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Police interview of Robert PICKTON

Police interview of Robert PICKTON

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Published by TheGlobeandMail

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Published by: TheGlobeandMail on Aug 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sgt. Bill FORDY: Just have a seat. Yeah, just have a seat there. Okay, so you got some juice down there this morning?Robert PICKTON: That’s right.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Was it, fresh juice?Robert PICKTON: Yeah, it’s orange juice.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Orange juice. (STARTS NOTES
(INDECIPHERABLE) Okay. Inever got a chance to introduce myself downstairs Rob ah, myname is Bill FORDY and I’m a Sgt. and I’m with the RCMP. I’m apolice officer okay um, but while we’re here today I don’t want youto get all caught up in official titles or anything like that. Ah, myfriends call me Bill and I prefer that you call me Bill okay.Robert PICKTON: Okay.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Now, is it okay if I call you Rob?Robert PICKTON: Yeah.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay Rob. Um, like I said to you Rob, I am a police officerokay. Ah, I didn’t mean not to say anything to you on the way upthere,it’s just ...Robert PICKTON: Um, hum.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Ah, I wanted to wait until I was in the interview room here with youso that everything that I say to you ah, is recorded, because we arebeing video recorded in here today okay. There’s a video recorderup there and that’s ah, for your protection and my protection okay.Before I start to talk to you ah, Rob there’s a couple of things that Iwant to make sure that you understand okay. Ah, one thing that I’mgonna tell you Rob is that ah, I’m gonna treat you with respect heretoday. Okay. Um, I’m not going to be mean with you and I’m notgonna yell at you, I’m not going to get physical with you. I’m gonnatreat you with respect and I’m also gonna treat you with dignityokay. Because if I was sitting in that chair that’s how I would want tobe treated quite frankly. Okay. And I’m also gonna give you myword that nobody else is gonna treat you physically. Okay nobody’sgonna hurt you or try to hurt you or anything like that. Alright I giveyou my word on that. Alright you understand that . . .Robert PICKTON: Um, hum. Um, hum.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay. Because I am a police officer though um, I do have a job
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to do okay. And you were arrested yesterday um, for ah, murder.Robert PICKTON: Right.Sgt. Bill FORDY: For a couple of murders. Right.Robert PICKTON: That’s what they say.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay.Robert PICKTON: Um, hum.Sgt. Bill FORDY: You, you were um, arrested yesterday in ah, at the work site right? Robert PICKTON: Um, hum.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay, by a fella and you were told that um, you know, you’reunder arrest for two murders and...Robert PICKTON: That’s what they say yeah.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay. And that, that’s actually what’s happening is you know,charges already have been laid
information an, information an, isthe, the actual charges that get sworn before ah, you know anofficer of the court and the police have done ah, pretty, started to doa pretty thorough investigation. What they’ve done is they have al,they have formally charged you with two murders. Alright and youwere told about those yesterday. In addition to those...Robert PICKTON: I was told about them today. That’s besides the point. I mean I wascharged yesterday but I was told about ‘em today.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay. Um, but you were arrested yesterday?Robert PICKTON: Yeah.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Yeah, okay. In addition to those two murders ah, Rob, the policeare also investigating obviously the disappearance of you knowapproximately fifty ah, workers...Robert PICKTON: (LAUGHING)Sgt. Bill FORDY: ...in ...Robert PICKTON: Oh well.
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Sgt. Bill FORDY: …from the downtown Eastside. Okay now, I see you’re laughingthere. Let me clarify something okay.Robert PICKTON: Okay.Sgt. Bill FORDY: You haven’t been charged with those fifty murders.Robert PICKTON: (LAUGHING) I think, I don’t think so.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Alright.Robert PICKTON: Anything can be.Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay, well I ow, I’m not here to trick you…Robert PICKTON: Oh.Sgt. Bill FORDY: ...alright and that’s why I’m explaining things to you here. Youhave been charged with two. Alright and the investigation as youcan imagine it’s, it’s pretty significant you know, you got, you’re likethe Pope for Christ sakes (CHUCKLES). And um, but one thing thatI’m obliged to do and other police officers are obliged to do Rob, iswhen you’re being investigated for something, we’re obliged to tellyou what you’re being investigated for. And that’s why you weretold yesterday and/or this morning about all the other murders thatah, you’re being investigated for . Now I didn’t say you’ve beencharged with those murders okay. Just that I want to make sure thatyou, you’ve got that clear in your head. Now I know that yesterday,when you were brought in ah, that you spoke with your lawyer. Lastnight I guess right.Robert PICKTON: Um, hum. (NODDING)
Sgt. Bill FORDY: Okay. Now your conversations with your lawyer are privileged.Right.Robert PICKTON: What?
Sgt. Bill FORDY: What, what that means is that you don’t have to tell me anythingthat your lawyer said to you. Alright.Robert PICKTON: Yeah.Sgt. Bill FORDY: You have, you have a, an agreement between each other.You’re, you’re the person that’s obviously in this situation,

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