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Index from Meat, Medicine and Human Health in the Twentieth Century

Index from Meat, Medicine and Human Health in the Twentieth Century

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Index from 'Meat, Medicine and Human Health in the Twentieth Century'
Index from 'Meat, Medicine and Human Health in the Twentieth Century'

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Published by: Pickering and Chatto on Aug 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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– 245 –abattoirs
slaughterhousesAcademy o Military Medicine, nutritionalresearch, 155accident prevention, ergonomic teams, 81acromegaly, 69Addison, Tomas, on pernicious anaemia, 48administrative/state regulation, 30, 181, 202adrenal glands, Nazi Germany and, 72adrenalin, isolation, 66adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACH),68, 71–3, 74–5adversarial science expertise, 196–9, 201–2advocates and critics o meat consumption,6–7Aghanistan, Lakeside workers rom, 89Arican Americans, meatpacking, 79aggressiveness, meat and, 149–50agricultural/human DES conjunctions, 188,190agricultural-engineering perspective, DES,193agro-industrial alliance, 193AIDS movement, and regulation, 182alcohol-related incidents, 88–9American Cattlemen’s Association, 193American Cyanamid, 75American Feed Manuacturers Association,193American Meat Institute, 134on saety, 82–3American Medical Association (AMA), onmeat and cancer, 119American Society or the Control o Cancer(ASCC), 26, 111–26
 Essential Facts about Cancer 
, 118–19
 Prevention o Cancer Series
, 122–3amino acidsAdelle Davis on, 132–3discovery, 16
 Family Fare
on, 136–7anaemia, pernicious, liver treatment, 23–4,47–61anaemic dog colony, 49–50anaphylaxis, Richet on, 23, 34, 43–4animal disease control, 1980s, 174animal health issues, 17–18animal welare, 20–1legislation, UK, 11–12anthropology, and vegetarian diet, 19antibiotics, meat production, health ears,140antitrust law, and meatpackers, 66Apple, Rima D., on nutrition inormationdissemination, 26–7, 127–43Arbuthnot-Lane, Sir Williamon ‘common knowledge’, 123on constipation, 119Argentina, zomine plant planned, 39Armour, Philip, on unionism deterrence, 79Armour & Co. meatpackersand pituitary gland supply, 70, 71Chicago plant, injury rate, 81‘Glanoid’ organotherapy range, 65–6,71, 73inhouse ACH research/production,74–5, 76NIH pituitary gland supply deal, 74arthritis, cortisone and, 74–5Bacon, Francis, on vegetarian diet, 19Bainbridge, William Seamandenies meat/cancer link, 120–1
 Meat, Medicine and Human Health in the wentieth Century
on media conusion, 114on physicians and theory, 118Baltzer, Eduard, vegetarianism, 149Banting, Frederick, 67Barker, J. Ellis, 119Barker, Lewellys, pernicious anaemia diet, 49Barlösius, Eva, on inconsistent meatlessdiets, 151Bassols, Narcisso, 98Bee, David, 160Beecher, Catharine, and Beecher Stowe,
Te American Woman’s Home
, 4, 128, 132bee bovine tuberculosisood issues, 159–60transmission, 163–4, 165–6, 168–9bovine spongiorm encephalopathy(BSE), 28, 29, 140, 141–2, 159–77cattle, DES or, 184demand drop, UK, 162quality decline, 21 vs pork consumption, 7, 8–9
 see also
meatBehring, Emil Adol von, 35Berdah, Delphine, on animal health issues,17–18Bernard, Claude, 35, 65on ductless glands, 63–4Best, Charles, 67Biermer, Anton, on pernicious anaemia, 48biochemistry, 16biotrash, 64–8, 71, 75–6birth rate, Brooks, Alberta, 89Bishop, Katherine Scott, 69blood loss, traumatic shock, zomine experi-ment, 40–1blood proteins sensitization, 43Board o Agriculture, and bovine tuberculo-sis control, 176Bordley, James, on ‘liver lie-belt’, 52bovine tuberculosisood issues, 159–60transmission, 163–4, 165–6, 168–9bovine spongiorm encephalopathy (BSE),28, 140, 141–2as animal health issue, 170–3British government and, 29, 159–77Bovinine, 14Bovril, 14Brady, William, on liver supply/price, 56, 60brand-name packaged meats, 10Britain, meat consumption, 19C, 5British fnance, Mexican National Packing Company, 104, 106Broadway, Michael, on communities andmeat processing, 25, 77–94Brodin, Paul, 39–40Brooks, Alberta, study, 78, 88–91Brooks Food Bank, 91Broussaisian pathology, 20Brown-Sequard, C.-E., and organotherapy, 65Bruegel, Martin, on canned ood, 96–7Bureau o Drugs, DES risks evaluation, 194Bureau o Labor Statistics (BLS), and plantcleanup crews, 82Bureau o Veterinary Medicine, and DES,194, 195Burger King, 9Burroughs, W., and DES or cattle, 184Bush, George W., repeals ergonomic stand-ards, 82Bushell, Tomas, on vegetarian diet, 19business cases, pituitary gland research, 69by-products, meatpacking, 65–6unrealized profts, Mexico, 103C3H mice test, 194, 197–9Cabot, Richard Clarke, on pernicious anae-mia, 48–9Caliornia, University o, 69, 70–3, 74calorimetric analysis, 15campylobacter, health ears, 140cancer, media messages control, ASCC and,112–14cancer and dietadvice, ASCC on, 112–13, 117–26meat at and, 139 popular press on, 113–14, 117–18, 125cancer control programmes, and meat con-sumption, 25–6, 111–26
Cancer Research
(journal), 112cancers, DES and, 179cannibalism, and Kuru, 161Cantor, David, on meat consumption andcancer control programmes, 25–6,111–26
247Carbajal y Espinosa, Colonel Francisco, 100carcinogenic ood additives ban, 185–6carpal tunnel syndrome, 82Castle, William B., regurgitated meat diet,53–4Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL), 160
Chemical Feast 
(Nader), 185Cheyne, George, on vegetarian diet, 18, 19Chicago meatpackers, 7, 77–8and organotherapy, 65–6, 69, 70, 71, 73insulin mass production, 67chickensconsumption, 9contaminated, 140, 141China, Lakeside workers rom, 89Choh Hao Li
Li Choh HaoChurchill, Stephen, 161Citizen’s Advisory Committee, 186Civil War, and resh bee, 7Clarke, Adeleon meatpacking labor relations, 69on pituitary gland, 67Class I recalls, 1Clayton Antitrust Act, 1914, 66Clinton, Bill, ergonomic standards or injury prevention, 82cod liver oil, 59Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken, 9communication obstruction, meatpacking  workers, 79communitiesand meat processing, 25, 77–94 population mobility, 88–90competition, Mexico, 105–9ConAgra bee plant, Garden City, Kansas,92Congo, Lakeside workers rom, 89Congressional hearingsDES, 184, 188–96, 201meatpacking injuries, 81Conner, H. Milton, and hog stomach, 57constitutional
localized disease models,168–70consumer protection issues, BSE/tuberculo-sis, 172–7consumer regulation, 30, 182, 202consumer rights (US), 185–6
Consumer Reports
, on contaminated chick-ens, 140, 141consumers, perspectives on, 2, 3Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1869, 174contaminated meat withdrawals, 140Cook County Hospital, Chicago, 55Copeman, S. Monckton, on statistics, 121–2corned bee, tinned, 33–4
Cornell Bulletin or Homemakers
, 135Cornell University, meat defnition, 129Corner, George, on pituitary glands, obtain-ing, 68corticotrophin
adrenocorticotrophichormone (ACH)cortisone, and arthritis, 74cost cutting, 79–80Côte Saint André Hospital, 40–1Creutzeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), and BSE,28, 29, 142, 159–77, 161–3, 164–5,167–8critics and advocates, 6–7Cronon, William, 65cross-species transmission, pathogens, 164–6‘crusade against consumption, 159, 163–4Cubas, Antonio Garcia, 98–9Cudahy meatpackers, 65–6cultural preerences, Mexico, 95–7, 110Cushing, Harvey, 69Davidson, Judge, DES hearings, 198, 199Davidson, L. S. P., and fsh liver, 58Davis, Adelle,
 Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit 
,132–3DD, DES comparison, 185de Krui, Paul, on pernicious anaemia, 47Deelman, H. J., on William Roger Williams,120DeKay, John W., Mexican National Packing Company, 103–9and Peralvillo, 106Delaney clause, 1958, 185, 197, 199Democrat–consumer alliance, 193demographics, packing workers, 88–90Denison, Iowa, meatpacking plant, 79–81Denver stockyards, 77–8Department o National Health, ‘lie-reormdivision, 152, 153DES Action (sel-help organization), 196

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