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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper- fight terrorism - support Israel
Periodical newspaper- fight terrorism - support Israel

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Published by: vladowsky on Aug 09, 2010
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Submitted at 8/8/2010 3:10:00 AM
Odense: “We are only Danish onpaper”Information’s journalist Hana Al-Khamri, who is from Yemen and hadlived most of her life in Saudi-ARabia, visited Vollsmose and metthe neighborhood’s residents. Sherecounts her meetings with theneighborhood in this series.“I am back in the Arab World. Thatis my first impression of the meetingwith the Odense neighborhood of Vollsmose. However the placedoesn’t remind me of any other Arabcountry I know. It’s as if ArabVollsmose is stuck in the way of lifethat the first immigrants brought withthem to Denmark, while the Arabcounties continued to develop.”———School principal Olav Nielsenmadethe news last yearwhen he said hewould advise Jewish parents not toenroll their children at his school. Atthe time, bloggerUriaspostenpointedout that Nielsen supported theBoycott Israel campaign. In thisarticle, it seems he also has aPalestinian flag in his office. It’sunclear whether his theoretical adviseto Jewish parents is due to hisstudents’ antisemitism, or his own.Going down the hall atHumlehaveskolen (Humlehaveschool) in Vollsmose, I meet a girl of at most eight. She’s wearing aheadscarf. This is the first time in mylife that I’ve such a little girl wearinga headscarf. Even in Saudi-Arabia,where I grew up, I’ve never seensuch a thing. A teacher tells me thatthe girl’s parents are doing everythingthey can to protect their children fromthe influences of Danish society.In Humlehaveskolen, around 90% of the students have an immigrantbackground. And the girl with theheadscarf is a very good example of the battle which is constantly goingon in the school and the children’sheads. The boys and girls I meet atthe school all recount howcomplicated and bewildering it is forthem to live up to the expectations,norms and demands their familiesmake, and at the same time honor thedemand of Danish society to integrateand get an education.The school’s principal, Olav Nielsen,is a familiar figure in Vollsmose.Besides his job as a school principal,he also works with young prisoners –several of which were previouslystudents at the school.“The children from many of ourimmigrant families come from roughsituations. Several have seen theirfathers killed before their eyes.Others have parents who weretortured or traumatized by warexperiences,” he says.On the wall behind him hangs aPalestinian flag and pictures of hisformer students. There’s also a birdcage with a parrot in the office. Olavpoints at it with a finger and says:“This parrot belongs to one of mystudents. He’s serving a prisonsentence and I promised him to takecare of his bird until he comes outagain.”Olav explains that the student’sbackground makes them vulnerable:“The mothers rarely have anyeducations, since they were marriedoff at a young age. Most of thefamilies who live here in Vollsmose,suffer from some form of injury:physical, psychological or mental.We even have some young peopleand older children who fled alone orwith their siblings to Denmark.”Olav takes me into a 9th grade class.There are 18 students, not one of them has an ethnic Danishbackground.They can all tell similar stories of how they ended up in Denmark.Most came here very young.I ask why so many of the older boysbecome troublemakers.“I think they cause crime andproblems because these boys have adifficult situation in their families,”says Khaled and adds that he feels heonly does what his family wants of him.His voice is sad. Khaled’s teachersays that Khaled has good parentswho are interested in their son’sfuture.Amojgar, who comes from IraqiKurdistan raises his hand and says:“Some have lost their fathers in war.Other comes from divorced families.They cause so much trouble to showthat they are strong and can handlewhat goes on in the streets.”But Khaled interrupts him and saysthat he thinks that the teenage boyswho are causing trouble are reactingmostly against their strict families,which always tell them what theymust and should do, who they shouldhang out with etc.“All the time they’re told no. Theyalways decide for us and thereforethere are many young boys whobecome defiant and disobedient. As aform of protest against theirfamilies,” he says.Khaled’s family doesn’t want him tohave Danish friends. He doesn’tknow why.“They don’t listen to me. They justwant to do what they think is best forme.”Several of the boys in the 9th gradewear hip-hop clothes. The pants hangso low that you can see theirunderwear, and when they go downthe corridor, they make hand-signs toeach other all the time. I ask themwhat they want to be in the future.Five boys immediately say: “I don’tknow,” while three answer that theywant to be businessmen or lawyers.Khaled says that he wants to go touniversity, since then he can realizehis parents’ dream.I note that the boys are the ones whoanswer most of my questions. Thegirls rarely speak, but I want to knowwhat they think. Even when Idirectly ask the girls a question,nobody answers. Olav Nielsen,school principal, suggests that theboys leave the classroom.When I’m alone with the girls, I ask why they didn’t want to say anythingnext to the boys.“We are shy, and some times we getcomments from the boys if they don’tlike our opinions,and we don’t wantthat,” says Asia, a Somali girl with alittle headscarf on her head. Six of thegirls are veiled, three aren’t.I ask if their families treat themdifferently than their brothers, butbefore any of them has a chance toanswer, Olav interrupts. He says thathis daughter, the same age as the 9thgrade girls, asked him one day if shecould sleep with her boyfriend. Someof the girls smile, others look surprised and uncomfortable, as if they don’t approve that Olav gave hisdaughter permission to go to bed withher boyfriend.“It’s Danish culture. Parents shouldsay their honest opinion, but weshould respect our children’sindividual choice, and I will respectmy daughter’s,” he tells the girls inthe class.“Maybe your parents will now tellyou that my daughter is a whore, andat I’m a bad father, but that’s the waywe respect our children and raisethem as equals in the eyes of thelaw.”Olva leaves the class and leaves mealone with the girls.“I’ll never be able to say that Olav’sdaughter is a whore. But Danes arefrom another culture than ours,”answers Asia, when I ask what shethey think of Olav’s story. “It’s truethat the boys are treated differently inour families, but if girls got the samefreedoms as boys, they could be a fewproblems, for example, if they getpregnant. We have a lot to lose, thatthe boys don’t,” she adds.But Najah, who is Palestinian, saysthat “The boys’ problems are becausethey have so much more freedomthan we.”Hafsa, a Somali girl, disagrees.“It’s because the family’s control getson the boys’ nerves, that they causeall the trouble.”Hafsa presents herself: “I’m fromDenmark”. But then changes heropinion: “No, that was wrong. I’mfrom Somalia.”Her friends begin to laugh, especiallywhen she emphasizes again that she’snot Danish.The girls in the class come fromPalestine, Iraq, Iran, Turkey andSomalia.“We are only Danish on paper,” saysHafsa. “Not in reality.”Source:Information(Danish), h/tHodja Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelDenmark: DPP wants non-Westernimmigration stopDenmark: DPPwants non-Western immigrationstopThe Danish People's Party wantsto stop all non-Western immigration.During the party's summerconvention, the party's leader PiaKjærsgaard and the l...Berlin: Looking forward to a futureof unemployment benefitsBerlin:Looking forward to a future of unemployment benefitsA summary/ translation of an interview with HeinzBuschkowsky, the mayor of theimmigrant-heavy Neukölln district of Berlin.Buschkowsky says...Denmark: Free Press Societypresident charged with racismDenmark: Free Press Societypresident charged with racismTheCopenhagen Public Prosecutordecided to press charges (DA) againstthe president of the Free PressSociety, Lars Hedegaard, for racistrema... Original post source
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Submitted at 8/8/2010 5:24:00 AM
Even people with academic robescan lie.In anarticle at European Voice,entitled “ The Gaza Prison,”currentOxford chancellor( also the lastBritish governor of Hong Kong and aformer European commissioner forexternal affairs) Chris Patten parrotslies about Israel and Gaza. Here’s justone paragraph:When I was in Gaza before theSecond Intifada, there were manyexamples of entrepreneurial activity –factories and farms. Most of that hasbeen stamped out. As the assault onGaza ended in 2009, Israeli militarybulldozers flattened factories. Theimposition of a border zone hasgobbled up 29% of the strip’sagricultural land.This single paragraph illustrateseverything wrong about how Gaza isportrayed by purportedly well-meaning, educated people. It containsnot only Palestinian Arab lies thatPatten swallows whole, but also a liethat he himself wants to push.Patten waxes eloquent about Gaza’seconomy before the second intifada(that he helpfully capitalizes,indicating perhaps a bit of approvalfor that spree of terror.) Then hestates how bad it is now – implyingthat it is because of Israeli actions in2009.This is a lie.The Gazan economy went south as adirect result of the intifada, notbecause of Israeli actions. There aretwo major reasons that 34% of Gazans are unemployed today. One isbecause Israeli companies pulled outof Gaza in the wake of the wave of terror that came out of Gaza startingin 2001 – including many attacks onthe factories themselves. The ErezIndustrial Zone limped along for acouple of years but finally had to shutdown.The other is that Hamas violentlytook over Gaza in 2007.Achart of unemploymentin Gazafrom 1999-2006 shows clearly theeffects of the first:1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 20042005 2006 Unemployment in Gaza17 19.5 34.1 38.1 29.2 35.4 30.3 34.8I don’t have the detailed breakdownof unemployment since then, butbetween 2006 and today the rate hadincreased to over 40% – around thetime of Hamas’ takeover of Gaza –and is now back down to 34%, thesame level it was at the start of theintifada.In other words, the blame for Gaza’seconomic woes should go to theterrorist organiations that operate outof, and now run, Gaza. And theimplication that Israel purposefully“stamped out” Gaza’s industries isnot only a lie, but a calumny.Where did Patten get the informationthat Israel viciously and wantonly“flattened factories” at the end of Operation Cast Lead? WhileGoldstone claimed that there was nomilitary purpose for Israel’sdamaging the Al Badr flour mill andthe Sawfeary chicken farms, the IDFdisputes both those accounts – andeven Goldstone didn’t claim thatIsrael worked to flatten factories afterthe fighting was largely over. Theidea that Israel maliciously flattenedfactories in Gaza is a lie. This is aproduct of a fevered imagination, notwhat one would expect from a leaderof an institution of higher learningwho should know the differencebetween facts and propaganda he wasfed during his visit to Gaza.Finally, the supposed “fact” thatIsrael’s buffer zone in Gaza – onewhose purpose Patten is mysteriouslysilent about – takes up 29% of Gaza’sagricultural land is also aneasilyproven lie.What could cause a respected Britishacademic and former diplomatbelieve – and propagate – lies aboutIsrael? How much is his ownwillingness to believe those who lieto him, and how much is his desire tospread his own versions of theseeasily debunked lies? Perhaps mostimportantly, why is Patten silent onany possible reason that Israel mighthave to treat the Hamas-ruled GazaStrip as a less-than-friendly territory?Putting these questions togetherindicates that Patten is not justclueless, but malicious. It is morethan sickening that a person in such aposition of prestige has no qualmsabout writing such a shoddy andtransparent piece of anti-Israelpropaganda.(h/t Paula from Philosémitisme Blog)UPDATE:R-MEWhas somebackground on Patten:TheICGis led by former EUCommissioner for External Relationsand current Oxford UniversityChancellor, Chris Patten, along withformer UN High Commissioner forHuman Rights, Louise Arbour.Patten you may recall,rejectedaninquiry in 2003 into the diversion of European taxpayer funds to financePalestinian suicide bombers becausehe “needed an investigation like ahole in the head”. In recent years,Patten’s Oxford has been therecipientof over $300 million indonations from the Saudis. Arbour isfamous for having originallyendorsed the wildly antisemitic andoxymoronic Arab Charter of HumanRights while with the UN. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelCongress sends letter defendingIsrael’s role in flotilla incident toPresidentby vad_levin Congresssends letter defending Israel's role inflotilla incident to PresidentWASHINGTON, D.C. - Six of theseven members of Connecticut'scongressional delegation were amongthe ove...The Torah in Haiku: Balak by EdNickowTemple Chai, Long Grove,IL(Originally published in The Torahin Haiku) A talking donkey!Is thisBalak in TorahOr Shrek on thescreen? Both Balak and ShrekHavedonkeys as......Helen of Troy – Telefon Tel AvivStarring Erika Wolfel, NicholasKarabinis, Cut Jade and Cut West.Directed, filmed, edited by JoshuaEustis Music taken from the currentTelefon Tel Aviv album "Immolat... Original post source
Submitted at 8/8/2010 3:37:46 AM
Iran’s Thug-In-Chief thinks 9/11death toll exaggerated Might as wellbuild a mosque there, eh? “Iran’sAhmadinejad doubts Sept. 11 attack toll,” by Robin Pomeroy and RaminMostafavi for Reuters, August 7(thanks to all who sent this in):TEHRAN (Reuters) – IranianPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejadsaid Saturday the September 11, 2001attacks were exaggerated in a freshbroadside at the United States justdays after President Barack Obamavoiced willingness to talk to Iran.Well-known for his anti-Americanand anti-Israeli rhetoric, the hardlinepopulist Ahmadinejad also repeatedhis denial of the Nazi Holocaust inwhich six million Jews were killed.Ahmadinejad said the September 11attacks with hijacked airliners onNew York and Washington D.C. hadbeen trumped up as an excuse for theUnited States to invade Afghanistanand Iraq.Speaking at a Tehran conference,Ahmadinejad said there was noevidence that the death toll at NewYork’s World Trade Centre,destroyed in the attacks, was as highas reported and said “Zionists” hadbeen tipped off in advance.“What was the story of September11? During five to six days, and withthe aid of the media, they created andprepared public opinion so thateveryone considered an attack onAfghanistan and Iraq as (their) right,”he said in a televised speech.No “Zionists” were killed in theWorld Trade Centre, according toAhmadinejad, because “one dayearlier they were told not go to theirworkplace.”“They announced that 3,000 peoplewere killed in this incident, but therewere no reports that reveal theirnames. Maybe you saw that, but I didnot,” he told a gathering of theIranian news media.There is a published list of September 11 dead from more than90 countries available online….Posted by Robert on August 8, 20103:37 AM| 4 CommentsPrint this entry| FaceBook | Email this entry| Digg this| del.icio.us| Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelJerusalemscene5Image taken on2006-08-28 14:23:09 bysethfrantzman....VIDEO: U.S. Muslim Group SeeksIslamic Domination[VideoDescription Excerpt: "For mostAmericans, July is a time to celebratetheir country's freedom andindependence. But one radicalIslamic group will do the oppositethis month at a...Biblical Hebrew: Bereishit (1:18-19)The sixteenth in a series of videosteaching you the Hebrew of theTanach. This video introducesBereishit (Genesis) 1:18-19.... Original post source
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Islamic supremacist Ground ZeroImam Rauf traveling to Saudi Arabia,UAE, Qatar for State DepartmentBesides being an open advocate forSharia and restrictions on the freedomof speech in his book What’s Rightwith Islam, Rauf has refused todenounce Hamas. He has lied abouthis commitment to religious dialogue.He has lied about whether the Islamiccenter planned for the Ground Zerosite will contain a mosque or not. Andhe has lied about whether or not theproject is getting foreign funding. Heis involved with a group that helpedfund the jihad flotilla against Israel.“News Flash: Ground Zero ImamHeading to Saudi Arabia, UAE …,”by Claudia Rosett at Pajamas Media,August 7 (thanks to Inexion):Next stops for Feisal Abdul Rauf,imam of the plan for a mosque andIslamic center near Ground Zero:Courtesy of the U.S. StateDepartment, Rauf — a.k.a. ImamFeisal – is scheduled to spend the restof the summer on a swing through thepetro-dollar palaces of Saudi Arabia,Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, andQatar.For more details, here’s the columnin which yesterday evening I brokethis bit of news (I have not found itreported anywhere else so far —which leaves me wondering why,amid the emoting and editorializingsplashed all over the MSM bydefenders and commenders of Rauf,no one seems to be asking where he’sactually disappeared to): “FurtherTravels of Imam Feisal.”Rauf’s summer itinerary suggestsodd priorities for a man who, in thename of harmony and bridge-building, has stirred up a furiousdebate in the U.S. — and then quietlyleft the country last month, leavingmany questions unanswered aboutsuch matters as where and how heplans to raise the $100 million he’llneed to realize his dream of a high-rise Islamic hub right up the streetfrom where the Twin Towers stood.Neither Rauf nor the StateDepartment seems eager to publicizehis summer trip to Saudi Arabia andpoints nearby, though his tour appearsimminent — as in, he’ll probably betouching down in the Middle East thiscoming week, and he’s not due back till early September. My source forthis information is the New York office of his Cordoba Initiativefoundation, and his wife and co-director at the Cordoba Initiative,Daisy Khan. But they didn’t exactlyvolunteer the information unbidden.Rauf himself came briefly to thephone last week, at his CordobaInitiative office in Malaysia, when Itracked him down there on a hunch— after his New York office said hewas traveling, not feeling well, andcould not be reached. As soon as Iasked about funding, he said he wasin an “important meeting,” and gotoff the phone.Since then, Rauf has been“unavailable” at his CordobaInitiative office in the Malaysiancapital of Kuala Lumpur. When Iphoned there and asked for himearlier this week, one of his assistantstold me: “All media requests have togo through his office in New York.”At the New York office, I was toldthey were giving no more interviews,and for questions about the Malaysianoffice, I was referred back in a circleto the Cordoba Initiative in Malaysia.Finally, uninvited and with noappointment, I called the mobilephone of his wife and work partner,Daisy Khan. In answer to my specificquestions, she said that Rauf wasabout to visit Saudi Arabia, etc., on atrip hosted by the State Department.In response to further questions, sheallowed as how the State Departmentwas sending her, as well, on a trip toDubai and Abu Dhabi later thismonth. She said there would be nofund-raising on these trips. But noone at the Cordoba Initiative seemsready to rule out the possibility of taking large sums of money fromthese places, should it at some pointhappen to be offered.As for the State Department: Afterthree days of my repeated questionsand phone calls, State by Friday’sclose of business had yet to provideany response to my request forconfirmation of Rauf’s trip, Khan’strip, or details about their State-sponsored summer outreachexcursions to the Middle East.Apparently, it takes quite a while atState to get “clearance” for disclosureto the American public of such basicdetails as who, exactly, is engaging inpublic outreach at our expense and onour behalf….Read it all.Posted by Robert on August 8, 20104:53 AM| 8 CommentsPrint this entry| FaceBook | Email this entry| Digg this| del.icio.us| Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelAn Independence Day MessageFrom the Father of Gilad Shalit..."Every Muslim should become thekiller of blasphemers""Every Muslimshould become the killer of blasphemers"...Hezbullah tunneling into northernIsrael?Hezbullah tunneling intonorthern Israel? TheIDF is concerned with the possibilitythat Hezbullah could tunnel under theborder between Israel a... Original post source
Submitted at 8/8/2010 4:20:53 AM
Wikipedia alters Robert Spencerquotes, completely changing theirmeaning I make a point not to look atmy Wikipedia biography, as full as itis of spurious material, criticism fromclueless dhimmis and lying Islamicapologists presented as if it were fromcredible sources, and tendentiousmisrepresentations of my positions.But this morning Jihad Watch readerJames alerted me to something evenworse: the Wikipedia biography nowactually alters quotations from me tomake me say things that I have neversaid and do not believe:He asserts that “Islam is a monolith,and characterizes all Muslims asterrorist or given to violence. Callingattention to the roots and goals of  jihad violence. Any Muslim whorenounces violent jihad anddhimmitude is welcome to join inour anti-jihadist efforts. Any hate inmy books comes from Muslimsources I quote, not from me. Cries of “hatred” and “bigotry” are effectivelyused by American Jewish advocacygroups to try to stifle the debate aboutthe terrorist threat.”[4]Yes, this is incoherent — probablyarising from the fact that the quotesare tampered with. The source pointsto this Jihad Watch page, where youcan see how what I said has beenchanged.Did I say that “Islam is a monolith,”and characterize “all Muslims asterrorist or given to violence”? Nope.Actually, I said: “Islam is not amonolith, and never have I said orwritten anything that characterizes allMuslims as terrorist or given toviolence.”Did I make this anti-Semiticstatement? “Cries of ‘hatred’ and‘bigotry’ are effectively used byAmerican Jewish advocacy groups totry to stifle the debate about theterrorist threat.” No. This is what Ireally said: “Cries of ‘hatred’ and‘bigotry’ are effectively used byAmerican Muslim advocacy groupsto try to stifle the debate about theterrorist threat.”Did I ever say that Wikipedia is atrustworthy source for informationabout anything, rather than anideologically-driven smear machine?No, I did not.Posted by Robert on August 8, 20104:20 AM| 4 CommentsPrint this entry| FaceBook | Email this entry| Digg this| del.icio.us| Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelZohar Convention 2010, CulturalProgram 3Lecturer: Rav MichaelLaitmanDate: 2010-02-24Video:ENG 45.39MB Audio: ENG 8.08MB...Candidate Obama v. PresidentObama on IranCandidate Obama v.President Obama on IranIt's fascinating to look at whatCandidate Obama said about Iran andto compare it with what Presiden...A very brave Saudi womanFromAP:It was a startling voice of protestat a startling venue. Covered head-to-toe in black, a Saudi woman lashedout at hard-line Muslim clerics' harshreligious edicts in verse on live TV ata ... Original post source

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