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3 Symbolic Liquids

3 Symbolic Liquids

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Published by slggrm7

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Published by: slggrm7 on Jun 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3 Symbolic Liquids
My dream started out with me being in the ocean around abunch of canoes that were from big cruise battle looking shipsdifferent armies. I was in the water listening to a commanderspeaking on a telephone. His conversation didn’t seem toopleasant and something was revealing to me what he wassaying. He was speaking Russian and was speaking in asecretive way. He was obviously hiding something. I found outhe was looking for a certain something in which if he got hewould inherit much power and would be ready for the task hewas planning. I remember his head would keep going in andout of the water and yet he would continue to talk even in thewater and the phone would work.I saw there was something in the water. It was small andappeared to be like a clear plastic wrapper container thingy. Itwas filled with a blue liquid and something told me to get it. Iwasn’t sure if he dropped it or not but it resembled Russia andI think 3 other countries that I can’t remember. The someoneor something told me to drink it and I did. Then it told methere would be 2 more of them to find but there would bepeople searching after them as well.I learned that the next one was inside one of the ships. I wasswimming as fast as I could and I noticed others were followingme racing towards the ship. At first it seemed they didn’t wantto give themselves away, more to the people than me. Theyknew what I was going for but they didn’t want others to knowwhat we were doing.I came up to the boat ahead of them and found the small liquidcontainer shortly after I entered the boat. It was green and itresembled China and 3 other countries that I can notremember. Once again I was told to drink it so I did. By thistime everyone caught up to me. I knew there was one more.One last one! This one was much harder to get. Not only was itsomewhere high up inside this log cabin looking ship but theothers were right on my tail! I was climbing up the ship until Igot to a point where it gave me a choice, right or left. It feltlike I had been there before. There was a woman who caughtup to me since I was hesitating trying to make up my mind. Itseemed she knew exactly where it was. She was pushing andshoving to get to it but she had not yet passed me. Then Iheard a boy who was right behind her that said “I can see it!” Isaw where he was looking and ran to my left. There it was butthen the woman dove for it but it was to late. I got it! It wasyellow and on it resembled America, Italy, and Britain andmaybe one or 2 other countries. I really do remember Italy

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