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[M.A.O.U.S.] The Scorpio Syndrome Scitzo-flation part II

[M.A.O.U.S.] The Scorpio Syndrome Scitzo-flation part II

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The current economic reality, this is your suck . . .
The current economic reality, this is your suck . . .

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Published by: Mericraticaly Aligned Orders United Sydicate on Aug 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scitzo-Flation Part II
The Scorpio Syndrome & the M-shaped Decline
t check,it stings
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The Scorpio Syndrome & the M-shaped Decline
Getting stung by economic reality 
There is not going to be a V-shaped recovery, U-shaped recovery, L-shaped recovery, or for that mattera recovery of any sort. We are in the doldrums for now while being rocked by the waves of the M-shaped decline, then the drop will come and after that you get stung. The currency is managed, as is theeconomy as is the controlled demolition of it. Math is not a conspiracy, it is a plan, an algorithm to cometo a conclusion or that explains a result.
Don’t believe it?
matter. You
don’t have to believe in math but you
had better hope it believesin you. It always helps to get the odds on your side and to do that you need and edge, good intel is agood edge and that is good math.
Deflationary whiplash
The oligarchs and their propagandists are so scared of deflation
t they? Want to know a secret?They
don’t need to be
they have got one foot on the break and one on the gas. They also have all theinflationary fuel they need to leave you in the dust. The oligarchs need you to be afraid of deflationbecause they are afraid if you start experiencing a declining cost of living, you will stop them in theirtracks and put an end to their inflation game. Without inflation, they are done!
If they can’t control
they can’t control you.
 Deflationary Whiplash is the harsh effects experienced by those whose property or goods experiencehyper-deflation after the inflationary forces get the brakes slammed on them by the fiscal realities of mass unemployment or under-employment. When it hits, it will snap you hard, everything you havebeen baited to buy into is a trap. When the Corporate Feudalists hit the brakes, the trap will snap.
You’re home, your car
, your student loan, and your savings, are all bait to get you penned in.Your house will be worth nothing, your car nothing, your education nothing, and your savings will bedestroyed. Yet, neither you, nor anyone else will be able to benefit from them because other prices willhave risen so high, maintenance will be prohibitive. What is left of your savings will have to beliquidated, just to maintain your month-to-month expenses. A debt-to-debt existence will ensue and theonly way to create escape velocity in your income will be to sacrifice your standard of living.

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