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hacking Module 12

hacking Module 12

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Published by: Jitendra Kumar Dash on Aug 09, 2010
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NMCSP2008 Batch-I
Module XII Web Application Vulnerabilities
George and Brett are friends. Brett is a webadministrator for his company's website. George isa computer geek. He finds security holes in Brett¶s website and claims that he can:Steal identitiesHijack accountsManipulate web pages/inject malicious codesinto the client¶s browserGain access to confidential resourcesBrett challenges this claim maintaining that his Website is secure and free from any intrusion.George thinks that it¶s the time to prove his mettle.
 What next?
Picture Source:http://daz00k.free.fr/geek.gif 
Module Objectives
Understanding web application set up
Objectives of web application hacking
 Anatomy of an attack 
 Web application threats
Tools: Wget, BlackWidow, Window Bomb Websleuth, Burb

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