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Sohrabuddin Criminal History Unofficial Dossier

Sohrabuddin Criminal History Unofficial Dossier

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Published by rookiejourno

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Published by: rookiejourno on Aug 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Criminal history of Sohrabbuddin:
Sohrabbuddin was not an ordinary criminal as projected by the petitioner in the alleged encounter case. Sohrabuddin had spread his tentacles in four states viz. Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra. He was working in tandemwith mafia dons like late Abdul Latif and Daud Ibrahim. With the active support of Dawood Ibrahim, Rasul Parti, and Mammumiya Panjumia, he was continuouslysmuggling in dangerous weapons and other contraband from Pakistan. In onecase alone, detected by the DCB crime branch of Ahmedabad, 24 AK-56 rifles,27 Hand grenades, 5250 cartridges and 81 magazines were recovered from oneof his family owned property in Madhya Pradesh.Following table showing offences registered in different states would makeit clear that Sohrabbuddin was not just an innocent person but a dreaded criminalworking across four states of India and was a serious threat to the security of thenation.
 S.N.P.StnCriminal caseName of accused1DCB P StnIPC121,122,123,120b,188;3,5 TADAAct;4,5,6,25(6),1AExplosives Act;131,135Customs ActSohrabbuddin2Shahpur,AhmedabadCityIPC 467,468,4769,471along with Arms andExplosives ActSohrabbuddin and 31others3Navrangpura ,Ahmedabad CityIPC 307,427 along withArms and Explosives ActSohrabbuddin and 66others4Vejalpur ,Ahmedabad CityIPC 120B along with Armsand Explosives ActSohrabbuddin and 10others 
 S.N.P.StnCriminal caseName of accused1Chandgarh P StnIPC 120B,302 alongwith Arms ActSohrabbuddin2Chandgarh P StnIPC 307 along withArms ActSohrabbuddin6 rifles were seized
Madhya Pradesh
 S.N.P.StnCriminal caseName of accused1NagdaIPC 122,123 along withArms ActSohrabbuddin2MahidpurIPC 122,123 along withArms ActSohrabbuddin3kotwaliIPC 379Sohrabbuddin4jiwajiganjIPC 324,294Sohrabbuddin5ChimanganjIPC 399,402Sohrabbuddin6ChimanganjIPC 452,506Sohrabbuddin7ChimanganjIPC 311,294Sohrabbuddin8ChimanganjIPC 341,294,234Sohrabbuddin9ChimanganjIPC 336,452Sohrabbuddin10ChimanganjIPC 294,506Sohrabbuddin11ChimanganjIPC 452,323,506Sohrabbuddin12BherugadhIPC 352,353Sohrabbuddin13NagdaNSASohrabbuddin
 S.N.P.StnCriminal caseName of accused1HathipoleIPC 147,148,149,302along with Arms ActSohrabbuddin
The details of Sohrabbuddin’s offences registered in different states are asunder.
(1) DCB PS Ahmedabad CR No.11/94
:In this case, after the demolition of Babri Masjid, Sohrabbuddin and other accused had indulged in criminal conspiracy with a view to wage war against the Government of India by collecting and distributing arms andammunition illegally and distributing them to attack during annual LordJagannath Rath Yatra in the year 1993 with a view to spread terror amongthe citizens of Ahmedabad City. After investigation, charge sheet was filedagainst 60 accused including Sohrabbuddin. During investigation 24 AK-56 rifles, 27 hand grenades, 5250 cartridges, 81 Magazines wererecovered from the well located in the agricultural field of Sohrabbuddin.Sohrabbuddin was arrested on 9.11.1995 and was taken in police custodyremand up to 9.12.1995.
In this case, Sohrabbuddin along with 60 notorious accused wasinvolved. All accused were arrested except (1) Dawood Abrahim,(2) Mammu Maiya Punju Miya (3) Farooq, (4) Ahmed (6) Sharif Khan, (7) Rasul Patti, (8) Syed Ali and seven others.(ii)All 60 accused were tried in the Court of Designated Judge atAhmedabad. The accused in this case were anti-national and anti-social persons having criminal antecedents and were associatedwith Dawood and Latif’s gang.

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