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May 2010

May 2010

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Published by Matt Wiseman
Vol. 30 • No. 5

Florida’s Leading Newspaper For Active, Mature Adults

Getting Help at Home
Try as we might, there’s just no way to do it all on our own. Ask any successful manager, and he or she will tell you delegating and “not doing” are the key to getting things done. Whether you need some extra help because of a physical concern, the stress of being a care giver — or even if you just want to relax and enjoy life — there are thousands of professionals out there
Vol. 30 • No. 5

Florida’s Leading Newspaper For Active, Mature Adults

Getting Help at Home
Try as we might, there’s just no way to do it all on our own. Ask any successful manager, and he or she will tell you delegating and “not doing” are the key to getting things done. Whether you need some extra help because of a physical concern, the stress of being a care giver — or even if you just want to relax and enjoy life — there are thousands of professionals out there

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Published by: Matt Wiseman on Aug 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 30 No. 5 ComplimeNtary Copy may 2010
 Flida’s Lading Nwspap F Aciv, Mau Aduls
 Health Roundup ................3-5, 8 Living .....................................6-7Crossword .................................9 Website of the Month ................9Senior Happenings ...........10-11 Travel Scene ............................12Family Time .............................13Entertainment .............14-15, 17 Judi’s Gems .............................16Fishing .....................................16 Local Markets..........................17Senior Gourmet ......................18Senior to Senior .....................19Service Guide ..........................20Classied Ads ..........................20
Try as we might, there’s just no wayto do it all on our own. Ask any success-ful manager, and he or she will tell youdelegating and “not doing” are the keyto getting things done.Whether you need some extra help because of a physical concern, the stressof being a care giver — or even if you just want to relax and enjoy life — thereare thousands of professionals out therewho can help you with everything fromin-home nursing care to buying andwrapping gifts.This issue of 
Senior Voice
takes a look at some of the ways you can put profes-sionals to work for you.
Whr  Lk
Senior Voice
is a great placeto look for people who can provide theat-home services you need.Throughout our paper, you’ll ndprofessionals listed in our Service Di-rectory, our Classied Ads and in ourvarious departments like Health Round-up, Dollars and Sense, Travel Scene andmore. The web is also a great place tolook with sites like www.craigslist.org,which is free, and the subscription-basedsite www.angieslist.com. You can alsoask friends and other professionals if they would recommend someone.Here is a quick look a ve areas whereyou might consider hiring a profes-sional. Over the next few issues of 
 , we’ll look at some of these areasindividually:
Halh Car
Professionals who come to your homeon a full-time, part-time or consulting basis to provide skilled health care areamong the most common services youmight explore.You’ll want to know what certica-tions the provider holds, check out theorganization he or she works for, andmake sure both the individual and his orher employer are licensed and insured.You can always ask for references, too.Sometimes having a registered nurseto care for you or your spouse for a fewdays after surgery or during a seriousillness can give you peace of mind.You can also follow up with care froma nurse’s assistant who’s hourly ratemight be less.Some insurers may cover in homenursing care. If not, you might be ableto negotiate its coverage. (Staying athome is much cheaper than a hospital.)Talk with your doctor and your insur-ance agent to nd out what would work  best. Obviously if you know you mayneed a nurse, it’s best to get everythingarranged and scheduled in advance.Your doctor is also a great place toask for a recommendation on who tohire for nursing care.In addition to nurses, you also maylook for professionals who can providephysical or occupational therapy inyour home. This is particularly helpfulif mobility or travel is difcult.Everyone could benet from consult-ing with a nutritionist to make sure thefood we are eating is healthy. Regard-less of your age or physical condition,having an in-home (or even in-store)consultation with a nutritionist can helpyou make good food choices.Look for a nutritionist who specializesin any issue you may have. If you’re goalis to win the Good Life Games marathon,you’ll want a sports nutritionist. If yourspouse is undergoing chemotherapy,look for a nutritionist who has workedwith cancer survivors. If you’re diabetic,nd a nutritionist who can help you planmeals as well as document your bloodsugar readings and injections. Most
Ging Hlp  Hm
Plas S heArt, Pag 2.
CheCk Ot O expe SeiO hppeigS SeCtiO • pgeS 10-11
page 2 SeNior VoiCe may 2010page 2 SeNior VoiCe may 2010
Publisher.......................................Todd Goldman,
Editor/Art Director............Matthew Wiseman,
Contributors.................................Judith Sabghir Gannon, Ric LilesSenior Publishing and Meetings, Inc.PO Box 270 • Lutz, FL 33548Phone: (813) 949-0006 • Fax: (813) 433-5181
 Member of the Clearwater, Dunedin, Gulfport,St. Petersburg and Sun City Center Chambers of Commerce
The Senior Voice of Florida is published monthly and is distributedfree of charge, courtesy of its advertisers. Distribution area includesPinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties. Articles and advertisingcontained in this issue do not necessarily reflect the opinion orendorsement of the publisher, who does not verify advertiser claimsand reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any advertising.
editor@seniorvoiceflorida.com www.seniorvoiceflorida.com
Potato Communications, Inc.
Todd Goldman.........................................................
Deb Goldman............................................................
Mary Rikkers
nutritionists will have tools like menus or shoppinglists or diaries to help you.
Prsal Asssas
If you have ever worked as an executive or otherprofessional, you know the value of a good personalassistant. Just like in an ofce, a full-time or part-time personalassistant can help you plan a schedule, manage tasks,shop and generally make life work.Personal assistants can help run errands, drive, walk pets, help pay bills, shop, decorate for the holidaysand much more.The skills you’ll need from a personal assistant willdepend on the tasks you want them to perform.Try to be as specic as possible. You may need ex-tra help just a few hours a week — or you may needsomeone to work on a full-time or part-time basis.For anything part-time or full-time, consider work-ing with a service to help you nd a person who’sskills match your needs.If you want to delegate just a few things, you might be able to hire someone you know. Mature high schoolor college students may ll your need.Personal assistants can also help you nd otherskilled professionals. Need your house painted? Ask your trusted assistant to get you three bids. Want tosell your house, get a pool service? Let your assistantnd two or three options, while you handle the im-portant stuff.
Prsal Srvcs
Fitness trainers, golf coaches, massage therapistsand more… If you need help, you can nd it.Getting a massage at home is wonderful. You canshower in the privacy of your own bathroom, use yourown towels and robe and enjoy a nap in your own bed.A licensed massage therapist will bring a sturdy,portable chair or table and linens. (The massage oil isprobably not something you want in your laundry.)Be sure to tell the therapist if you have any physicalissues. If you’ve never had a massage, tell them. Ask questions. Some people may be a little nervous lettinga stranger work on their body; however, if you hirea licensed therapist who has been recommended byothers, you’ll nd it a wonderful, healing experience.The cost for an in-home massage is about the sameas what you would pay in an ofce. You may even beable to use a coupon or get a discount for frequenttreatments.Personal trainers and sports coaches are available tocome to you as well. Again, be sure they are certied,check their references and spend some time discuss-ing your challenges and goals. Most will offer a freeinitial consultation.Yoga, tai chi, meditation, self defense… these are allthings you can practice with a professional who comesto you. It’s the same if you want to learn technology,like computers, or even if you need help buying andinstalling components like a at-screen TV or a hometheater.Again, talk to a professional, make sure they arelistening to your needs and they will make recom-mendations.A chef is also a wonderful treat. Maybe you’d liketo host a holiday meal, but you’re just not up to thechallenge of cooking and cleaning up?Hire a chef and a waiter for half a day. They willshop, prepare the food, serve it and clean up, leavingyou free to be the host and focus on your family andfriends.Finally, if you or your spouse have mobility or travelissues, you might consider hiring a barber or stylist ornail tech to come to you.Getting a fresh hair cut, makeup or a manicure canreally improve the way you feel, especially if yourrecovering from surgery or an injury.Some of these professionals may have licensingrules they have to follow; so, again, talk with them rstabout what you need, what they can do and what itcosts. In the case of some of these services, a tip might be customary.If you’re not sure, just ask. If the provider is alsothe business owner, he or she may decline a tip. If youare grateful for their ongoing work, consider a gift forthem during the holidays.
Hm Rpar Maac
Everybody needs a plumber at some point. The samewith electricians. Knowing a handyman you can callfor small jobs is also a wonderful thing.If you don’t want to hire a regular lawn care service,you’ll still want to know a landscaper to help withplants (especially after this winter), maybe someoneto look after the sprinklers and a certied arborist totrim and treat your trees.Every home has bug issues. There are many treat-ments available for basic pests and termites; but if youhave an older home with a crawl space or an attic,there will be a time when you might need help to getrid or rats, bats, raccoons or worse.Lakefront home owners can count on a gatorshowing up eventually. Knowing who to call in thesesituations is helpful.If you’re a seasonal resident, be sure whoever looksafter your property knows who to call as well.Finally, even if you take care of your own swimmingpool, having someone to back you up is important. If a line gets broken, if the pump fails or the chemical balance gets out of control, you’ll need to know whoto call.
Pets are a wonderful part of anyone’s life. Many pets,like a mature dog or cat, require very little care beyondfeeding and occasional vet visits. If you or your spouseare not able to take your pet to the vet, do not neglectthis important health need. A personal assistant or afriend or neighbor can go to the vet for you.Also, remember, walking is great exercise for every-one; however, if you cannot walk your dog personally,there are professional dog walking services. Many dogwalkers will also pet sit. If you’re on vacation, they willwalk, feed and water your pets, check on the housefor you and more.Prices are often about the same as a kennel.Finally, cleaning up after your dog can be strenuousfor some. You can hire “pick up” services to get thedog mess out of your yard. They come a couple timesa week and generally walk the whole property in casesome other dog left a surprise in your front yard.
 heArt, Fm Pag 1.
may 2010 SeNior VoiCe page 3
Stephen A. Updegraff, MD, FACS
Tired of trifocals, bifocals,single vision lenses?Considering cataract or lensimplant surgery?Want to better understand your vision correction options?
Cataract evaluations available with Dr. Updegraff
Dr. Updegraff Offers:
• More than a decade of experienceperforming cataract surgery• State of the art, on-site surgerycenter• Leading edge lens technology
Call TODAY for an appointment
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fresh moves new music pure motivation
When you love your workout,results come easy. Especially with Jazzercise. 
 Warm-up30-minute low-impact aerobic workoutMuscle toning and strengthening using weightsFull-body stretch
Over 25 locations in the Tampa Bay area.Call800-348-4748for days and times near you.
50% OFF
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This is an exciting time to havecataract surgery because of all thetechnologic advances that can im-prove one’s lifestyle beyond thestandard cataract surgery.A cataract is a clouding or opacityof the originally clear crystalline lens.This discoloration and/or opacitiescan cause a range of symptoms frompoor night vision, glare and even se-verely reduced vision with or withouta glass prescription.Fortunately, with all the advance-ments in modern cataract surgery,this cloudy lens can be removed andreplaced with a “new” clear lens. Dr.Updegraff has performed thousandsof these “no shot, no stitch” proce-dures over the last decade and neverstops marveling at the quick visual im-provement with minimal discomfort.Cataract surgery is the most commonsurgery performed in the US withabout six million performed everyyear. The Updegraff Vision Precisionsystem for cataract surgery has beendeveloped over the last decade withthe patient’s excellent results andcomfort as the main focus.High tech lenses work differ-ently than the standard, government,“monofocal” cataract surgery lens by giving you a range of vision. Aswe age, the natural crystalline lens“hardens” and becomes inexible.That is why many people who havehad “perfect” vision their whole livesneed reading glasses as they age andthe natural lens hardens.Removal of this hard lens and replacement witha high tech lens can create a range of vision in two ways.The rst is an “accommodating”lens that is exible and helps focus by moving forward and back. Thesecond is a “multifocal” lens that hasdifferent zones of the lens implantwhich focus light from distance in thecenter zone and intermediate/near inthe outer zones.
If you are interested in learning moreabout high technology lens implantsavailable at Updegraff Vision PrecisionLASIK™ and Cataract Center, call foran appointment. The number is (727)822-4287. Cataract and lens implantevaluations are available with Dr. Up-degraff. Each of these technologies hasadvantages and disadvantages that will bereviewed in detail with you at your evalu-ation. Your “vision prole questionnaire”as well as a thorough discussion regarding your lifestyle goals and desired visualoutcome will help us determine whichtechnology will most likely accomplish your vision goals.
Mdrn Dy CrcSurgry nd Lifsyl Lnss
 A Updgaff Visin Pcisin LASIK™ and Caaac Cn 
HeaLtH RounDup
Curves of Seminole8992 Seminole Blvd(727) 320-9737Curves of Largo1300 E. Bay Drive(727) 559-7741
Mondays 8 a.m. to Noon 
Bonnie Golt L.M.T. (MA#9064)
Want to Relax? Get a Massage!
Choose from:
Neck and Shoulders
10 Minutesfor $10
The Lewy Body Dementia Associa-tion announces the formation of a LewyBody Dementias support group forfamily/caregivers of people with LewyBody Dementias.Lewy Body Dementias are the secondleading cause of degenerative dementiain the elderly. Symptoms vary widely foreach individual, with all patients suffer-ing from progressive cognitive declineinto dementia and any combination of the following symptoms: hallucinations,changing cognitive abilities from day today, Parkinson’s-like symptoms, a sleepdisorder in which patients physicallyenact their dreams and an extreme and
Lwy Bdy Dmnis Suppr
Plas S LBD, Pag 8.

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