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Indikator Mutu Pelayanan Kesehatan 5

Indikator Mutu Pelayanan Kesehatan 5

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Published by ujangketul62
seharusnya dipedomani, dilaksanakan dan dikembangkan
bukan hanya dalam kalimat
seharusnya dipedomani, dilaksanakan dan dikembangkan
bukan hanya dalam kalimat

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Published by: ujangketul62 on Aug 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crisis Management Audit Plan
Author: Denys Martin,
Denys Martin
MBA, CIA, FCPA 08/30/99 5:53 AM
Contributed 8/30/99 by Denys Martin, <denysmartin@yahoo.com>
Background and Rationale
You come to your office for the beginning of your workweek and because of some unforeseenevent there are no employees, no working telephones, no functioning computers, no utilities.You're the Chief Executive. What would you do? Where would you start? Unquestionably this isa crisis. Remember that you have access to almost none of your regular business tools. If this hadbeen an actual incident; such as many businesses experienced in Wellington, New Zealand in1997, it would already have been too late to concern yourself with developing a CrisisManagement Plan! You need to have a Plan in place to ensure continuity of operations. But,what kind of Crisis Management Plan is an effective one?You need to ask: "What is a crisis for my organisation?" For this audit, the following definitionwill be used:
 A crisis can be defined as any unplanned event, occurrence or sequence of events that has a specific catastrophic consequence
Natural disasters, IT viruses, financial manipulation, societal disruption, pollution and stringentregulations are but a few examples of potential crisis situations. The reasons for focusing onthese issues may result from a commitment to protect the public, the employees, to comply withgovernment regulations or to protect their organisation from possible liabilities and litigation.The consequences for not focusing on these issues can be disastrous.
Audit Standards:
A cohesive Crisis Management Plan should have the following components:
Training & Resource Development
Information ManagementCritical aspects that must be in the Crisis Management Plan:
Effective coordination of activities within the organisations ;
Early warning and clear instructions to all concerned if a crisis occurs;
Continued assessment of actual and potential consequences of the crisis;
Continuity of business operations during and immediately after the crisis.A brief synopsis of the common weaknesses in Crisis Management planning may prove helpful.Possible weaknesses to verify:
Crisis Management Audit Plan
Author: Denys Martin,
Denys Martin
MBA, CIA, FCPA 08/30/99 5:53 AM
No systematic collection of planning information. This includes such aspects as risk analysis,organisational information, relevant laws, company policy procedures and location specificdata.2.
No systematic dissemination of planning information.3.
Failure to identify and establish an incident command structure. This is a common pitfall asmany planners try to fit their organisation into a standard incident command system notdesigned around their particular needs.4.
No, or minimal, coordination with affected entities. Poor communications with externaldependencies such as the community, neighboring industries, identified support entities (fire,police, hospitals, etc.) can lead to confusion and chaos during an emergency. A simple issuesuch as who is the primary contact for offsite agencies during an emergency can cause majordisruption during an incident.5.
Lack of, or poorly defined, Organisational Responsibilities. Failure to provide clear, conciseprocedures defining a person's functions, duties and tasks upon assuming their emergencyorganisation position.6.
Once developed the Plan is not or is, at best, poorly maintained. The Plan may have beendeveloped to meet a regulatory requirement.7.
There is no provision for testing and review or continued evaluation and periodic update of the material. For example, changed information, such as telephone numbers maybe buried invarious paragraphs throughout the plan.8.
The material that was developed is not user-friendly. The plan may contain too muchinformation. Unfortunately, the user has to be a brain surgeon to figure out his/her role in itsimplementation. There should be simple, easy-to-use supplemental materials that can be usedas a quick reference guide during an emergency.9.
Training relevant personnel on the plan and their role in its implementation.10.
The plan needs to be disseminated to the authorities. Failure to include appropriate parties onthe distribution list most often leads to failure on their part to respond in the manner hopedfor.
The risk assessment is the initial step, toward reducing vulnerability. All relevant levels of management should become part of the Crisis Management Plan.This can be achieved in several ways:1.
Senior manager directly responsible to top management and the board of directors. Theformal assignment of a senior manager to the position such as "Crisis Management Plans,Director," or some other appropriate title, can accomplish the initial portion of this item.Additionally, there should be within the individual's job description some measurementstandard to evaluate performance.
Crisis Management Audit Plan
Author: Denys Martin,
Denys Martin
MBA, CIA, FCPA 08/30/99 5:53 AM
Set aside specific time for reports on crisis management preparedness issues. This can beaccomplished by preparing an agenda for senior staff and board of director meetings thatincludes a discussion of crisis management preparedness as a mandatory item. They shouldgive it more than lip service though. Also, they must make the discussion substantive.Provide more than the dull and tiring statistics on reportable accidents, etc. Include all levelsof personnel in the presentation process.3.
Make crisis management planning issues part of the strategic planning process. In one aspect,government regulations are defining strategic implications for companies.4.
Communicate compliance through all levels of the organisation through company policy andprocedures. This can be accomplished through formal adoption of policy at the highest levelsof the company. Generally, this will require the approval of the Board of Directors.
Preparedness used in the broadest context means any and all measures taken to prevent, preparefor, respond, mitigate and recover from a crisis. It's with this perspective that we begin tobreakdown the aspect of Preparedness. Preparedness consists of four critical aspects:
Preparation and Prevention
Detection and Classification
Response and Mitigation
Reentry and Recovery
Preparation and Prevention:
Any set of activities that prevent a crisis, reduce the chance of a crisis happening, or reduce thedamaging effects of a crisis. Preparation and Prevention activities include, but are not limited to:
Development and implementation of the Crisis Management Plan
Development and implementation of Crisis Management Plan Implementing Procedures
Development and implementation of Crisis Management/Response TrainingDetection and Incident Classification:Actions taken to identify assess and classify the severity of a crisis. Detection and Classificationactivities include, but are not limited to:
Activation of Crisis Management Systems
Escalation of Crisis Management Plan Implementing Procedures
Escalation of the Crisis Management/Response Organisation
Response and Mitigation:
Actions taken to save lives prevent further damage and reduce the effects of the crisis. Responseand Mitigation activities include, but are not limited to:
Crisis Management/Response operations
Subsidiaries Crisis Management/Response operations

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