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Herbs. Medicinal Herb FAQ

Herbs. Medicinal Herb FAQ

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Published by Sharad Bhutoria

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Published by: Sharad Bhutoria on Aug 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From spamtrap.hetta@spamcop.net Fri Jan 21 17:01:52 2005Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs,alt.answers,news.answersTo:Subject: Medicinal herbFAQ Part 1/7From: Henriette Kress <spamtrap.hetta@spamcop.net>Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 17:01:52 +0200Archive-name: medicinal-herbs/part1Posting-Frequency: monthly (on or about 20th)Last-modified: 18Jan05Version: 1.38mURL: http://henriettesherbal.com/faqs/medi-cont.html----------------------------------------------Contents----------------------------------------------* 1 Introductiono 1.1 Contributorso 1.2 Wishlist* 2 Single herbso 2.1 Valeriana+ 2.1.1 Valium is not derived from Valeriano 2.2 Yohimbe+ 2.2.1 Yohimbe is a MAO inhibitor, yohimbine isn'to 2.3 Absinthe FAQ pointer+ 2.3.1 More on Absintheo 2.4 St. John's Wort (Hypericum)+ 2.4.1 SJW and photosensitivity+ 2.4.2 SJW and MAO inhibition+ 2.4.3 About standardized hypericin content in SJWo 2.5 Ginsengo 2.6 Stevia Leaf - Too Good To Be Legal?+ 2.6.1 Changed legal status of Stevia Leaf o 2.7 Poison Ivy / Oak / Sumac+ 2.7.1 How to recognize PI/PS/PO+ 2.7.2 How to avoid the rash+ 2.7.3 Why does it give you a rash? / Spreading the oil about+ 2.7.4 What helps+ 2.7.5 Jewelweed, Impatiens+ 2.7.6 How to get rid of poison ivy in your yardo 2.8 Echinacea+ 2.8.1 Using Echinacea+ 2.8.2 Echinacea - poaching and extinctiono 2.9 Feverfew and migraine
o 2.10 Kava kavao 2.11 Pau d'arcoo 2.12 Wild yam and contraception+ 2.12.1 Edible vs. true yam+ 2.12.2 Wild yam cream and natural progesteroneo 2.13 Red raspberry and pregnancyo 2.14 Green tea and caffeineo 2.15 Comfrey hepatotoxicity+ 2.15.1 Hepatotoxicity updateo 2.16 Pennyroyalo 2.17 Cat's Clawo 2.18 Golden Seal appeal - and Goldthread tooo 2.19 Ma Huang or Ephedra sinensiso 2.20 Skullcap and Teucrium adulterationo 2.21 Mellow mallowso 2.22 Not an herb, but: Melatonin* 3 Herbs for specific thingso 3.1 Herbs for mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs+ 3.1.1 Repelling them+ 3.1.2 And now you're bitten...o 3.2 Herbs for migraineso 3.3 Herbs for vivid dreamso 3.4 Herbs and weight losso 3.5 Herbs to make you sleep+ 3.5.1 Insomnia therapeuticso 3.6 Aphrodisiacso 3.7 Herbal Abortives and Birth Control+ 3.7.1 Herbal Abortives and Common Senseo 3.8 Herbs and female infertilityo 3.9 Herbs, ADD, and replacing Ritalino 3.10 Herbs for Sunburno 3.11 The gall bladder flusho 3.12 Herbs for cougho 3.13 Herbs for constipation* 4 Processing herbso 4.1 Making essential oilo 4.2 Pointer to the How-to of Tinctureso 4.3 Herbal oilso 4.4 Balms and liniments* 5 General Infoo 5.1 Introduction to side effects, safety and toxicity of medicinal herbs+ 5.1.1 Medicinal plant actions cannot be reduced to theeffects of their isolated 'active constituents'
+ 5.1.2 Medicinal herbs act 'multi-systemically'+ 5.1.3 Herbs act on the healing processes in the body+ 5.1.4 Herbs act multi-dimensionally+ 5.1.5 Side effects vs. contraindications+ 5.1.6 Safety and toxicity of herbal medicines+ 5.1.7 Pregnancy+ 5.1.8 Understanding toxicity research - politics andideology+ 5.1.9 Further readingo 5.2 Wildcrafting Ethics and similar things+ 5.2.1 Wildcrafting checklist+ 5.2.2 How do I find out about endangered plants (in theUSA)?+ 5.2.3 What plants shouldn't I pick?+ 5.2.4 United Plant Saverso 5.3 Different schools of Herbal Healing+ 5.3.1 Traditions in Western Herbal Medicine+ 5.3.2 Ayurveda - an introduction+ 5.3.3 Pointers to homeopathy sites etc.+ 5.3.4 What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?+ 5.3.5 Flower essences+ 5.3.6 Aromatherapy introo 5.4 The Ames Testo 5.5 Trying out the placebo effecto 5.6 How to find an herbalist / NDo 5.7 Politics and herbal medicine* 6 Information Sourceso 6.1 Good books on herbal medicine - updated 18Jan05+ 6.1.1 Good books to get started with+ 6.1.2 Specialty books: women's herbals, men's herbals etc.+ Going for broke (and I wish you luck)+ 6.1.3 In-depth books, by organ system+ 6.1.4 Chinese herbs, or TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)o 6.2 Good books for further studieso 6.3 Good periodicals+ 6.3.1 For enthusiasts (emphasis on color pictures)+ 6.3.2 For professional herbalists (emphasis on case studies)+ 6.3.3 For universities (emphasis on scientific studies)o 6.4 Online commercial databases+ 6.4.1 Napralert+ 6.4.2 Medline+ 6.4.3 Ingenta+ 6.4.4 IBIDSo 6.5 Herb programs+ 6.5.3 Demo or shareware herb programs+ 6.5.4 Commercial herb programs - updated 18Jan05

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