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Rudy Giuliani Letter for Grimm

Rudy Giuliani Letter for Grimm

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Published by Celeste Katz

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Published by: Celeste Katz on Aug 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July 29, 2010Dear Fellow Republican:Wow! That was my reaction when I first heard about Michael Grimm—former Marine, formerFBI agent, attorney, small businessman, and much to my delight, candidate for Congress.I thought: Here’s a person who can have a career in any number of money-making areas, butdecides, at age 40, that he wants to give additional years of his life to public service. I needed toknow more about this very different type of congressional candidate—a non-politician!—so Ifound out more. And the more I found out, the more excited I became.Mike Grimm is a Republican whose thinking perfectly reflects the mood of our country today.He gets really angry about the out-of-control growth of government because, he says, it translatesinto more red tape regulations, greater spending, higher taxes, and bigger deficits that threaten tobankrupt our beloved America. Sound familiar? That’s the message of Tea Party types andscores of Republicans throughout the land.When the discussion shifts to national defense and security policies, there is not only anger butalso worry—worry about America’s position in the world and safety at home. What MikeGrimm wants is a beefed-up military (which he considers the best road to peace) and toughersecurity measures against terrorist plots (which he sees as the only way to detect and minimize, if not eliminate, actual attacks). These may be considered the expected views of a former U.S.Marine and FBI agent. But they actually convey only the beginning, not the full scope, of whatMichael Grimm represents—and that’s where I become most excited by the prospect of MikeGrimm as a member of Congress.Just consider: This man, who won battle awards as a Marine, and brought numerous corruptpoliticians and gangland figures to justice as an FBI agent, didn’t rest on any laurels, but insistedon developing his abilities and experiences even further. This is a man who earned a businessdegree in the fields of accounting and finance…a man who wanted to be an attorney, so earned alaw degree and was admitted to the bar in New York and Connecticut…and a man with anentrepreneurial spirit who wanted to become a small business owner and became one.Now Mike Grimm, a doer if there ever was one, wants to do something else—become aCongressman. Think about that: A determined doer in an institution filled with talkers. Howrefreshing is that! The special nature of this candidate is absolutely glaring. Usually, peoplewho run for Congress come out of the political process—party leader, political aide, councilmember, whatever. Mike Grimm is not about politics, despises politics-as-usual, and is primedto work tirelessly to break through the clogged arteries of government in order to pave new waysto the solutions of long-existing problems.But isn’t Mike just one person? And if so, what can we expect from a single Congressmannamed Michael Grimm? The answer is that lots of great things throughout history began with just one very different and very special person, who then attracted a few colleagues here, a few

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