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Published by legalmatters
Evidence from the federal Prop 8 trial, released by Judge Vaughn A. Walker on 4 August 2010.
Evidence from the federal Prop 8 trial, released by Judge Vaughn A. Walker on 4 August 2010.

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Published by: legalmatters on Aug 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unless Prop 8 is passed,individuals could be sued overpersonal beliefs. Churchescould lose their tax exemptionand gay marriage could betaught to young children inpublic schools.
   P  a i  d  f  o  r  b  y   P  r  o  t  e  c  t   M  a  r  r i  a  g  e .  c  o   m   –    Y  e  s  o  n  8 ,  a   P  r  o j  e  c  t  o  f   C  a l i  f  o  r  n i  a   R  e  n  e   w  a l .
  2  1  5  0   R i  v  e  r  P l  a  z  a   D  r i  v  e  #  1  5  0   S  a  c  r  a   m  e  n  t  o ,   C   A  9  5  8  3  3 .  (  9  1  6 )  4  4  6  -  2  9  5  6 .   M  a j  o  r  f  u  n  d i  n  g  b  y   K  n i  g  h  t  s  o  f    C  o l  u   m  b  u  s ,   N  a  t i  o  n  a l   O  r  g  a  n i  z  a  t i  o  n  f  o  r   M  a  r  r i  a  g  e    C  a l i  f  o  r  n i  a   C  o   m   m i  t  t  e  e  a  n  d  F  o  c  u  s  o  n  t  h  e  F  a   m i l  y .
         “         ”
   G  a  v i  n   N  e   w  s  o   m
   M  a  y  o  r  o  f  S  a  n  F  r  a  n  c i  s  c  o
    w   h   e  t   h   e  r   y   o   u  l  i   k   e  i  t   o  r   n   o  t  .
Visit www.ProtectMarriage.com for more information.
Professor Richard PetersonPepperdine University School of Law*
 A YES VOTE RestoresTraditional Marriage.
It restores the definition of marriage to what thevast majority of California voters already approvedand human history has understood marriage to be.It’s between a man and a woman.It overturns the outrageous decision of four activistSupreme Court judges who ignored the will of over4 million voters - 61% of the electorate.It protects our children from being taught inpublic schools that “same-sex marriage” is thesame as traditional marriage.
 Armed with those legalprotections, same-sex couplesare beginning to
challengepolicies of religious organiza-tions that exclude them...
Nowparochial schools, “parachurch”organizations such as CatholicCharities, and businesses thatrefuse to serve gay couples are
being sued – and so far thereligious groups are losing
National Public Radio 6/13/2008
When Gay Rights and Religious Liberties Clash
* Title for identification purposes only.
   T   h  i   s   d   o   o  r  ’   s     w  i   d   e   o   p   e   n   n   o    w  .   I  t  ’   s   g   o   n   n   a   h   a   p   p   e   n   –
   N   O   N  -  P   R   O  F I  T   O   R   G   U .  S .  P   O  S  T   A   G  E
  P   A I   D
   C   A  L I  F   O   R   N I   A    R  E   N  E   W   A  L
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