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Aether, Electromagnetism and Free Energy.pdf

Aether, Electromagnetism and Free Energy.pdf

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Published by marc_vg
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Published by: marc_vg on Aug 10, 2010
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5 - Aether, Electromagnetism and Free Energyhttp://ascension2000.com/ConvergenceIII/c305.htm1 of 1611/1/2002 10:17 AM
5.1 CONSCIOUSNESSAs we look over the theories of aether, we find ourselves confronted with a direct spiritual fact: as was said inthe Christian Bible, we live in and move through the body of God at all times. In Chapter Two we saw theclear evidence that the aether is directly connected to
through findings such as the Backster Effect, the Maharishi effect and the telekinetic experiments with Nina Kulagina and others. In Chapter Threewe learned of Prof. Shnoll’s studies proving a clear causative relationship between planetary movements andatomic processes – and this was extended to consciousness as well by Cowan’s studies of the effect of  planetary movements on financial market movements.With the new information that we have about the nature of atomic structure, our conventional scientific viewsseem to be completely inadequate. The only choice that remains for us at this time is to either resist the newinformation and refuse to acknowledge it, or make some difficult amendments to our most prized paradigms.And now our scientific ignorance is further exposed by the simple and yet completely new concepts of aether,gravity, inertia and centrifugal force. Without a doubt, Dr. Bruce DePalma’s “Spinning Ball Drop”experiment simply could not be possible unless an object was capable of storing and releasing aetheric /electromagnetic energy within its atomic structure, and interacting with the force of inertia and gravity as itmoves through space. Space and matter are fundamentally
they simply represent different,interchangeable phases of one unified, vibrating energy source.With our new realizations about the connection between this same aether and the forces of gravity and inertia,we are truly beginning to see that there is no way for science to slice and dice up the universe into a set of impersonal laws. Ultimately, the force of 
is the tendency for this Ultimate Being to seek Onenesswithin itself, and the force of 
is the natural energetic resistance that we experience as we move throughthe body of this Ultimate Being. When all is ultimately a Unified Field of energy, and that energy isultimately conscious, then we are all part of this vast, interconnected Oneness.
instead of being a vagueesoteric concept, becomes simply the
tendency for the aether to vibrate in greater harmony with Unity.
Part Two of this book will begin with a full-scale expose’ of the problems in the quantum model, andeffectively wipe out the idea that our universe is composed of impersonal “particles.” But before we get to thelarger discussions in this book, we wish to make a complete case for the existence of the aether, so that thereader is fully educated about its behavior as it relates to science and technology. So, even though our fulltreatment of quantum mechanics is still forthcoming, we will introduce certain concepts now since they willassist us in our discussion.5.2 VIRTUAL PARTICLESAny quantum physicist will now tell you that "virtual particles" have been discovered for all of thefundamental components of the atom- protons, neutrons and electrons. What "virtual" means is that they haveconcluded that even though these “particles” appear to be precisely the same as normal atomic components,they are not connected to any atom and they wink into and out of existence in very short periods of time!Even though this is a highly unusual discovery, they continue to see this simply as a function of particles. Wehave a “Big Bang” where Nothing exploded to become Something, and we now have all these particlesscattered about to form the Universe, slowly running themselves down into “heat-death” extinction throughthe law of 
which states that everything must die: all order must dissolve into disorder. But now,when you introduce virtual particles in the mix, we also have to see
 particles that are appearing and disappearing moment by moment!
Where do such particles exist when they are not a part of our 
5 - Aether, Electromagnetism and Free Energyhttp://ascension2000.com/ConvergenceIII/c305.htm2 of 1611/1/2002 10:17 AM
“three-dimensional” universe? Would this not be the reverse of entropy? This is certainly not a popular question to ask in the mainstream scientific world, which continues to humanize the Universe with our ownissues. Since the destruction of the earth has become poignantly visible over the last century, it was naturalfor scientists to assert that the whole Universe was also slipping into inexorable decay. Fundamentally, it is amodel without a Supreme Being of any kind – we are all stardust from a giant explosion that is now fizzlingout like a spent bottle-rocket.So how did the idea of virtual particles get established? As a preview of our discussions in Part Two, weknow that one of the two ways that we measure the quantum realm is with “magnetic particle tracking.” Anexcited burst of energy is entered into a chamber filled with a medium such as fluid or smoke that isilluminated, and the medium in the chamber allows an observer to see the track that the energy makes as ittravels. By introducing a magnetic field into the area that is being measured, the energy will naturally travelin a curve, since we have long known that magnetic fields are always rotating and interacting with quantumenergies. Based on the observation of the different kinds of tracks and how they behave, a set series of ruleshave been applied that allow these spiraling tracks to be interpreted as representing “protons,” “neutrons”,“electrons,” “quarks” or otherwise. So far, so good, it would appear.As the quantum physicists studied these tracks in closer detail, they realized that these tracks were not simplymoving in smooth curving lines; very minor movements were occurring that caused the tracks to slightly bump back and forth as they moved. When they analyzed the areas where the “bumps” occurred, they foundthat these “bumps” followed the same rules that they applied for “particles:” protons, neutrons, electrons, etcetera. And now we have a problem:
these “bumps” only occurred for very brief moments of time, eventhough they were happening constantly.
So, since their model interpreted these movements as the behavior of “particles,” but their effects were only visible for extremely short periods of time,
they concluded that thesewere “virtual particles.”
In other words, they still insist that we must have particles, only now these particlesare appearing and disappearing in our existence on a constant basis!So in the mind of the modern quantum physicist, you could be studying "empty space," have a protonsuddenly show up and a few nanoseconds later it will disappear again. And these are not mere randomoddities, either – we are talking about something that is happening constantly, everywhere we look, with analmost feverish intensity. This is definitely strange, and has certainly created even more problems for thecontemporary quantum physicists to work with, based on the models that are now in place. If you still believethat there are “particles” in the Universe, then how do you explain a sea of particles that can simply be thereone minute and gone the next? If the universe is simply composed of dead, 'empty' space, then where didthese particles come from? Dr. Hal Puthoff explains that this bizarre behavior is due to the nature of theaether or "virtual particle flux" itself – the so-called “particles” are indeed emerging from the "energy of thevacuum."In a very simplified model of the aether as a fluid, virtual particles could
be seen as being created from afluid-type medium like water. Whereas an electron, proton or neutron may be seen as a stable, spherical,donut-shaped "whirlpool" in this flowing medium, such as our previous example in Chapter One involving ariver, a virtual particle would simply represent a whirlpool that came and went very quickly - similar to howthe ocean is constantly rolling and frothing at the surface. And thus it is the existence of virtual particles thatgave birth to the concept of a "seething cauldron" or "raging sea" of energy. When we get into Part Two wewill have a more complete explanation of quantum energy processes, but for now this is close enough to theaether model to allow us to continue the discussion.5.3 THE CASIMIR FORCEThe discovery of a "virtual particle flux" helps to explain the peculiarities of the "Casimir effect." This effectis demonstrated by the following experiment. First, you simply start the Faraday cage, which we remember as being an area that is shielded from all conventional energy fields, and you introduce a complete vacuum
5 - Aether, Electromagnetism and Free Energyhttp://ascension2000.com/ConvergenceIII/c305.htm3 of 1611/1/2002 10:17 AM
inside. Then, inside that area you take two perfectly flat metallic plates and move them very, very close toeach other. What do you think would happen? Nothing? We are quick to conclude that this simple experimentshouldn’t “do” anything, since we have examples of flat surfaces touching each other all around us. Whyshould it be any different if the surfaces are almost microscopically flat and contained in an airless space withno conventional force fields in it? Our intuition will not serve us well when we begin considering this problem, as there is indeed a
very real 
very powerful 
effect that takes place.Under these circumstances, when the two plates are moved together, they will
experience a terrific attraction
that seems to pull them together with a tremendous amount of force! This is what is known as the "Casimir Force," named after the man who discovered it. This experimental effect also revealed that if you actuallyallow the two plates to completely merge, the force that binds them together is so powerful that you
have to destroy them to get them back apart. Now think about that for a minute; how would one explain aforce that could "suck" two plates together? What would happen if every time you used your car, your shoeswould get stuck to the pedals and you couldn't get them off? Driving would be a very dangerous proposition,especially if you were using a standard shift. That is a rough analogy of what is happening in this experiment,except that in the car there is no vacuum of air and energy and the surfaces of your shoe and the pedal are notflat enough to create the effect. Now something this simple should have already gotten more attention, and not be such an obscure tidbit of modern science. Most likely, it is not popular because it is a total anomaly that is very difficult to understandor explain with our current scientific models. In order for us to truly understand what is occurring, we willtake a similar analogy cited by Ross Tessien, who asks us to visualize a suction cup. Ask yourself thisquestion: What makes the suction cup attach to the surface? Most people would answer by saying that the cupwill stick to a flat surface because it is "sucking" the material and thus attaching itself like glue. Sounds good,right?However, it is totally the opposite! It is
outside pressure
and not suction that is responsible for this. Once you push a suction cup onto a flat surface, the edges will make a
 perfect seal 
over the surface that does not allowany air to get underneath. Once this seal is firmly established, you still have ten pounds per square inch of air  pressure that is pushing down from the
So, it is actually the
air pressure
that is pushing the cup
since there is now no air left on the
to push against the cup in the opposite direction.In zero-point energy theory, it is now believed that the Casimir force works in exactly the same way. Thisforce is created when the distance between the plates becomes so narrow that
no "virtual particles" or aetheric energies are able to fit between them.
So, there is no "sucking" going on at all; in fact it is a
completeabsence of energy
that exists between the plates, aetheric or otherwise. And so, a form of "aether vacuum" isformed between the two plates, where no aether can flow inside the crack. Then, the surrounding "virtual particle flux" or aether pressure pushes the plates together from the outside! In Dr. Puthoff’s model, this pressure is believed to be caused by the “virtual particles” themselves, as
they will continually emerge fromthe zero-point energy long enough to exert a constant force upon the plates, thus pushing them together.
Either way, it all comes back to a fundamentally aetheric design, and no other model seems to adequatelyexplain why this incredibly powerful Casimir effect would occur.Bearing this in mind, we are continuing to see how the background aetheric energy plays a role in the worldthat we can observe. The Casimir effect reveals to us exactly how much pressure the aether is truly exertingon us. And yet, since Dr. Puthoff and most other theorists believe that it always "cancels out" to zero, we cannever detect any major changes in the world around us. Just like the fishes in the sea, we end up saying,"Water? What water?" Indeed, think about this: do you ever stop and consider the fact that the atmosphere is putting ten pounds of pressure on every square inch of your body all the time? The pressures of the aether would be far greater, but
normally speaking,
they are undetectable. The force of inertia is only a vaguereminder of how much pressure truly exists, when we consider the amount of energetic activity that isoccurring at the quantum level.

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