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S3e08 Subtitles

S3e08 Subtitles

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Aug 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100:00:10,877 --> 00:00:11,894Sookie.200:00:13,079 --> 00:00:14,713- Back off.- Keep out of this.300:00:14,731 --> 00:00:16,181I don't take orders from vamps.400:00:16,215 --> 00:00:17,483Get away from her.500:00:17,517 --> 00:00:18,767Tara, he saved her life.600:00:18,802 --> 00:00:20,886After he almost fucking killed her.700:00:20,904 --> 00:00:23,555- You're alive. Sweet Jesus.- Is everything okay there?800:00:23,573 --> 00:00:25,240Yeah, she had a nightmare.900:00:25,275 --> 00:00:26,558Sook?1000:00:26,576 --> 00:00:30,412Say something. You brain damaged?1100:00:32,282 --> 00:00:33,332I...1200:00:33,366 --> 00:00:36,752I need to speak to Bill, alone.1300:00:36,786 --> 00:00:39,738So he can finish whathe started? Hell, no.1400:00:39,756 --> 00:00:41,540
Tara.1500:00:41,574 --> 00:00:43,208Everyone, please.1600:00:43,242 --> 00:00:45,961Y'all heard her. Out.1700:01:03,446 --> 00:01:05,364You're afraid of me.1800:01:06,482 --> 00:01:08,099Can you blame me?1900:01:09,068 --> 00:01:11,269I never meant to hurt you.2000:01:14,991 --> 00:01:16,408I couldn't stop.2100:01:16,442 --> 00:01:17,943I know.2200:01:17,961 --> 00:01:20,078I can't take back what I've done.2300:01:21,464 --> 00:01:24,616No, you can't.2400:01:24,634 --> 00:01:28,503I don't know how to start forgiving you.2500:01:28,538 --> 00:01:30,789Don't know if I ever will.2600:01:30,807 --> 00:01:32,591There's too much.2700:01:32,625 --> 00:01:35,260I'm not asking for your forgiveness.2800:01:36,980 --> 00:01:38,797I don't wanna be forgiven.
 2900:01:38,815 --> 00:01:40,816From the day we met,3000:01:40,850 --> 00:01:45,821it's been one long, bloody fight.3100:01:47,306 --> 00:01:50,742And I keep waiting for it to be over,3200:01:51,744 --> 00:01:53,645for us to be happy,3300:01:54,614 --> 00:01:57,282to start our lives together3400:01:57,316 --> 00:02:02,421like a normal couple.3500:02:02,455 --> 00:02:04,823But it's never gonna happen for us, is it?3600:02:04,841 --> 00:02:07,292I want you to have all that.3700:02:08,494 --> 00:02:11,463I want you to lie in the sunlight.3800:02:12,765 --> 00:02:14,833Have children.3900:02:16,185 --> 00:02:18,003Grow old with someone.4000:02:18,021 --> 00:02:20,639I want you to have the life you deserve.4100:02:23,726 --> 00:02:26,361And I cannot give it to you.4200:02:32,235 --> 00:02:35,854I love you, Sookie Stackhouse.

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