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Accent Neutralization Training Modules

Accent Neutralization Training Modules

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Published by myshashi
Accent neutralization: “The methodology, voice and accent trainers apply to their ESL students to make them speak in a neutral accent” is called accent neutralization.
Accent neutralization: “The methodology, voice and accent trainers apply to their ESL students to make them speak in a neutral accent” is called accent neutralization.

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Published by: myshashi on Aug 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Accent neutralization: The methodology, voice and accenttrainers apply to their ESL students to make them speak in aneutral accent is called accent neutralization.
Accent neutralization is slightly different from accent reduction. Accent reduction means reducing theaccent whereas accent neutralization is new branch of English learning related to ESL which meansneutralizing our accent which is almost impossible but trying that will atleast reduce our accent to agreat extent.Accent neutralization module includes
# Changing speech patterns# Voice production# Intonation and rhythm# Get to know the sounds of English and# Get familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet.Accent neutralization involves a systematic training process focused on modifying speech patterns. Thisincludes a professional speech evaluation followed by working on clarity of speech sounds,pronunciation, intonation and rhythm of speech. The purpose of this program is to help those, who areproficient with the English language, speak with a neutral globally understood English accent
When people say neutralize or remove ones accent, what they often mean is to get the StandardEnglish accent [Neutral Accent].Activities in Accent Neutralization Classes
 Express and communicate ideas clearly and effectively Take Initiative at school and at home Conquer the fear of Public Speaking Participate in team events Plan and organize in an effective manner Think out of the box
Trainers Target
# Eliminating miscommunication and language barriers.
# Raising the self-confidence of participants.# Teaching participants how to better perform and communicate while employing the English language.# Teaching participants the importance of using their voices effectively and efficiently while at the sametime giving them the tools to better understand the body language of North American English.# Increasing the efficiencies of those whose mother tongue is not English.
elping the ESL Students
1.  improve pronunciation skills2.  improve use of intonation, stress and pitch3.  learn self- evaluation techniques for continued improvement4.  become more confident speakers5.  speak with clarity and communicate more effectively with6. customers
Participants will:
* speak and sound more native-like* improve customer comprehension* reduce customer misunderstandings* increase listener understanding* increase sense of acceptance by customers* improve business relationship with customers* save time by minimizing repetition* improve customer perception* reduce communication stress by decreasing speaker and* listener frustration
Accent Neutralization:
Identifying and dealing with Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) Pronunciation
Vowel Sounds and Consonant Sounds Using InflectionUsing Intonation and syllable stressPausing for effectReducing Rate of SpeechAccent neutralization, also known as elocution, is a systematic approach used to learn or adopt a newaccent. It is the process of learning the sound system (or phonology) of a language or dialect. Themethodology involves several steps, which include identifying deviations in the person's current speechfrom the desired accent (such as pronunciation, speech patterns, and speech habits), changing the wayyou use your mouth, teeth, and tongue to form vowel and consonant sounds, modifying your intonationand stress patterns, and changing your rhythm. Using this method, individuals such as those mastering asecond language may alter their speech to more closely resemble the accent of a certain group of people, and thus enhance the clarity of their communication with those people.
Types of accent neutralization
Two distinct types of accent neutralization coaching are available: the type of coaching targeted attelemarketers generally focuses on helping people to say scripted speech with a more "native-like"accent, while the type of coaching typically offered to business people is usually geared towardsassisting people to minimize miscommunication in spontaneous, conversational speech.The reason that this distinction is important is that while it is sometimes possible for adults to saylimited pre-rehearsed phrases with little or no accent, most experts agree that adults cannot learn tospeak with no foreign accent in live, everyday speech. Therefore, a person who receives coachingtargeted at scripted situations will sometimes achieve very good results when reading from a script, butwill not usually improve in real, everyday speech.On the other hand, a person who receives training targeted at everyday speaking situations willexperience neutralization in miscommunications in live, speaking situations. When choosing an accentcoach, it is important to pick a coach who understands the type of coaching needed.
Accent neutralization training
Accent neutralization is offered by various certified speech-language trainers, pathologists, linguists andspecialists in ESL (English as a Second Language). In the United States, they are promoted by variousorganizations including the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Voice & Speech TrainersAssociation and Accent neutralization Training Academy. Accent neutralization training is available in avariety of ways: through workshops, seminars, classrooms, software, online software products, over thephone, over webcam, through books and recordings, and on a one-on-one basis.

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