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Frankston Library Customer Feedback June 2010

Frankston Library Customer Feedback June 2010

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Published by blograrian

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Published by: blograrian on Aug 09, 2010
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Library Feedback June 2010
 Your Feedback Our Response
 Please provide benches for waiting outside thelibraryThere are currently bench-style seats in theforecourt for people to use. The library forecourtis part of a works program planned for the nextyear. We will be considering the seating at thattime. Thanks for your suggestion.The entrance and exit to the library are notclearly marked. I could not find my way out.All exits at the library (including emergencyexits) are identified by a green and whiteilluminated sign and the main exit is also theentry which should help you in future. Thankyou for the feedback.I am missing the great coffee from the foyer. It’sa great little service that I have enjoyedfrequently.We are glad to hear you are enjoying the coffee.The service was unavailable for several weeksas the operator was unwell. The service is upand running again. You will find it open mostdays, Monday to Friday from 10am-3pm. Theclosing time is subject to variation. We lookforward to seeing you in the Library.I regularly come to the library on Saturdays tocatch up on work and like to use the hutches upthe back against the red wall. However, graduallyall the power points are being covered – today itwas a glass display case, but there is an insert inthe back of the hutches that covers all the plugsalong the wall. It is extremely difficult to findsomewhere to plug in my laptop now. ThanksThank you for your feedback we have movedthe covers at the back of the hutches so thepower points are uncovered, however, if the flapcovers the power points again please ask one ofthe staff to lift it for you.I study in enclosed room and it is cold. I put onwarm clothing but when I sit for more that anhour I still get cold.Unfortunately, it is not possible to isolate areasin the library to change the heating / coolinglevels. It may help to leave the door of the studyroom open (if not too distracting) to let the aircirculate. If you are studying in the long room(with the red chairs) please see a staff memberas this room has a separate heating/ coolingsystem.I have a bad back and cannot carry books to thecar. I use a trolley. It would be appreciated if youwould install a small ramp at the door to thecarpark similar to the one at the library door. Thetrolley has to be lifted – it will not ride over thislip.Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We willforward your feedback to the body responsiblefor the maintenance of the car park.Great to see that when joining the library there isa lot of help finding what books we like. Allinformation given is clear and very useful. I amglad that people show how to sue the borrowingsystems also which is easy and straightforward.I will be glad to see many years in this library formy children to enjoy and be useful with readingand school projects.Thank you for your feedback. Your librarymembership also gives you access toYourTutor. YourTutor is homework help by realtutors available on line between 4PM – 8PMMonday to Friday have a look on our website orask at the desk in the library.
Library Feedback June 2010
 Your Feedback Our Response
 No one to answer any questions, I had noreference librarian to assist. All the bookshelvers refused to assist me. One person onone desk also this person was answering thephone at the time.Our library shelvers are often volunteers andare not able to assist with information enquiries.The Information Librarians on duty answerenquiries face to face, over the phone andonline we try not to keep a customer waiting but,at busy times, this is not always possible.I have just paid $42.80 in fines because the selfscanning system did not alert me to the fines thatI had from MarchPrint items have a four-week loan period andaudiovisual items have a two-week loan period.Once items become overdue for 7 days wesend a courtesy letter/email/SMS alerting ourcustomers that there items are overdue, ifnotices are being received by email we send asecond reminder once the items are 14 daysoverdue and after 21 days over due we send aLost notification. Customers can no longerborrow using the self-loans system once theiritems become Lost.Could you please provide a TV and DVD playerfor homeless people to watch movies anddocumentaries?Viewing box for watching DVD’s, stories withheadphonesThanks you for your suggestion, we don’tcurrently have TVs available however DVDs canbe watched on our public access computers,you can book the computers for two hours at atime and we have regular free movie nightsThe new check out is hopeless there usually is atleast 2 machines not working staff are still therewhy oh why can they not continue to do the workthey did before. Machines are fine if they work,yours do not!!!Thank you for your feedback, we apologise forthe inconvenience, two of our machines werebeing upgraded on the day in question. Staffmembers are always available to assistI hate having no chair at the catalogue I need abench to place my handbag in view. I may wishto take time at the catalogue but amuncomfortable standing juggling my card, purse(where it lives) handbag, a book to check authoretc. This is a real drop in hospitality or service.We apologise for the inconvenience, a sit downcatalogue will be installed in Fiction section ofthe library near the large print sectionsWe would love to be able to borrow Wii games totry before we buy.At the moment, we are not offering computergames for loan but we will monitor the demandover the coming months and make a decisionthen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!Re self-serve reservations – bottom shelves toolow for elderly or those with disability. After hipreplacement impossible.We need to use all of the shelving as we haveso many reservations. We understand it can bedifficult to reach the lower shelves and we wouldbe happy to retrieve your items for you. Just aska staff member for assistance.Laura would like more Toy Story books please.Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll look intogetting more of these.I would like to say can we please get Ranma ½13. Thank youVol 13 of Ranma ½ is on order! Why not jumponline and reserve your copy now. We will alsoorder the missing volumes to complete theseries. Thanks for raising this with us.
Library Feedback June 2010
 Your Feedback Our Response
 Thank you so much for there excellent help fromstaff. Lady who showed me how to ‘use’ the carpark- very much appreciatedThe library is the best in the world and I lovereading books.Thank you to all the genuinely friendly, amiable,helpful people, may you attain your sought aftergoal. Thank youI’ve been retrenched after 20 years, spent pastyear doing small jobs and consultancy. Thelibrary resources have been irreplaceable in mestaying a float and providing access to stacks ofnew ideas.It was great. Every one is very friendly and thebooks and movies are great.I like the school holiday program and I love yourbooks and movies.Thank you for all the ever so friendly and helpfulpeople. May there ever be increasing numberssupporting ‘your’ local library. Thank youeveryone.I like all the activities going on for the kids.ThanksThank you for all your kind words andrecognition of our service and staff.
We strive toprovide a warm and welcoming atmosphere forour customers and it is always great to hear fromour satisfied customers.
We are pleased that you loved the schoolholiday programs and kid’s activities.Thank you for taking the time to provide us withyour feedback and taking time to visit us
I strongly object to having to borrow through amachine. Personal service again would begreatly appreciated.The service is non-existent since the library wentself-serve.I require a human interaction not machines. I findit appalling that my visit here is now to be animpersonal occasion not the warm friendly visit Ilook forward. I am an isolated pensioner and thevisit here for me is enabled by the FrankstonCouncils library but my chat whilst I check booksetc: is a pleasure now to be denied me. I hatethese machines and I want humans.Self-service has a place, but service is beingcompromised and atmosphere of library at risk ofdecline.Thank you for your feedback, self-serve loansencourages customers to have the option of do-it-yourself or choosing to have staff assistance.Members of the Library's customer service teamare now stepping out from behind the counter todirectly assist YOU the borrower!The library is always looking at ways to furtherenhance service delivery and if the need forstaff to assist customers at the desk reduces,team members will be able to have more time toassist customers on the floorPlease bring back story time on Friday morningat Mahogany Centre, there are kids missing out.We currently provide Story time at MahoganyRise Primary School on Tuesdays at 9.30 amfor 0- 5 years. You are welcome to attend thesesessions and if you would like any furtherinformation please contact the library on 97841020. Thank you

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