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AVKO Newsletter 2010-08-06

AVKO Newsletter 2010-08-06

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Published by AVKO Foundation

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Published by: AVKO Foundation on Aug 08, 2010
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News from AVKO Educational Research Foundation
Don McCabe <donmccabe1@gmail.com>Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 2:56 PM
Reply-To: donmccabe1@gmail.comTo:
AVKO Educational Research Foundation Newsletter
August Calendar
Aug 11
- Ramadan - 9th Month of the Muslim CalendarBased on a lunar calendar and therefore varies every year. The Holy Monthof Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast during daylight hours to celebratethe time when Allah revealed the first verses of the Qu'ran, the holy book ofIslam.It is a time for spiritual reflection, prayer, doing good deeds, charity,spending time with loved ones. It teaches self-discipline, self-restraint,generosity and understanding of those less fortunate.
Aug 15
- Assumption day-commemorating the day of the Virgin Mary beingtaken to heaven.
Aug 19
-National Aviation Day
Aug 26
-Women's Equality Dayis observed to remember the day womengained the right to equality.U.S Nineteenth Amendment.- Women's Rightto Vote 1920
The AVKO Foundation is sending
Don McCabe,our Research Director
to several locations for bothhomeschoolers living abroad and for those who wish tolearn English as a Second Language.The first trip, Africa, is via the People to PeopleProgram. Don is making time available during his tripfor homeschooling groups, schools and Individuals tomake appointments with him for either FREE workshops, discussions orindividualized information. Please spread the word to any SouthAfician homeschooling friends, missionaries and their homeschoolinggroups about Don's visit. Contactdon@avko.orgfor an appointment. 
Johannesburg August 10, 11, 12 Southern Sun Grayson HotelCape Town August 13 - 17 Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel 
In This Issue
Quick LinksYou Can't Teachwhat you know, ifyou DON'T knowyou know it!Book of theMonth
ATIME magazinearticle that dis-cusses how extend -ed vacations make itmoredifficultforALL
8/8/2010Gmail - News from AVKO Educational https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik1/3
 Sydney, Au. Oct 21 & 22Fjordland, NZ - Oct 26, Fort Chalmers, NZ - Oct 27, Akarroa, NZ - Oct 28,Wellington, NZ,- Oct 29, Auckland, NZ - Oct 31 
 Suva, Fiji Nov 3Pago Pago, American Samoa Nov 4Moorea, French Polynesia Nov 7Papeete, Taihiti, French Polynesia, Nov 811-2, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Nov 9Honolulu, Hawaii. Nov 14Maui (Lahaina) Nov 15 More DETAILS we be given in September about his trip to Australia, NewZealand and Fiji, Somoa, French Polynesia and Hawaii.
The Teaching of Spelling and Reading
THE SPELLING-READING CONNECTION We know through trial and errorwhatDOESN'T work:
1. Giving student word lists to study2. Correcting students errors.This results in misspelling 10% of the most 1,000frequently used words. That is one in every 10words, how frustrating!
Some of the things that HAVE worked:
 1. STUDENT SELF CORRECTION (Fitzsimmons,Loomer, 1978) and2. Carefully programmed and SEQUENCED presentations of words thatfollow regular PATTERNS. (McCabe, 1991), (Leipzig, D. H. (2000).
Some of the THINGS THAT WORK but haven't been tried:
Systematic teaching of the mechanics of the code ( until Starting atSquare One)2. Systematic teaching of the differences between spoken and writtenlanguage (until
Speech tuh Spellin' 
) (McCabe, 1991)The common words in our language have a simple base that conveysmeaning. Words like stepping, flashing, playful and spilling.The power words are polysyllabic and cannot be reduced to one meaningfulsyllable, as: crucial union patient social and unique. 
"Notice that the simple words with common bases have more lettersand more consonant blends that the power base words.
Yet they areeasier to read and spell. Why? Because the base words are taught and thesuffix -ing is taught. The same cannot be said about the words with powerbases."No matter how well student learn to read in grades one through three, if theyhaven't been taught the spelling patterns of power words, we cannot expectthem now to read to learn especially when in grades four on up in thecurriculum is loaded with new words that have power bases not simplebases." 
To be a good reader and speller one must know how to read and
 students to "slide" intheir knowledgeretention. Perceptiveand right on themoney with it'sinsights. It's thereason AVKOadvocates doingspelling year round,even during vacationdays. Just 15minutes. And for funsome word gamesthe whole family canplay. 
A NEW TWIST onthe Great Vocab.Game
Go over word mean-ing in dictionary.Students write theword on one side, onthe other, draw themeaning of the word.Drawing shouldexpress some feelingof the word meaning.Hang up drawingsWith 4 to 5 pix start aweekly game - youeither show them theword and they have totell the meaning ofthe word bydescribing the pictureOR they look atpicture and tell whatword it represents.
Afterstudents have triedthe game a few timesthe regular way,THEY get thepictures- this time theobject is for them to
8/8/2010Gmail - News from AVKO Educational https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik2/3

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