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Some Girls: 03. Paranoid (2-2)

Some Girls: 03. Paranoid (2-2)

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Published by djames2
Following the advice of his friends that the best way to get over someone is to get on top of someone, the protagonist reflects on his actions after sleeping with a girl who's name he doesn't even know. But he quickly learns through her questioning that she's far from traditional and conservative...
Following the advice of his friends that the best way to get over someone is to get on top of someone, the protagonist reflects on his actions after sleeping with a girl who's name he doesn't even know. But he quickly learns through her questioning that she's far from traditional and conservative...

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Published by: djames2 on Aug 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The ground sweats a mist from the puddles and drenched pavement, reflecting off themoon like a low fog. In the distance of the mall parking lot I can see street lights on, butrather than stay in the light the car stays shrouded in darkness, headlights off and enginekilled. My car seat is dropped all the way back as I lay naked, staring out of the sunroof in a blinking contest with God. Neither one of us flinch, no matter how many cars drive by or crickets chirp.³Are you dead?´ My companion asks me with impatience.³No,´ I reply, irritated ± a sure-tell sign that I made all the right choices tonight.The best way to get over someone is to get on someone ± that¶s what they said.They said it over, and over, and over to me throughout the day at the beach. Theywhispered it to me when the girls came over to our two on two volleyball game and askedif they could play. They reminded me of that when the girls started to pair off with uswhen we left the beach to get food as the sun was setting. And as everyone went their separate ways, that¶s what Sean pulled me to the side and reminded me of before goingoff with his girl (was her name Brittany or Annie?) and left me with mine (same namequestion applies to me).³What¶re you thinking about?´ she asks with less abrasiveness in her voice.I don¶t pull away from my staring match. ³I don¶t know.´³You want to know what I¶m thinking about?´Absolutely not. I want to get out of this car is what I want. I want to pretend thelast 27 minutes didn¶t happen and that I just brought you home and went for a drive bymyself. I want to pretend I never met you, that I didn¶t flirt with you and that I didn¶tmake this come off as something more than it is ± meaningless. I want to know that Ididn¶t hurt you by my own stupidity. Mostly I want to know that you understand what anasshole I am.³Sure.´³I never thought my first time would be in a car.´Fuck.³What?´ I say, almost too demandingly, as I roll to my side and face her exposed body, blanketed in promiscuous shadows. A flash of her lips; a hint of her small, palm-accessible tit; even the slightest suggestion of a smooth, untainted bit of pale Irish flesh
on her leg. All just fragments of a girl who¶s name I don¶t know, who¶s eye color I can¶tremember (hazel or deep green, although it might change depending on her mood), who¶s ± ³I never thought my first time would be in a car?´ she repeats, less assured.There¶s an uncomfortable pause as she catches my gaze, and then, breaking it, ³you knewI was a virgin right?´Do I even know your name?³Yeah,´ I reply. ³Me too.´She laughs accusingly. ³No you¶re not.´³How would you know?´ I defensively ask, my words breaking like shards of glass out off my mouth.³I don¶t know,´ she admits nonchalantly. ³I can just tell.´³Yeah, well,´ I say, then stop. There¶s no point in me talking.³What was your first time like?´ she asks, staring out of the windshield.I feel like I¶ve been kicked in the balls. ³What?´³Tell me about your first time. I want to know. Where was it? How was the girl?How long did you last? Did you do anything special for it? Come on now, your friendRyan said you wanted to be a writer so tell me a story.´³Brian,´ I correct after a long pause.³Does it matter? On with it.´She could very well be the dumbest girl I¶ve ever met. Here we are, naked in mycar after just dancing dirty for close to half an hour, and her pillow talk is one of thestrangest, most uncomfortable topics to share with someone else. How am I supposed toopen up to this to a girl I just met? Let alone one I just slept with for the first time? Doesshe want to know every intimate detail about me afterwards? Is she trying to expose meinternally now?Goddamn it, she might be a genius when it comes to revenge.³My first time«´ I begin through suppressed vocals, ³was one of the mostawkward moments of my life. It was with my best friend, Elena, our freshman year of high school. I had just turned 16 a few days earlier, and my parents were taking my brother to the hospital for some eye doctor appointment. So me and this girl«´
³Elena.´³Right, Elena, me and her are walking home from school together and we¶re bothtired because it¶s the end of the school year and finals are coming up. We¶re talking aboutrelaxing methods and I said we should just have sex to help ease the stress. She said weshould but we don¶t have any condoms, and I said that there¶s some place up the streetwe can go to get some.´³What was the name of the place?´³Um, at that point it was either the Red Apple or Danny¶s, I forget which. Well,we drop our stuff off at my house and walk over there and buy a pack for four bucks. I¶mshaking as we do because I¶m so nervous, but I don¶t know why. On our way back wetalk about it, and she asks me if I¶m scared and I told her I was but I was glad that if I wasgoing to do it with anyone it was her. Well we get back to my house and go up to myroom ± my parents are gone at this point = and I shut the shades even though nobodywould be able to see either way. I turn around and she¶s taking off her shirt and pants andmy heart starts to race and I take off mine too«´³What color was her bra?´³Excuse me?´³You heard me,´ she repeats. ³What color was her bra?´³Red. She was wearing a red bra.´³Continue.´³«so we undress to our underwear and she lies down on her back on my bed andI climb on top of her. We¶d dated before so I knew how she kissed but it felt like the firsttime I kissed her again. I remember she always did this things with her lips ± she wouldwrap them on my bottom one after each kiss, like a lingering signature. I remember myheart kept punching my chest after each kiss. Every stroke from her finger on my back made me more excited. Then, I remember asking µare you ready?¶ and she said µyes¶ so Iclimbed off her and got a condom«´³You can stop there.´I kind of don¶t want to ± I¶m excited again just thinking about it. ³You askedabout it.´

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