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Dialect of a Disciple

Dialect of a Disciple



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Published by samvit
The whole is a process and not a point , the earth is a part of this process and so are you, let the process flow and let your self be a part of it.
The whole is a process and not a point , the earth is a part of this process and so are you, let the process flow and let your self be a part of it.

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Published by: samvit on Jun 23, 2008
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 Dialect of a disciple
We all here on the face of earth can be either end up being into teachers or students ,some times a teacher and some times , fewer times a student. As all of us after the age of 14 starts thinking that we know all that is needed to know and know more then what isknown to others or we can just say that after the age of 14 starts thinking and stop living.There student is still better, it much better to be a student all our life as he is learning andhe wants to know and learn more. And so he is not closed as the one who is playing theteacher but both are just playing and all know in plays all are not more then actors. Somehave got the main role, some are playing the hero’s of the movie and others were not sofortunate to get a bigger role then that of a side actor but that is not some thing veryimportant both are just actors.Lets try to see what the teacher are made up of , lets see what all these scholars in theschools and collages are carrying inside of them. In my opinion as I can see all they haveis a big bag of thick books and that too are not so think as they seem from out side andmost interesting is the pages are empty and so is there mind. There are just carrying the books which they have been given by there teachers and there universities, never tryingto understand what they are carrying and is there any need for them or not, what theyhave is out of the experience. Imagine a situation where there is a person with a wholelibrary in the house and all the books are in Spanish and then what this English man willdo? The teachers are some what similar to that person whose mind is occupied with a lotof information but knows nothing how to use it.And who is a student? He is the same, exactly the same as the teacher but he still have to buy that house. Teacher is the future of every student and student is the past of everyteacher there is no difference just time. Reading can never be half as good as knowinglearning is the key and not repeating. And one has to do it to learn, one has to be adisciple to be learned.This word has been understood wrongly, the dictionary says the disciple is some one who believes and helps in spreading the doctrine of some one else, but that is not what it reallymeans. A disciple is some one who is disciplined, whose mind is not divided it is notgoing here and there, who has seen the master and felt his presence and in this wholeexperience he also discovers the same presence in himself the same peace. He does not believe in the doctrine he is beholding the divine, beholding the divine in all thedisciplines of the life.The real disciple is the master there is no difference just of the time. One day there will be a revolution and there will be a master, one day he will see what he used to seethrough his masters eyes, one day even when the master is not pointing the finger at the

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