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Metro Force Chapters 9 and 10

Metro Force Chapters 9 and 10

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Published by Milton
Maria hunts the Underground; the City Council meets to discuss the takeover.
Maria hunts the Underground; the City Council meets to discuss the takeover.

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Published by: Milton on Aug 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MetroForce© 2009 by MVmedia, LLC1
 MetroForceBy Milton DavisChapters 9 & 10
-9-Levels below the surface, life in Atlanta was much more ominous. These wereareas even Diamond avoided, districts controlled by those who knew no limit to whatcould be bought or sold. But justice existed, albeit in a harsher, more direct form.The woman crouched on the ledge of the building opposite the UndergroundEntertainment District, scanning the walk with electric eyes. Under normalcircumstances, finding someone in a mass of humans would be impossible. The womanunderstood and came prepared. She swept the crowd, her eyes comparing each face tothose stored in her database. If he was here, she would find him. She had no doubt aboutthat.The night passed and she continued searching. Suddenly her eyes focused,drawing her attention to three dark clad figures pushing rudely through the throng. Hereyes centered on the man in the rear, the green warning light flashing just out of herviewing range. She blinked, the motion summoning a confirmation comparison. A holo-image appears, superimposing itself over the suspect image in her frame as the redconfirmation light blinked.She moved with the agility of a gymnast along the ledges, shadowing the trioas they walked south. The suspect’s companions didn’t register in her database; no doubtthey would in the future. Another blink and she recorded their images for futurereference. She switched her energies to plotting their course. Their probable destination
MetroForce© 2009 by MVmedia, LLC2was the Underground parking grid. She would meet them there. She increased her pace,arriving at the parking grid in moments. The electronic guard was simple to avoid; shecrouched between personals, awaiting their arrival. The men appeared, their lightlaughter reaching her enhanced hearing. She wondered how they can have humor, howmen paid to kill found any joviality in life. She lost her humor long ago when Antoniodied, murdered by men not much different than those she stalked. All emotions had beenstripped away from her that day, leaving a void that had been filled by revenge. It waswhy she was crouched in the parking grid. It was why these men would die.She followed them until they reached their vehicle. The tall one spoke.“What say we go topside and scare the hell out of some money dogs?”The suspect laughed. “You can take the man out of the grid…” His eyes losttheir humor. “Get that low level shit out of your head, Wolf. You’re a Capone now. Wedon’t pop for fun anymore. We pop for pay. You’ll have plenty to do when the timecomes.”“When will that be?” The Thin One asked. “I’m tired of tush tanks and bitingclouds. I’m ready for some action.”“You’ll get it when you get it.” the suspect answered. “Now get in the damnpersonal.”She stood, leveled the stunner on the tall one and fired. The man gasped andcrumpled. She moved, crossing two lanes and springing up again. The thin one had hisbolter out, his back to her. The suspect was ducking into the personal. She charged,shooting down the thin man and tossing the stunner away. Her hand darted into her hippouch and emerged stuffed with pop charges. She threw them at the rising personal. The
MetroForce© 2009 by MVmedia, LLC3charges crackle around the vehicle, bringing it down with a ground shaking crash. Shebacked away, hiding again among the personals. The suspect stumbled from the vehicle,a bolter in his shaky hand.“Okay, damn it! You want to play? Let’s do it!”She smiled at his false bravado. She waited until the smoke cleared; thedagger flew from her hand and into his. The bola follows, wrapping around the suspect’sankles and taking him down. She ran to him, kicking the bolter away.The suspect looked up at her, his face contorted in anger and pain.“Who sent you? The Chans? The Odores’?” He coughed and laughed.“Doesn’t matter. I killed enough of both to deserve this.”Driving the nails, she thought. She reached for her neck and shut off the holomask distorting her features. The suspect’s grin widened as her face was revealed.“Well, well; a little pleasure with the pain. You’re too cute to be poppingCapones.”“Shut up, bastard!” She regretted the emotional outburst. “Horatio Phillips,you have been found guilty of the murder of Taki Namashita. I am your justice.”The suspect laughs. “Not tonight, bitch.”She spun but the tall man was faster. She managed to take the blow to hershoulder, falling over the suspect and rolling away. She scrambled backwards, feintingfear.“Cut me loose, Wolf!” the suspect shouted.“In a minute. I ain’t done with the lady, yet.”

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