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The Fight

The Fight

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Published by David Dawson
I came up with this today since I've been playing Street Fighter a lot.
I came up with this today since I've been playing Street Fighter a lot.

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Published by: David Dawson on Aug 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Complete darkness turned slowly back to light, well as much light as there was with the streetlights on. The cries of spectators were also starting to come back into his head as he rose to his feet. After suffering a terrible blow to thehead, the man was surprised he had even been able to get back up. His audiencewas just as surprised as he was. The person most surprised was the giant man standing in front of him.The giant man was the one whom had struck the man and caused his short black out. The reason being was that there was money at stake, and the giant was not planning to lose to some one who wanted his earnings. This fight was being gambledupon, with most of the money bet on the giant.The giant cracked his knuckles and gave a sigh, “If you get up I’m only going tohit you again.” He finished his words with a big grin and started to approachthe other man. The smaller man did not back down and positioned himself in a fighting stance. The giant chuckled for a moment and reached his hand out at hisopponent with the intent of grabbing him.This failed as the man dodged out of the giant’s grasp and proceeded to punch the giant in the gut. Another chuckle came from the giant and the spectators followed suit. “Is that all you’ve got?” The giant proclaimed as he continued to laugh. This did not faze the smaller man as he continued to give the giant a serious look.The smaller man tried to attack once more, but the giant grabbed his shoulder and pushed him down. Again, he rose to his feet and tried to attack with the sameresult. “This is getting old,” the giant said, “Here I’ll give you one free shot.” He then bent his waist over and pointed to his chin, which was now at facelevel with the smaller man.What happened next was yet another unexpected event. The man readied his leg and swung with such force it struck the giant across his face causing him to takea few steps back. The crowd watched in awe as their hero was now red in the face, especially where the foot had hit him. The giant turned his head back towards his foe with such malice that he was no longer interested in money. He wantedblood.The giant spat out a bloody tooth and swung his arm at the smaller man. He dodged and continued to dodge as the giant had started to throw a flurry of punches.Each one dodged very carefully because the man knew if any one of them would connect, he would be done. He knew this since the first blow he received had almost done him in and that was not the full power of the giant.For a brief moment, the punches stopped for the giant was making himself tired.This was the opportunity to strike. The man then gave an uppercut to the giants chin, close to were his foot had struck. This caused the giant to reel back once more but his face was still exposed. The smaller man continued to punch hisfoe in the face.The giant finally went down after so many hits. He was out cold. The spectator’s jaws dropped, but not as much as the man who had been standing behind the giant. This was the giant’s sponsor and bookie. The thought of his client ever losing had never crossed his mind. Therefore, he was dumb struck for a great deal.The smaller man walked towards the bookie and said one thing, “My money.” The bookie snapped back to his senses and reached for the other man’s earnings, a couple thousand dollars. The man took his money gladly and proceeded to walk off with a big grin on his face.

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