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Plants of Black Rock Canyon, Carrizo Mts., Apache, Arizona

Plants of Black Rock Canyon, Carrizo Mts., Apache, Arizona

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Published by: Colorado Native Plant Society on Aug 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scientific Name Synonym Common Name
Plants of Black Rock Canyon, Carrizo Mts. [Apache Co(s), Arizona]
Leader(s): Arnold Clifford, Sandy Friedley, Charlie King; Recorder(s); Mary Kemps, Charlotte ?Observed on CONPS fieldtrip, 6/9/2001 to 6/9/2001
Aceraceae Maple
(Acer negundo var. interius)
Negundo aceroides ssp.interius 
Agavaceae Agave
(formerly in Liliaceae)2.Banana or datil yucca
Yucca baccata 
3.Harriman yucca
Yucca harrimaniae 
Alsinaceae Chickweed
(formerly in Caryophyllaceae)4.Desert sandwort
(Arenaria congesta)
Eremogone congesta 
Apiaceae Parsley
(Umbelliferae)5.Sweet cicely
(O. obtusa)
Osmorhiza depauperata 
Asteraceae Sunflower
(A. millefolium ssp. lanulosa)
Achillea lanulosa 
7.Praire sagewort
Artemisia ludoviciana 
Brickellia californica 
9.Longleaf brickellbush
Brickellia longifolia 
10.Dwarf rabbitbrush
Chrysothamnus depressus 
11.Halls rabbitbrush
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp.bigelovii 
12.Cainville thistle
(C. bipinnatum)
Cirsium calcareum 
13.Eaton daisy
Erigeron eatonii 
14.Whiplash erigeron
Erigeron flagellaris 
Erigeron humilis 
16.Broom snakeweed
(Xanthocephalum sarothrae)
Gutierrezia sarothrae 
Heterotheca sp 
(Ptilocalais Nutans)
Microseris nutans 
19.Woolly groundsel
(Senecio cana, S. harbourii)
Packera cana 
(Senecio mutabilis, S. neomexicanus)
Packera neomexicana 
21.Groundsel, ragwort
Packera sp,
22.Colorado rubberweed
(Hymenoxys richardsonii)
Picradenia richardsonii var floribunda 
23.Little sagebrush
Seriphidium arbusculum 
24.Smooth goldenrod
Solidago missouriensis 
25.Wire lettuce
(S. wrightii)
Stephanomeria tenuifolia 
26.Stemless hymenoxys/woolly-base
(Hymenoxys acaulis)
Tetraneuris acaulis 
27.Silvery townsendia
Townsendia incana 
28.Salsify, Oysterplant
Tragopogon dubius ssp. major 
Boraginaceae Borage
29.Bakers cryptanth
Oreocarya bakeri 
Brassicaceae Mustard
Boechera sp.
Streptanthus cordatus 
Comments: Plants of special interest include
Astragalus calycosus, A. coltonii, Erigeron argentius, Heuchera rubescens, Petrophyton ceaspitosum, Phlox austromontana, P. cluteana.
E = endemic to Colorado; I = introduced; G or S+# = global occurences, 1 = < 5, 2 = 6-20, 3 = 21-100populations, 4 or 5 = secure but rare in parts of range, esp. at periphery; LE or LT = listed as endangered orthreatened
Scientific Name Synonym Common Name
Black Rock Canyon, Carrizo Mts.
-Jun 9, 2001toJun 9, 2001
Cactaceae Cactus
32.Engelmann prickly pear
Opuntia phaeacantha 
Caryophyllaceae Pink
33.Drummond cockle, alpine campion
(incl. in
Melandrium or Silene 
Gastrolychnis drummondii 
Chenopodiaceae Goosefoot
Salsola sp 
Cupressaceae Cypress
35.Utah juniper
(Juniperus utahensis)
Sabina osteosperma 
Cyperaceae Sedge
Carex sp 
Ephedraceae Ephedra
37.Green ephedra, Mormon tea
Ephedra viridis 
Fabaceae Pea
(Leguminosae)38.Coulton milkvetch
Astragalus coltonii 
39.Freckled milkvetch
Astragalus lentiginosus var.palans 
40.Missouri milkvetch
Astragalus missouriensis 
41.Woolly locoweed
Astragalus mollissimus var.thompsonae 
42.Newberry milkvetch
Astragalus newberryi 
43.Fort Wingate milkvetch
Astragalus wingatanus 
Hedysarum occidentale 
45.Purple peavine
Lathyrus eucosmus 
46.Silvery lupine
Lupinus argenteus 
Fagaceae Oak
47.Gambel oak
Quercus gambellii 
Geraniaceae Geranium
48.James geranium
(G. fremontii)
Geranium caespitosum 
Grossulariaceae Currant/Gooseberry
49.Subalpine prickly currant
Ribes montigenum 
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea
Fendlera rupicola 
(P. microphyllus ssp. occidentalis)
Philadelphus microphyllus 
Hydrophyllaceae Waterleaf
Phacelia heterophylla 
Lamiaceae Mint
53.Drummond false pennyroyal
Hedeoma drummondii 
Onagraceae Evening-primrose
(O. caespitosa var. eximia)
Oenothera caespitosa ssp.marginata 
Pinaceae Pine
55.Two-needle pinyon
Pinus edulis 
56.Ponderosa pine
Pinus ponderosa ssp.scopulorum 
Pseudotsuga menziesii 
Poaceae Grass
(Gramineae)58.Indian ricegrass
(Oryzopsis, Stipa)
Achnatherum hymenoides 
(Bromus tectorum)
Anisantha tectorum 
Poa fendleriana 

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