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Narnia, The Multiverse, And Christianity

Narnia, The Multiverse, And Christianity

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Published by Jonathan Janssen

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Published by: Jonathan Janssen on Aug 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Narnia, The Multiverse and ChristianityEven though my personal belief in Judeo-Christianity isquite broad, I am also aware that there are ideas and beliefsystems that can be dangerous, such as hurting others to buildspiritual power, etc. Therefore, even though I may experiencesomething profound or come across an idea that I find to holdtruth, it is still important for me to study these things deeperto make sure no one is trying to pull a fast one on me (not eventhe Universe!).One of these ideas that I have been thinking about is theMultiverse. First of all, I have to say I adore the Multiverse.I can
t see how the universe cannot be a multiverse. My bias iswhat has driven me to think about it so in depth. Just to makesure that we
re on the same page, the multiverse is the ideathat there are many (perhaps an infinite number) of realities(or universes) existing side by side. Some of these differ fromour universe in nearly unperceivable ways, while others arevastly different. This idea has been explored every fromEinstein to DC Comics and The Simpsons.There are two main reasons I believe in the multiverse.First, God himself has said we are created in his image (Genesis1:27). I take this not only to mean physically, but in Mind andSpirit as well. This has always manifested, in my eyes, ashumanity
s ability to create new things. God created us and theWorld and gave us the gift to do the same through Art, WritingArchitecture, Landscaping, etc.. Now, being an artist myself, Iknow I cannot stop after one project, neither can any of theother artists I know. I believe this need to constantly explorenew creations is why the multiverse exists. God must have waymore ideas than anyone one Earth and can explore them as freely,if not more freely, than us.Secondly, it is readily apparent that almost everything inthe universe works on a fractal model. A fractal is "a rough orfragmentedgeometric shapethat can be split into parts, each ofwhich is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of thewhole," a property calledself-similarity. Here are twoexamples from nature, where the same shape is repeated on a

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