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Aug 6

Aug 6

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Published by cdfisherman

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Published by: cdfisherman on Aug 06, 2010
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Shannon LeCLair
Times Reporter 
Despite a few minor blips Heri-tage Days this year was one of the best Strathmore has ever seen.For the most part the weather  was nice, the entertainment wastop notch and the price was rightfor families to come down for the weekend.“It’s been one of the best years yet, I would say,” said CarolynCharles a former Agricultural So-ciety member. While the rodeo and chuckwag-ons remained the biggest sourceof entertainment for the weekend,crowds of people wandered thegrounds taking everything in.One of the goals was to nd a way to draw in more youth, andthis year they pulled it off. TheCraz-E Crew drew crowds to allof their shows with inline skatingand BMX bike stunts. The extreme bungee and mechanical bull werealso big hits.“The bull was a great addition.He (the operator) just really works with the little kids too, doesn’t gocrazy with them or nothing,” saidKari Fulmek, Assistant GeneralManager of Heritage Days. There were nearly 6,000 volunteer hoursput into making the weekend asuccess and Fulmek said the vol-unteers were spectacular this year.“There were a lot of new thingson the grounds and people seemedto really enjoy it. Julian Austin wasa really big deal, and Jordan Doell was fantastic, really entertaining,”said Charles. The cabaret has been another staple event during Heritage Days,and for the rst time ever people were turned away as capacity hit1,700. Saturday saw the rst day of Running with the Bulls, and whilethere was an injury, it didn’t deter people from jumping into the pen.“The running of the bulls washilarious this year because bothdays someone jumped on the bulls, I’ve never seen that before,”said Fulmek.
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 Locally Owned & Operated 
 august 6, 2010
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Keith Schneider Awardof Excellence presented
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 Volume 2 issue 31
Best yet
Call Kevin Baldwin
House of Real Estate
Independently owned and operated
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Johansen wins hometown rodeo
Strathmore’s own Mark Johansen captured the bull riding event at the 2010 Strathmore Heritage Days Stampedeon Monday afternoon. Johansen nished in a three-way tie for top spot to claim the bull riding buckle, which wassponsored by the
Strathmore Times
. See Page 15 for full details.
Mario Prusina Photo
Contact Us Today!
 Wkng f Yu!
403.934.0781 l www.careystairs.com l realty horizon
Strathmore $486,900
1/4 acre lot with proessioalladscapi. 4 bedrooms & 4 baths.Bacs o to ree space. Hardwood& slate oori. Mai oor ladry.fiished basemet.
Carey Stairs 
Running Withthe BullsThe King’s Sontakes the Crown
Page 2
Strathor TmeS August 6, 2010 www.StrathorTis.co
Shannon LeClair,Wendi Tashlikowich,Rose Hamrlik andMario Prusina Photos
(Highly recommendedby Local Builders)
“Serving Strathmore Since 1990” 
Free estimatesCll Jff (roof by td)
- 24 H.
“Strathmore’s Finest” 
roongsdngev & Cuo ClddngWCBinud
HaiL & WinD DamagesPeCiaLists
Strathmore Heritage Days
evn though it was only snak apk, many popl took part inThursday night’s activitis duringHritag Days. Th Craz-e Crwwowd crowds, just lik th Ag So-city was hoping, and Jaydth Hypnotist drw in a goodcrowd who laughd thirway through his show.
July 30 startd with Co-op holdingthir annual pancak brakfast.Chinook Crdit Union followd up withbf on a bun, bans and colslaw for thirannual lunch. Wstc also hld a lunch ofburgrs and dogs, and fun and gams. Aftrating all th fr grub many popl hadd offto th rodo grounds to s what th midwayhad to offr bfor grabbing a sat for th rodo. Aftr th chucks Jordan Doll had popl totapping to his catchy lyrics, with a fwpopl gtting up to danc. For th rst timvr th rworks took plac on th daythy had bn advrtisd. At about11 p.m. on July 30, th sky lit upwith th rworks show.
Th Scond annual Strathmor’s Got Talnt comptition was hldJuly 28 at th Strathmor Civic Cntr. Th vning startd off witha wondrful dinnr and drinks srvd by Strathmor’s own ScottSchiffnr (Canadian & PBR Bull Riding Champion) and Wac Pal-lsn (won third at th Calgary Stampd in Boys Str Riding). Th15 nalist playd to an nthusiastic packd room. Th gust judgswr JP Vitch, Niki Cammart and Alx Curry. Th dcision wasby no mans an asy on, but in th nd wnt to 14 yar old Lynd-say Gobl who sang “No On Nds to Know”. Hr bautiful voicstood out in th contst and sh walkd away carrying a chqu for$1,500. This night was such a succss, that a biggr vnu may ndto b considrd nxt yar. Thanks to all th voluntrs that workdwith and bsid th committ, you crtainly showcasd th talntin Strathmor for all to apprciat. All th procds raisd from thisvnt, including th silnt auction go towards th Futur Cowboys &Cowgirls Rodo Socity.
Strathmore’s Talent Shines!
 August 6, 2010 • Strathor TimeS •
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Sheetal A Pallana
Financial Advisor#6, 55 Wheatland TrailStrathmore, AB T1P 1R7403-934-4503Member CIPF
Teach Your ChildrenTo Be Savers andInvestors
 You’ll really be helping your children ifyou teach them how to become savers andinvestors. Here are a few tips that mighthelp you:For starters, talk to your children aboutthe importance of saving for the things theywant. Tell them how you had to wait untilyou had the money for a car or a house.Next, think about matching your children’scontributions to their piggy bank or to anancial account. Children, like adults,tend to repeat those behaviours that arerewarded.Finally, discuss the basics of investing.Keep it simple at rst. Tell your children thatanyone can become owners of a companyby buying stock, and that over time,investors hope that stock price rises.By following these suggestions, youcan help your children develop nancialbehaviours that can serve them wellthroughout their lives.This is Sheetal A Pallana, your EdwardJones advisor. Edward Jones, Member CIPF.
Edward Jones does not provide tax or legal advice. Review your specic situation with your tax advisor and/or legal professional for information regarding, or issues 
concerning, the tax 
implications of making a particular investment or taking any 
other action.
 F & Safty
LocALLy ownEd & opErAtEd
921B wheala tail
Behin the Golen Hills School division- South sie of Hwy#1
Fie ExiguishesSevie & IseisSafe Sulies • debillasSafe taiig • csuligcor pgamsISe wl
OPEN 7 DAYS • 11 AM - 9 PM
 We’ll Mke Yu
 We’ll Mke Yu
Please call
  to schedule your appointmentDr. Elizabeth Robinson • Dr. Leanne Lesniak
NEW patIENtS WELcoME #11 - 55 Whelnd tril, Srhmrewww.
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 The third annual Smokin Bull BBQ tempted people withits delicious smells wafting from the barbecues and this years reserve champion was the team ‘Smokeback Moun-tain BBQ’. Jim Williams won the title of Grand Championfor the second year in a row with his team ‘Pigsicle’, and hisdaughter Victoria took part in the contest, winning herself some ribbons to bring home.Heritage Day mascot Roger the Eagle took place in themutton busting on August 2. Roger was hanging aroundlocal businesses prior to Heritage Days and people weregiven free rodeo tickets when they spotted him. The last three days of the rodeo saw the grandstand andrush seats packed with people who needed their x of thethird biggest rodeo in Alberta. Fulmek won’t be organizingHeritage Days next year, but she suspects it will continue togrow and become better with each new year.“In two years from now Michael’s amusement is goingto be coming to Strathmore. We will be having a greatmidway in two years, a realgreat midway,” said Fulmek.It may be over for another  year but already people can begin looking forward to what’s to come next year.
Ji Willias is th Grand Chapion for thscond yar in a row. His daughtr Victoriacoptd against hi and did fairly wll withhr own ats.
Master Chef
Joyland Theatre
For Movie Listings
or visit our websites:
www.tribute.ca www.alberta.com
8:00 pm Nightly, closed Mondays
August 6 - 12
Leonardo DiCaprio,Ken Watanabe 
Rating PG
114 2nd Ave, Strathmore, AB
Join our Facebook Page
Th parad was longr and bttrthan vr this yar, and anyobsrvrs contd on how grat it was.Th th this yar was ‘All Fird Up!’ tocoorat th r dpartnts 100thannivrsary. Aftr th parad so poplhadd to Rocky’s bakry for lunch, whilothrs witnssd th unviling of th longanticipatd rghtr’s orial. Th RunningWith th Bulls took plac on July 31 andon crazy tn dcidd to rid a bull.Six Wst ntrtaind th crowd aftrth chuckwagon racswr don.
Sunday startd with th Cowboy Churchscond annual pancak brakfast hld at thenCana stag. Th wathr was a littl drarybut it didn’t stop popl fro going to watchth rodo. Anothr crazy tn jupd on abull during th Running With th Bulls.Th winnr of th run was sponsord by hisx girlfrind, which gnratd laughtr froth crowd whn thy hard. Julian Austin hadso any popl co to watch his show,sats wr gon fast. many popl sangalong and a fw got up to dancduring his prforanc.
Wheatland Funeral Home Ltd.
Please send questions to
Answers to all questions will appear on thewebsite on the Funeral FAQ Page.
 How can I personalize my loved one’s funeral?
There are a number of different options inpersonalizing a funeral service. Bringingpersonal effects of the deceased to put on displayis one way. For example, if the deceased was anavid golfer, perhaps the golf bag could be set upat the front of the church or hall. Also, the familycould choose to set up an array of photos oreven a photo album so that attendees could lookthrough the pictures. Choosing special music tobe played before, after, or during the service canalso add a personal touch. Perhaps it could befavorite music of your loved one, or a song thatholds some meaning for the family.Floral arrangements can be created incorporatinga favorite ower and a tribute given by a friendor family member can add to the uniquenessof the service. There are countless options andalmost any form of personalizationcan be accommodated.

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