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Sunsets Into Sunrises by Jakob Lorber

Sunsets Into Sunrises by Jakob Lorber

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Published by TheAwarenessSociety

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Published by: TheAwarenessSociety on Aug 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bishop Martin
The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond
Jakob Lorber
Original title: Bischof Martin
A Hint For The Study Of This Work 
HESE REVELATIONS end with an admonition to the reader by the Lord. We bring this already at the outset as it may help to better understand this work. (The Lorber Publishers)"He who will read these scenes from the beyond with an open mind and in good faith will easilyunderstand what happens to man in the world of spirits after he has left his physical body, and hewill be able to use this knowledge to his advantage. The materialist, however, will reject this book,as he does the Scriptures, claiming it to be the foolish product of a brainless would-be writer. This,of course, is of no importance, for sooner or later he himself will arrive in that world where no one but I will be able to help him!"In case one or the other poetically or philosophically inclined reader should take offense at someof Martin's talk as sounding too earthly, filthy and profane, let him realize that 'where there is acadaver, the eagles flock together.' The human spirit is the same in his misery, be it on earth or inthe beyond; only when purified will he also talk like a pure spirit."Although these revelations give a comprehensive picture of the spirit world and the guidance of souls in the beyond, you should not regard this as a general but only as an individual case of guidance, aiming solely at the perfection of Martin. Still, the scene around Martin must beregarded as a self-contained whole."Accept these revelations in good faith, and your paths in the other world will be easier than thoseof thousands, who in their spiritual darkness have not even an inkling of life in the beyond."My grace, blessing and love be with all of you! Amen."2
- Chapter 1 -
THE END OF OLD BISHOP MARTIN'S TEMPORAL EXISTENCE, AND HIS ARRIVAL INTHE BEYOND. bishop who had always been very conscious of his dignity as well as his dogmafell ill for the last time.2He, who even still as an assistant priest, had been wont to paint the joys of heaven in the oddestcolors and to describe the delights and bliss in the realm of the angels with great enthusiasm, notforgetting to mention hell and purgatory, did not yet desire, even as an old man of almost eighty,to take possession of his much praised heaven. He would have preferred another thousand yearson this earth to a future heaven with all its delights and bliss.3Therefore, our sick bishop did everything in his power to restore his health. He had to besurrounded by the best physicians. Powerful masses had to be celebrated in all the churches of his diocese; all the sheep of his flock were asked to pray for his life. In his sick-room an altar had been erected at which mass had to be celebrated three times every morning to help restorehis health, whereas, in the afternoon, three of the most pious monks had to keep praying the breviary in front of the consecrated host.4He himself kept uttering: "Oh, Lord, have mercy upon me! Holy Mary, beloved mother, helpme! Have mercy upon my dignity and grace as prince-bishop for your Son's glory! Oh, do notforsake your most faithful servant, you helper in need, you sole support of the afflicted."5But all this did not help. Our man fell into a coma from which he did not awaken again in thisworld.6You know of the "highly important" ceremonial for a deceased bishop, and we need not wasteany time with its description. Instead, let us look around in the spirit world to see what our manwill be doing there.7Look, here we are - and there our man can be seen still lying on his bed; while the heart is stillwarm the angel does not sever the soul from the body. This warmth constitutes the nerve spiritwhich has to be wholly absorbed by the soul before complete severance can be undertaken.8At last this man's soul has completely absorbed the nerve spirit and the angel is severing it from bis body with the words: "Ephetha - arise thou soul, but thou dust revert to thy decompositionthrough the kingdom of vermin and decay. Amen."9Already you see our bishop rising in his full bishop's robes, just as during his lifetime, and heopens his eyes. He looks around in astonishment, not seeing anybody, not even the angel whoawakened him. The surroundings are visible only in a fading light, as of late dusk, and theground seems to be covered with dry alpine moss.10Our man is not a little astonished at this unusual situation, and says to himself: "What is this?Where am I? Am I still alive, or have I died? I must have been seriously ill, and it is quite3

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