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Published by njww2bookclub

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Published by: njww2bookclub on Aug 08, 2010
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. J
J. M
10 F
, S
, NJ 07078 M
: 973-467-3313 E-M
 July 5,2010 Vol. # 2 No. 1
Elizabeth Norman and
WeBand of Agnels
Elizabeth Norman spoke tothe World War 2 Book Club onJune 29 on her acclaimed book
We Band of Angels
. We had 80people in attendance and theaudience was held spellboundfor almost an hour by the storiesof these heroic nurses whospent the entire war asprisoners of the Japanese.Unfortunately we had to curtailthe question and answer periodsomewhat to allow time foElizabeth to sign books and toclear the room by 9PM inaccordance with our agreementwith the Library.Perhaps, the most dramaticmoment of the lecture was whenElizabeth related the story of theyoung boy who was brought intothe operating room just after theJapanese attack. He wasseverely wounded from shrapneland his mother, also wounded,was in the adjoining room. Thedoctor, facing many woundedmen and women, had to makeincredibly difficult choices abouthow much time to spend witheach patient. The concept of "Triage" requires prioritizingtreatment choices resulting inthose deemed almost certain todie regardless of what treatmentis rendered being passed over so others can be saved. Theyoung boy, in the doctor's viewwas terminal and there wasnothing he could do. The nurseon duty, asked if she couldintervene and with the doctor'spermission applied a treatmentshe recalled from her earlytraining. She poured somestrong scotch whisky onto agauze pad, added a few cubesof sugar and placed it into theboy's mouth. Incredibly, theyoungster started to respondand in a short time wasbreathing normally. The boy wasshortly delivered to his mother and survived. This was just onestory of incredible courage andcharacter demonstrated by thisunique band of nurses.Elizabeth spent over 5 yearswriting this book and interviewedpersonally almost all of thenurses who were alive in theearly 1990's while the book wasresearched and written. Shealso showed many originalphotos obtained from the nursesand other medical personnel,including pictures of the basehospitals they opened in the jungle while still on Bataan,before they were forced totransfer to Corrigedor.Without a doubt this wasone of the best lectures sinceour program started. Weordered 25 books from Barnesand Nobel. They sold out in 10minutes. We could have soldtwice than number.Special thanks here to Dr.Ralph Kristeller, Chair of theevent, who spent so much timein organizing the evening. Heinvited the Nursing Associationof New Jersey and we werepleased to see several inattendance.
Last Lecture of Our First Year 
The Norman Lecturecompletes Our first year. We willrecommence our lecture serieson September 21, 2010, andplenty of advance notice will begiven.
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The FDR Library BookFestival June 19, 2010
Each year the FDR Libraryhosts a full day book readingfestival and invites the authorswho have written recentlypublished books that touch onthe life of the late President tocome and speak about their newbook. Dr. Steven Lomazowwhose
FDR's Deadly Secret 
was published in January wasinvited this year. RichRosenthal, and Dr. John J.McLaughlin accompanied Dr.Lomazow as his guests. Thelectures go on all day and thereis a dinner in the evening atwhich we were able to meet withand talk to all the authors abouttheir new books. It was anexciting and worthwhile day, andas a special bonus, theexposure to these authorsenabled us to securecommitments from some othem to come to the World War 2 Book Club and speak to us.We were delighted to seeAndrew Roberts on the list of speakers, and more delighted tolearn that he just recently movedfrom London to New York.Andrew and I had exchangedmany e-mails at about the timewe were arranging for thelecture by General Bunting lastyear, and he told us then that if he was in the area he would bedelighted to come and talk to us.Well, he is now in the area andtold us he would be pleased tocome some time next Spring.We will work out a date as soonas possible.We were also pleased tomeet Terry Golway who gave awonderful lecture on his newbook
Together We Cannot Fail:FDR and the AmericanPresidency in the Years oCrisis.
Terry is director of theJohn Kean Center for AmericanHistory at Kean University. Hisbook is about the mostimportant of FDR's speechesgiven over the radio and inCongress, mostly during WorldWar 2. An interesting feature of his new book is that it comeswith a CD with about 20 of thespeeches recorded thereon. Wehave listened to several of themand the sound reproduction isexcellent. You could close your eyes [those of us old enough toremember] and transportyourself back to the time whenthe speeches were deliveredover the radio Like him or notthere is no denying PresidentRoosevelt had a golden voiceand his delivery is reallyimpressive.Terry has agreed to give usa lecture in the Spring on a dateto be agreed upon. We also metand were impressed with HannaPakula who just published her excellent biography of MadameChiang Kai Shek. She also livesin New York and has agreed tocome and speak about hebook,
The Last Empress
.In short, the expedition tothe FDR Library was not only awonderful day, but we were ableto obtain commitments fromthree speakers for futurelectures. As the popularity of theBook Club increases it becomesthat much easier to engageauthors.
Future Programs
On September 21 when westart our news series we willhave Johathan Gumz Professor of History at the United StatesMilitary Academy as our guest.He will talk to us about littleknown facts of the June 6, 1944invasion of France [D-Day]. OnOctober 19, we will haveThomas Fleming who willdiscuss his award winning
TheNew Dealers' War 
. This is theintriguing story of the behind thescenes maneuvering oPresident Roosevelt and hisgroup of advisors and how theymanaged to control strategy andpolitics during the War. This is awonderful book, and werecommend that it be readbefore the lecture to gain fullpleasure from the lecture. OnNovember 16 we will have EricMetaxas who will lecture on hisnew book Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Sp
.Again, this is a wonderful storyabout a Lutheran pastor whodefied the Nazis, defended theJews in Germany, and sought toprevent the Nazi takeover of theLutheran Churches just prior toWorld War 2, and paid for hisefforts with his life.
We now have 68 fully paidmemberships, and we areoptimistic that this number willcontinue to grow. In additionseveral members have madeadditional contributions and for this we are grateful.
We are always looking for volunteers to come forward withideas for a program or aspeaker. Two of the programsthis season were put on bymembers who arranged for thespeaker and chaired theprogram. One was Rob Gagnonwho ran the program whenStephen Sussna spoke abouthis book on OperationDRAGOON, and of course, thelast one chaired by Dr. Kristeller.Come forward with an ideafor a program and/or a speaker and you will be named Chair of the event. There is plenty of work to be done, and we areglad to have additionalassistance.

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