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Honesty FHE Lesson

Honesty FHE Lesson



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Published by Lara Goold
A ready-to-print FHE lesson designed to teach us that we must be honest in all things to become like our Savior. If we want to choose the right, as Jesus did, we must live the truth.

Lesson is in full-color and is ready-to-print, cut, and use!
A ready-to-print FHE lesson designed to teach us that we must be honest in all things to become like our Savior. If we want to choose the right, as Jesus did, we must live the truth.

Lesson is in full-color and is ready-to-print, cut, and use!

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Published by: Lara Goold on Aug 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Honesty FHE Lesson
by Laurie Friend, Digitized and adapted by Lara Goold
Materials needed:
Scriptures, salt and pepper, yarn and scissors, metal brads (or stapler)
A lesson designed to teach us that we must be honest in all things to become like our Savior. If we wantto choose the right, as Jesus did, we must live the truth.
“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
John 14:6
“We believe in being honest, true….”
Article of FaithOpening song(s) and prayer:
“Dare to Do Right,
Children’s Songbook, page 158
Object Lesson:
Pour some salt into your hand and show it. Tell your family that in your hand you hold pure salt.It is pure because there is nothing in it besides good, clean salt. Now shake some pepper into thesalt in your hand. Now the salt is no longer pure because the pepper has tainted it. Relate:When we allow dishonesty into our lives we are no longer pure. Honest people try at all times totell the truth and to live righteously.
“Trial of Jesus” Scripture Story (magnet pictures included):
Tell the story of the “Trial of Jesus”. (In your own words or from the scriptures—Mark 14: 53-65.) Talk about the Jewish leaders that asked Jesus many questions and one of them was “Artthou the Christ?” (Mark 14:61). Jesus knew that if he said that he was the Christ, the Son of Heavenly Father, the leaders would not let him go. But Jesus always told the truth even when hislife was in danger. For Jesus has said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus wants eachof us to always tell the truth, even when it’s hard to do so.It is not always easy to tell the truth. Sometimes it is easier for us to say something that is nottrue or to not say anything at all.
Why is it sometimes hard to tell the truth? (Because we don’t want to make someoneangry or because we might get in trouble)
Read or recite the thirteenth article of faith, emphasizing the first line: “We believe in beinghonest…”
What is an honest person?
 An honest person loves truth. He is honest and true in hiswords and actions. He does not lie, steal, or cheat. He keeps promises. He respects the property of others
 He stands for the right. He obeys the laws. He can be trusted. The trait of honesty is so important that our Heavenly Father included it in the ten commandments. Can you guess which ones? “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”
What is a lie?
 Elder Marvin J. Ashton (an apostle a few years ago) said, “A lie is anycommunication given to another with the intent to deceive.” To lie is to be dishonest.
Fishing Story (with magnet pictures)
Using the magnet picture, read or retell the enclosed story about being honest.
Web of Lies activity (need yarn and scissors)
Using the yarn, ask a child to come up and hold up both hands. Loosely wrap a piece of yarnaround the child’s wrists and hold it securely. Explain that the yarn is like a little lie. Ask thechild to break free (hold the yarn loosely enough that the child can break free). Then wrap thechild’s wrists a dozen or so times as you explain that one lie can lead to many more lies to keeppeople from finding out that we lied. When we tell many lies, it is more difficult to freeourselves. Ask the child to break free now. If the child succeeds, you want to try with evenmore layers of yarn. Explain that the more we lie, the harder it becomes to choose the right andtell the truth. How can we break free? Use a pair of scissors to cut through the thread and freethe child’s hands. Explain that to be free of lies, we must always tell the truth.
Role Play Puppet Activity
(need puppets, orange situation strips, and thumbs up/thumbsdown signs for everyone)
Have a volunteer be the puppeteer (or take turns) and read/reenact the situation cards (or comeup with their own situations) and then have the family members “vote” with either the thumbs upor the thumbs down as to whether the person in the situation was honest or dishonest. Explainwhat the person did or did not do right. Stress the importance of making honest choices whenthey are young, so that they will have good honest habits when they are older.
Honesty Train
Using metal craft brads (or a stapler), put the train together to spell HONESTY. As you attacheach letter, have a person give an example of the value on the train piece. Hang the train up forthe week to help you remember all that you’ve learned about being honest this week.
To the Lord, there are no acceptable reasons to be dishonest. President Kimball has said, “Thatwhen we are dishonest in our lives, we cheat ourselves and the Spirit of God ceases to be withus.” When we are completely honest, we can be pure and clean like the salt. When we are trueto every trust, duty, agreement, or covenants which we make; then, we can face the Lord,ourselves, and others without guilt or shame. Tell a time when you were honest, even though itwas hard for you to do.
Bear your testimony
about the importance of being honest. Share any personal experiencesyou’ve had that may add to the message.
Closing song:
“I Believe in Being Honest,
Children’s Songbook, page 162
 Closing Prayer
See below for a yummy recipe
: Based on the ages and attention spans of your children, choose one or more of the followingenrichment activities to enhance the message of the lesson. Enrichment activities do not necessarily need to becompleted on the same night as the lesson. We often use them as reinforcement/reminders during the week.
Honesty Pays” Game
1. Divide into 2 teams, using buttons or coins for markers at the START position.2. Take turns drawing a move marker and moving to that position on the board3. Read and decide how it is being dishonest or honest.* Explain the consequence of the dishonest action*If it is an honest action, tell the consequence is for following through. Then collect a BLESSINGBUCK.4. To WIN! Count up the score after someone reaches STOP and count your BLESSING BUCKS. Theteam with the most BLESSING BUCKS wins!
Quote for the week 
Find a place to hang up the great quote from Bishop Edgley to help you remember how important it is to be honest and true.
Fudgy Brownies
 From http://recipeshoebox.blogspot.com

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