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Veggie Cars

Veggie Cars

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Published by: Composting in Santa Cruz County on Aug 03, 2010
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his may sound strange, but youcan run your diesel car or truck onvegetable oil and nearly eliminateyour use of traditional gas or diesel. For cer-tain people, veggie oil could lead to majorsavings. Called veggie cars or grease cars,these vehicles have fuel systems modified toburn both diesel fuel and straight vegetableoil. The idea is actually a modern twist onthe original intention for the diesel engine.But even proponents say veggie oil isnot for everyone because of the extra work it requires. Nevertheless, there is a small,but growing, part of the population that’spassionate about using grease to make theircars go. These people are drawn to this al-ternative fuel because it saves them money,gives them more control of their transpor-tation fuel needs and makes a difference forthe environment. All this may sound too good to betrue, and in some ways it is. Is it the most
Vegetable oil can power your vehicle,but the effects on the environment are still unclear.
Mc Mkult  Ty Mt,f Lwc, K., u t tuck flt wt vgtl l.
Would you use 
By Tim Wacker
   j   o   n   h   a   r   d   e   s   t   y  ;   a   b   o   v   e  :   i   s   t   o   c   k   p   h   o   t   o   /   s   t   e   v   e   n   k   r   a   t   o   c   h   w   i   l   l
environmentally friendly alternative fuel?Should new vegetable oil or used grease beused? And here’s the real kicker: It’s techni-cally illegal (see “Veggie Oil Vehicles andthe Law”). So, before you start hoarding Wesson Oil, there are a few things youshould consider.
WanT Fries WiTh ThaT?
To get a sense of how this works, consider the example of Ty Martin. On Thursdays andSundays the Lawrence, Kan., automechanic parks behind his favor-ite restaurant and heads inside fora hamburger and fries. As he eats with friends at the bar, kitchenstaff fill a tank in the back of his truck withgrease that was used to cook food just theday before. An hour later, truck and driverhead home, both smelling faintly of burntpeanut oil. The used grease then propelsMartin’s pickup all over town, all for free(except the food).For Martin, burning vegetable oil meansmore than maintaining a dual fuel system.It’s a lifestyle, attracting the bohemian ina growing number of Americans who, forenvironmental, financial and/or politicalreasons, bristle over using fossil fuels fortransportation. Whatever your motivationmight be, if you have a diesel engine, itcould run on cooking oil.In fact, in the 1890s German inventorRudolf Diesel originally designed his en-gine to run on vegetable oil.
 a neW Kind oF KiT Car
The big challenge with using vegeta-ble oil in Diesel’s engine was, and is, cold weather. Vegetable oil works best when it ishot ideally 160 degrees and it thick-ens like butter when it is cold. That meansthe engine has to be warmed up before itcan run on vegetable oil, and the veggie oilmust be flushed out before the engine coolsdown. Otherwise, you will have cloggedfuel lines when you next try to start the car.To convert a diesel engine to run on veggieoil, you have several options.The conversion hardware canbe bought in kit form from a va-riety of manufacturers. GreasecarVegetable Fuel Systems of Easthampton, Mass., estimatesthey’ve sold about 4,000 of theirconversion kits over the past fewyears at prices ranging from $995to $2,000. Lovecraft Bio-Fuels of Los Angeles, Calif., and Portland, Ore., which sells kits and installs them, estimatesit has sold about 1,800 units, starting at$425 for the kit alone and $870 installed.(Lovecraft also sells a one-tank system.)Some people custom build veggie cars.Martin saw his friend Marcos Markoulatos’Greasecar kit in operation and decided hecould do the conversion himself. He ended112
Mother earth News
dm 2007/ju 2008
ex u   f ug u   vgg l? M vf  l? bf u g  x, full   -lm: i’ ll llgl, lug  m  gg .h ul mg  ml  ll- u lgllm? h’  :Ful x  “l” ful (gl, lum l)l fu  ulg  m f  u vgg l . Ug vgl l   ful u gful x     x v.• t U.s. evml p ag (epa) f ug vgl l  g g u l ful u  m   m. if, f xml, m   -vl  uuul ml   u g  l g,  ul u x llu f  ’   v  u. all  v  ful x f m   fl gvm l x ful, u f-m f x l gg vgl l   ful . w  m  l,  ll mll  vgll  mm lum l ful, fl xl  gf: yu’v g   x   m   m fm.wl fm f  l  -ll  lx,  f   v v -  m gl   lvl f :
 Veggie Oil Vehicles and the Law
Gl Ful sytm (sgfl, Mo)fu Cl a ly xml f “g g” utl fu   vgg-l-w vcl.
 The main attraction for manyveggie oil fans is that it’snot a fossil fuel.
   s   h   a   w   n   s   c   h   r   e   i   n   e   r
up with a used gas tank behind histruck seat and rubber heating hosesrunning from his truck radiatorthrough the tank — all for $250.
 VeGGie-CapabLe VehiCLes
Finding just the right car to burnvegetable oil can be more challenging.First and foremost, it has to have adiesel engine. The best cars to converttend to be older models, according toLovecraft. The exception appears tobe the Volkswagen Jetta TDI — evenmore recent editions can be convertedeasily. Among the better older modelsfor veggie conversions is the Mercedes300 SD, particularly model years 1981 to1985. Greasecar, on the other hand, saysthe majority of its kits go in newer domes-tic trucks or Volkswagen cars.Diesel trucks get plenty of power out of vegetable oil. Martin said his 1990 DodgeRam pickup made the switch without slow-ing down. Lovecraft and Greasecar bothsaid the Ford F250 diesel models from1995 to 2000 are well-suited for conver-sions. These trucks easily accommo-date the necessary plumbing changesfor burning vegetable oil.
neW or Used CooKinG oiL?
Vegetable oil enthusiasts love the idea of free fuel, so they take used cooking oil res-taurants would otherwise throw away. Tofind a veggie-car-friendly eatery near you,visit
.For converts less concerned about sav-ing money, or perhaps skeptical about us-ing waste oil, brand-new vegetable oil isanother option. But you’ll pay a premium. At your local supermarket it can cost $6 agallon or more. The cheapest oil right now
dm 2007/ju 2008
i M 2007  cl, n.c., r tx  f$1,000 f flg   x   vgl l  u  1981 M.t m f  dv  el wzl, f du,ill.,  l     l   l ful u-l f    vg  vgg   fl fl f f g ful x.if u u vgg l   -   u  ful,  xv l    uul. dv dum,  fsm Ful  blm, p., g  l f x   uvgl l  g f f.h ll u f uf gll f l fm u 1,000u   fv. t  l  u  ll  f u $1.95  gll,g   x. s  x  l u f,um ’       ful x vull.t fl gvm  qu u  fll u  - g fm  m l f u  u   g  f f g , g  e j,  f  epa.t  l    vgl l  mg vl fl cl a a. t a  g  u m   ’ v epa f   , g  j Mll. Ug vgl l  f l fulul qu ll ff  m fm u , Mll .“al,  vl    m-f  u  vgl l.” j. “su  mf  lgl ul    ug m f -u   ff  ugg  ful —  u  mf vl lf mm .”w m  l ll vmu u   ,    l  f f u’  u fu ul  g x  .o  w 
G bl,  f U bl sul,   uf m l , ugg u   lg f  gll fl  vgg l u u. t f u  g  ul   x u u  u  lg  ll m u l g  x m. s  fl m x fm v vf g ful x, bl .
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Flg  vgl l  fulg u   fml v f M Mul ug ev M.
German inventor Rudolf Dieseloriginally designed his engineto run on ...
vegetable oil!
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