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China's One Child Policy, Etc.

China's One Child Policy, Etc.

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Aug 10, 2010
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China's One Child Policy
What a wonderful land that China is consisted of. What a rich history, culture, great people, andsociety part of God's wonderful creation. Before listing the many problems existing within China.It's time to show background for you can't know the foreground without background.
Likealways, all people have that enriching dignity that permeates across the farreaches of time and history.
China existed with species of animals and humans for manyyears in prehistoric times. The Neolithic Age had villages in China like one found in Bapon, Xi’an.There was the Yanghsao culture and the Longshan culture in ca. 2500 B.C. The first moderndynasty after the Flood was Xia which was created in 2284 B.C. The Xia dynasty was mentioned nhistorical records like the Records of the Grand Historian and Bamboo Annals.
Later many otherdynasties came after it like Shang, Liu, etc. In Chinese history, there was the famousphilosopher Confucius and patriotic poets like Qu Yuan. The Chinese civilization grewheavily form the Yellow River since rivers in ancient times were a breadbasket of urbangrowth.It was the region of farms, construction, trade using boats, and other means ofinfrastructural development. The major secession of Chinese dynasties include the Xia,the Shang (ca. 1700-1046 B.C.), and the Zhou Dynasty (1066-256 B.C.).After these eventscame the period of growth and warring states in China. The Shang dynasty worshippedweather and sky gods. They supported a supreme god called Shangdi. They praised theirancestors like their parents and grandparents (whom according to them would be likegods when they died. Each family worshipped its own ancestors). The Shang dynasty havean intensive amount of pottery, a military force with chariots, and their kings having socialsupremacy over the people.
As to scientific and technical training, the Ch'eng/Chu Schooldrew on the work of an early eleventh-century scholar and educator, Hu Yuan (993-1059), who taught many officials of the early Sung Dynasty. Hu Yuan linked classicalstudies with courses on mathematics, hydraulic engineering, military science, and civiladministration. He emphasized specialization only following a mastery of each field.Chu's curriculum added the study of astronomy, geography, topography, proper rites and
music, and criminal justice. Even in the T’ang and Sung dynasties deal with literature toimprove upon human mental thinking. The Sung Dynasty had new hydraulic techniquesand irrigation networks, there were vast networks of roads plus canals, and China had avery advanced agricultural system by the 1200’s A.D.
After the Mongol invasion inChina, China experienced the Ming Dynasty revival.
The Chinese traded in India,Africa, and the Persian Gulf. There were a rebuilding of the Grand Canal. Between 1403and 1419, 2,149 seagoing vessels were built in the major shipyard in Nanjing. Quite anumber of these were "treasure ships," which held five hundred men and utilizedtechnologies not developed in Europe for centuries. A building of a civilization deals withmusic, politics, engineering, economics, business skills, manufacturing, and a widespectrum of skills. The reflection of creativity of the Ultimate Almighty God is found inman. Man can’t be perfect, but mankind can know about God and instill moralimprovement.
Now in the 1800's, China was colonized by many European nations who wanted opium, trade, andthe exploitation of their natural resources (for lust and gain). This is an example of Imperialist realthugs trying to harm the Chinese people. Godless philosophies like Communism reigned in Chinaby the 1940's. Of course, Communism and its tenets existed from the days of Thomas More (andbeyond thousands of years ago). During WWII, the Japanese made China its colony. They ruledChina for years and when the Allies won, a democracy was established for a temporary time bythe suspected 33rd Freemason Chiang Kai-shek. Chiang was a Nationalist and FDR promisedhim that Hong Kong would be controlled by China not the Britain. Franklin Delano Rooseveltwanted China to be strong and a member of the Big Four. He supported the nationalist party ofChiang Kai-Shek. FDR's agent Hurley couldn't get the British to support the idea of China tobecome more Nationalist & Independent. Ironically, Stalin agreed with this plan from PresidentFranklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR couldn't do more to make China more nationalist, because hedied in 1945. Truman was pro-British elite and he supported the dictator Mao over Chiang Kai-Shek.
According to Lanxin Xiang’s “Recasting the Imperial Far East: Britain andAmerica in China, 1945-1950,“ the British were more sympathetic to Mao, whileFDR supported Chiang. FDR and Chiang didn’t want the British to have colonialholdings and preferences in Hong Kong, Canton, and Shanghai.
This plan angeredChurchill since he wanted to maintain the British Empire as long as possible. Situations weregoing good in Chiang until we betrayed Chiang in 1948 by instilling a Communist revolution there.Chiang wasn’t perfect, but he was a whole lot better than Mao Zedong. The USA used Americantanks in January 31, 1949 to Peking to install the mass murderer Mao Zedong. Mao Zedongsupported gun control, population control, restrictions of God-given civil liberties & human rights,the killing of dissidents and other fascist precepts. Mao’s views were in glaring contrast to therepublican tenets of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Dr. Sun Yat-sen wanted to work with Asia and America toform a republican inspired Revolution. This could threaten the elite, so the establishment utilizedMaoism as an instrument to strife real Nationalism globally. Some of the British (
although,tons of British people are liberty loving and reject the new world orderconstruct. So, I want to make that perfectly clear
) used their puppets like Yen Fu(who was an opium addict) to try to deceive people into accepting hedonism and irrational views.Bertrand Russell promoted anti-religious, Marxist ideas in China as well. Russell, like Mao afterhim, praised the Legalist Emperor Ch'in Shi-huang who had burned the Confucian Classics andburied the Confucian scholars alive. He despised
the Confucian influence
and its moraltradition, complaining that "the Chinese have not yet grasped that man's morals in the mass arethe same everywhere: They do as much harm as they dare, and as much good as they must."
 Russell was something else.
Jesuits were even in China during the time of Mao. Back in 1973, no American could overtly enter
Communist China. The Vietnam War was still going on and China backed then Northern Vietnam.Yet, an American Jesuit from the University of San Francisco went into Communist China.
JesuitCardinal Augustin Bea did the same thing according to Jesuit Malachi Martin in his TheJesuits on p. 33. Even in the Vietnam war, Jesuit Dan Lyon supported the U.S. militaryinvolved in the war. He entered China and was called “Father Hawk.” The Jesuit MatteoRicci went into China too during the late Middle Ages. Back in those days, the Vaticanwanted control over China. There were Jesuit astronomers in the court of the Emperor of China and 2 Chinese converts existed (with crosses, etc.). Some European nations wantedovert control over China’s economy, politics, resources, etc.
That is why China bannedWestern activity and missionary activity for hundreds of years. The CatholicChurch has been unsuccessful in making China mostly Roman Catholic among allof these centuries
. So, the lesson here is that Imperialism is evil. Imperialism deals withoppression against human beings, racism, plunder, and creating luxuries for the few(while impoverishment is a daily occurrence among the victims of Imperialism). Peopleof every color fought against imperialism and we as human beings won many battles. Yet,some places still experience it overtly or covertly. We have that free speech right toexpress the need to end Imperialism once and for all.
One CNN segment made the error that Communism is good for China.
This is despiteChina's history dealing with Communism resulting in a legacy of violationand suppression of basic fundamental liberties in that nation
. Communism isan ineffective philosophy that reduces the individual and elevate the state in bad means. There isnothing wrong with the existence of the state, but the state like corporations can't do what theywant whenever they want. For years, China has been criticized for its human rights abusesagainst women and religious minorities. There is the one child policy that created outrage,backlash, and a deficit in the number of women compared to men. The state control over theconditions of reproduction, marriage, and equal access to labor have been seen as a negative nota positive talking point. CNN praised Chen Zhili, who is the President of the all-China women'sfederation. She is one of the top ranking women in the Chinese government. She claimed thatMao was a great leader by banning foot binding, bride selling, dowries, polygamy and concubines.Women were invited to leave the home and join the labor force. Mao spoke those famous words:‘women hold up half the sky.’ She is the vice chair of the Standing Committee of the NationalPeople's Congress. Chen claims that Mao made revolutionary changes to help the condition ofwomen, which is a lie. China is still a repressive state that use women to be apart of the FamilyPlanning Program in China. This policy and the one child policy regulate women's reproductiverights and degrade women with forced abortions, etc. China is anti-women whose corporatecultural system (not its real, authentic cultural system) favor males over females. That is whymales outnumber females by 30 million human beings. Girls have an unequal status in Chinaaccording to Kat Harding from Salon. Women go missing or sold to the sex trade. Promoting the“Half the Sky” concept and a book with the same name, United Nations headBan Ki Moondecried abuse of women. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used Mao's phrase of "womenhold up half the sky" to speak in a Women's Right trip to China. Mao Zedong said that in 1968talked about this issues. Confucius might of wrote the words before Mao.
Why is Hillary speakingwords from a Communist dictator unless she supports the centralized state with authorityover the family. The One child policy existed by Deng by ca. 1978 via the Family PlanningCommission in China. It was authoritarian utilizing coercive population control. Some of these policies existed in India and the Third World.
This is documented in a RANDCorporation study, entitled “The Origins and Evolution of Family Planning Programs in DevelopingCountries” [pdf
]. The study evaluates that the countries with the most centralized, authoritariangovernments were “matched up” with the most harsh family planning policies, as they were mostlikely to adopt policies restricting individual liberties. Authoritarian police states trying to forcibly

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