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5B Unit 7,8,And 9 Grammar Answer Keys

5B Unit 7,8,And 9 Grammar Answer Keys

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Published by: KHALEDALSHARAI on Aug 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grammar QuizLevel 5BUnit 7, 8, and 9T. Waseem ZuhraName:________________ 1.Last week
went fishing for trout at the nearby mountain lake.2.They are trying to sell
has been on the market for two months.3.It is impossible to work at YALI if you lack experience as a teacher.c4.I will take you wherever
need to go to complete the registeration procedures.5.I will wait here in the airport with you whether the plane leaves on time or not.c6.The assigned text for history classes it contains more than twenty chapters.7.The interviews by radio broadcaster was carried live by the station.8.Whenever you want to hold the meeting, we will schedule it.9.When the season starts is determined by the weather.c10.You should find wherever the best psychics department is.11.The rain clouds can be seen in the distance, but no has fallen.12.The game show contestant was able to respond to whatever was asked.c13.The car which I have been driving for five years
for sale at a really good price.14.It is important to fill out the form I the way that you have been instructed.c15.Since the bank closes in less than an hour, and the deposits need to be talliedimmediately.16.Their backgrounds are thoroughly investigated before
are admitted to the organization.17.The movie which we watched on cable last night it was really frightening.18.The boss meets with any production workers who they have surpassed their quotas.19.The neighbors reported the man who was trying to break into the car to the police.c20.An herbal therapist is a health professional whose more and more people are consultingabout both mental and physical health.21.On no occasion did my friend invite me to attend a party.c22.Parents who their children are not doing well in traditional schools are turning tohomeschooling as a solution.23.Should men with wives have better-paying jobs stay at home and take care of thechildren?24.I feel as
I need a long vacation to forget everything about the stress I have at work.25.I would like to spend more time with my friends as though I did in the past.
26.I have to establish more realistic goals the way my career advisor has suggested.c27.The children
sat in the fancy restaurant found it difficult to behave.28.Only once in my life I have gone to New York City.29.Every man, woman, and child in this line at this Institute are required to sign the forms inorder to complete the registration process.30.In Yemen, people believe that dining in a restaurant is more fun than to eat at home.31.He bought
powerful stereo speakers that he could find while shopping.32.If Steve had really wanted to pass the exam, he would
study much more.33.The police had few opportunities to catch the thief who had committed a large amount of crimes.34.The crisis is not going to be resolved until some of the pressure is relieved.c35.If she borrows your coat, then you should be able to borrow her.36.Having been confused, Mohammed asked the receptionist to a question about how hecould register.37.In order for the companies to have their products tried, they sent to them as many freesamples as possible.38.Whatever the situation
, you should reflect profoundly about them before coming to adecision.39.Federal taxes are yearly taxes which must be paid every April.c40.She tried to walk quickly by the asleep dogs without waking them.41.The police officer was not wearing an uniform when he arrested the suspect.42.I recommended my friend a CD player at a very reasonable price because I
found thesame product, and it was great.43.Because we should limit how much money we spend, it is imperative that my father listthe products we want to buy before going shopping.c44.Since we are in level 5B, the teacher insisted that every student carefully studies thehandouts of the grammar and the vocabulary.45.For male dogs to hunt, trainers need to wait until the dog is two years old, but female dogscan be completely trained to hunt whenever they are a year old.

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