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A Forty Minute Dream

A Forty Minute Dream

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Published by slggrm7

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Published by: slggrm7 on Jun 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Forty Minute Dream(6/20/08)
Before I went to bed as I was turning around to go to thebathroom I saw a prism of light that was pure white in colorand the size the same as if you left the door open about aninch wide. It was an instant flash which was at a differentangle then if it was going to be reflected off of the mirror.Even if it was reflected off of the mirror it couldn't of beenthat straight and so close to me.. I prayed that the Lord wouldwatch over me and that I accept only the messengers thatcome in Jesus' name. I then went to bed and fell asleep.The alarm clock rang. It was 7:30 on a Friday morning.Half awake I shut the alarm off and went back to bed. I beganto dream. My sister Lauren, friend Shane, a man who lookedlike Tony Soprano, and I were in a basement in New York. Wehad been kidnapped. We all wondered around in an effort toescape when we found an entrance that led underground. Wefound ourselves in a whole different place. I thought I was inAfrica or Israel. The people were of all kinds and the land wasa more sandy clay type terrain. The people I noticed were allin formation working relentlessly. They had to be slaves Ithought. I began to talk to one of the men. I asked him whathe was doing. He said that he was doing what he has to do. Itold him above us is a totally different world. As we hadconversation together I felt like I was from a totally differentrealm. I felt as if I was from the future. I said that there ispeace up there and he wouldn't have to work so hard tosurvive that they have machines that can do the work for himwhich could lighten the burden. He said, “Oh how I miss thosethings, that we could go back for a day.” As we talked I beganto realize it was I who was from the past. I began to feelunease and went to go get Lauren and Shane.As I was walking I began to question why these people
were working so hard. Who were these people working for andif they were even working for someone for it could have beenfor their own survival needs. As I approached my sister andfriend I notice Lauren had found a scroll looking piece of paper. I was eager to get it for it could be very insightful.Shane then snatched the paper right out Lauren's hands. Idemanded that he give me the paper. He was laughing andstarted to crinkle the paper. After many times of asking I hadto pin his head to the ground and snatch it out of his hand. “Itcould help us escape!” I said. Keeping my thoughts to myself,we returned to our basement place of residence. We were allexhausted and I told myself I would sleep on it.We awoke in our bunk beds. I slept on the top with themorning light shining through the window next to me. Ahanother awesome day. What shall we do today? Oh I forgot,we can't do anything! Maybe if we knew where we were!..”exclaimed, Shane. “At least we have another day. You neverknow when your last one could be.” I said. Suddenly anIslamic looking man walked in and said, “It is not the last one,but it is the first one of the end. Time is drawing near and Imust show you all something. Come.” Despite all of theperturbing questions in my head I kept silent and followed. Helead us to another area in the basement. He pulled out a doorthat was in the ground. It reminded me of our attics in Floridabut in the ground. An underground storage if you will. Outpopped these materials and I'm not sure if Shane pulled alever or not but out shot a few artifacts when immediatelythree entities were hovering a couple feet above the ground.(They looked exactly like the creatures in the movie
that were the protectors of the king. They weresummoned out of the book of life by Johnathan and oncelearned how to command them, he used them to kill Anck SuNamun.) They stared in my direction which made me a littlebit frightened. Suddenly they screamed and ran off in theother direction. One of them was left standing there. Helooked down and saw he was standing on some artifact. Hehad a horrifying, frightening look on his face. He thenvanished into smoke where he dissipated into a pile of ash.Even the ring he wore on his finger was in perfect shape of ash. I realized this artifact possessed some kind of supernatural power. It was the shape of a perfect circle. I am

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