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Fashion Futures 2025

Fashion Futures 2025

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Published by digitalhandeln
Ecofashion, Fashion, LOHAS, Future, Sustainable
Ecofashion, Fashion, LOHAS, Future, Sustainable

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Published by: digitalhandeln on Aug 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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global scenariosfor a sustainablefashion industry
executive summary
fashion affects us all
Fashion is a big deal. The global apparel,accessories and luxury goods marketgenerated total revenues of $1,334.1billion in 2008.
And the opportunity forthe industry to have a positive impact onglobal society and the environment is justas significant as its economic clout.The fashion industry brings many benefitsto everyday lives across the globe.Fashion goes beyond simple clothingto express identity, create well-being,embrace creativity and connect globalcommunities. But like all industries there’sa negative side, characterised at its worstby factories exploiting workers, generatingthrow-away fashion, wasting resourcesandencouraging unsustainable consumption.
Fashion Futures
is a call for a sustainablefashion industry. We want companies inall sectorsto wake up to the immensechallenges which are already shapingour world. It’s designed to help themtake action which will safeguard theirfuture, protect our environment andimprove the lives of their customers,workers and suppliers around the world.Climate change, population growth, andshortages of key resources are alreadyaffecting the industry and they will bringprofound changes over the next 15 years.By 2025 there are expected to be anotherbillion people living on this planet andtwice as many elderly people. Climatechange will have major impacts onagriculture and patterns of global land use.Many communities will change radically,affecting the needs of the industry’scustomers and the availability of labour.Demand for energy, water and food willgrow, prices are likely to rise and controlof resources will be a key political issue.Other factors will shape our world in lesspredictable ways. China, India and otheremerging economies will change globalpatterns of trade and power and exercisea growing cultural influence. Technologywill continue to transform our lives andbusinesses and create new opportunities– think of the impact the Internet has hadin the last 15 years. People’s attitudesto resource shortages, climate changeand sustainability, and their levels ofdisposable income, will affect consumerdemand. How governments act, or fail toact, on trade, economics, the environmentand poverty, and how they coordinateaction on these and other global issueswill also have a huge impact.The future is likely to be dramaticallydifferent from today. We have created fourscenarios, exploring the challenges aheadfor the fashion industry and its currentbusiness models. They cover a widerange of issues and pose some searchingquestions.> How will the industry react to shortagesof cotton and other raw materials?> How could the fashion workforce beaffected by shifting supply chainsand technological development?> How might technology influence fashionand change the way it is producedand sold?> How will people care for their clothesin a future of water shortages and highenergy prices?> How could reuse and remanufacturingof clothing develop as a response tohigherdemand and prices?
Consumer Goods: Global Industry Guide
,Data monitor, March 2009
The four scenarios explore worlds whereglobalisation has progressed or gone intoreverse and where society and its fashionschange more or less rapidly than today(see panel below).The scenarios are intended to be plausible,coherent, challenging descriptions ofpossible future worlds and the nature ofthe fashion industry within them. Theyare not predictions but a tool designed tochallenge companies’ ideas, inspire themwith new opportunities and help them planfor the future.
scenarios for 20251. slow is beautiful 
 A world of political collaboration and global trade where slow andsustainable is fashionable.
Where resource crises constrain consumption in a world focusedon local communities.
Where high-tech systems deliver for the speed-obsessed global shopper.
A world of fast consumption in global cultural blocs.
turn over for summaries of the scenarios

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