his subordinates, is a new trait that his boss had picked up. And knowing that he can’t do anything had leftBrandon frustrated.His boss is never there to clarify doubts, rarely turns up for scheduled meetings, doesn’tstand up for his people when they need him the most. Now, when a major project hasfailed, the boss has again cut his way out of the mess blaming everybody else. Suchirresponsible behaviour by the bosses may not always be reported, however, it is certainlynot rare. Some tips may help:Games bosses playComment Mail to friendInsecurity weakensInsecure boss generally find it difficult to face situations. That could be one of thereasons why he react the way he does in Brandon’s case. That often reflects in hisinteraction . And it’s mostly the subordinates who fall prey to his designs.Organisation must have processes in place to keep an eye on deviant bosses.Games bosses playComment Mail to friendConfront the bossIf it’s an one off incident you may ignore, but its recurrenceshould make you wary. You need to convey in subtle waysthat you are not game for it. If he gets the message, well andgood."If that doesn’t work, talk to him, tell him what went wrong and you were not at fault,"says Perotsystems HR APAC head Pallab Bandyopadhyay. "You have to let him knowthat he can’t continue with it, but be tactful." You can take your peers into confidence.Games bosses playComment Mail to friendStay with factsFacts always help. Collect your evidences before you confront your boss. List out all the

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