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MLK Day Article

MLK Day Article

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Published by asylvain8506

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Published by: asylvain8506 on Aug 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adam SylvainBroadside Staff Writer Love at First SightOn the eve of President Barack Obama¶s historic inauguration, Americansremembered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for his remarkable achievements in the realm of civil rights. It was rather befitting that Martin Luther King Jr. Day precede one of themost anticipated Presidencies of our lifetime. It was important, one day before we namedBarack Obama our nation¶s forty-fourth President, that we acknowledged Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr. for his civil rights contributions that have helped our country ease thestrain of racism and bigotry. Both men are responsible for uniting Americans on the basisof equality, and ³brotherhood.´ I am thankful that my country, which I believe to be thefreest and happiest on earth, can cling to this message and elect our first African-American President.While I share the optimism of my fellow Americans and welcome PresidentBarack Obama to his seat in the oval office, I caution everyone to reserve their judgmentsof our newly-elected Chief. I have been surprised to see such early comparisons of President Obama to monumental figures such as Abraham Lincoln and theaforementioned Martin Luther King, Jr. Understanding what the Presidency of Barack Obama brings to our country, a promise of change to a population tired of war and miredin a recession, I cannot rest my faith alone in promises or bold comparisons. I believe it ismore important to be a person who can make decisions on character, answer pointedquestions with conviction, and enforce morally-driven legislation. I hope that PresidentObama will have the strength and resolve to make right, and often difficult, decisions. Interms of politics, I believe we are first and foremost, Americans, before we areRepublicans or Democrats, Libertarians or Independents. I have faith in my country, justas I have faith in my President. My concern is that most of the country has fallen into a³Love at first sight´ fascination with President Obama, without knowing very muchabout the person, or politician that he represents. I just hope that as responsible citizenswe stop being so quick to exalt or condemn someone most of us know very little about.Personally, I have heard more national news about the size, expense and overallextravagance of the President¶s Inauguration, than I have ever heard about his actions and policies as a former U.S. Senator. This isn¶t to say that President Obama hasn¶t been anactive and credible politician, but we have just heard woefully little about the legislationhe participated in.I rest my faith in this
, a word used continuously during these presidentialelections, that our nation¶s efforts to unify and respect one another will lead our nation toa bright and prosperous future. It will likely take efforts similar to those made by Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr., demonstrating a willingness to represent what is right andwelcoming the consequences, that will inspire our President and our citizens to work torepair the broken parts of our country. Since it is widely recognized that no one person iswithout faults, or blame, or guilt, it can also be observed that perhaps all the answers for our national and world crisis¶ don¶t exist in the heart or mind of any one person, party or 

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