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Education as Form of Commodity

Education as Form of Commodity

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Published by Tansëri Mikã
This is my write-up about my opinion regarding to the title given for the subject Design Philosophy semester 2. It is something that I try to relate about the topic and also the design. Please leave any comments or critics and I do appreciated that.
This is my write-up about my opinion regarding to the title given for the subject Design Philosophy semester 2. It is something that I try to relate about the topic and also the design. Please leave any comments or critics and I do appreciated that.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Tansëri Mikã on Aug 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Write up by :
 Abdul Hakim Abdullah
Matrix No. :
Programme Code :
 AP 223
Course :
 Bachelor Architecture (Hons)
Subject :
 Architectural Philosophy / JSB 552
Checked by :
 Assoc. Prof. Rashidah Abdul  Rahman
Department of ArchitectureFaculty of Architecture, Planning & SurveyingUiTM Shah AlamJuly - November 2009
Education As Form of Commodity
 In what ways has education become a formof commodity that is being transacted on theopen market through global capitalism?
That is a main question and I have my very personal opinion regarding to that question.I would say that the policy is a main keyelement that leads all of this towards thegreat transformation of global education andhow it’s related to the global capitalism. It’slike same situation of Republic of Chinawhere they re-fashion the country whichwell known as communist nation by openthe door towards the global world. Thatis the same thing with this transformationof education to the commodity things. Bymaking education as part under means of  production, this can be turn into somethingso-called money-making business whichwill be love by ‘bourgeoisie’ class. Govern-ment who control the nation have a power tocontrol national education and trade it intothe market either domestic or internation-ally. This is also one of the things that can
 be a factor of education commodication.
 from top right to bottom
1. A women cum mother for her three childs at India.2. Famous Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie holds her adopt son; Maddox.3.University students during celebration day of convocation.
Education Made in Money
Nowadays, money is very important inevery daily life and in challenging futureday. It’s gone a be relating back with theeducation system where the power of money can determine individual education background even this not apply to every-one. Here, we can see the power of moneycreating several boundaries within our socialclasses. The gap already created by passhistorical process and still continues in thesame principle in this day and maybe for fu-ture also. Recap back to the greatest pharaohera’s where the slave can be considered as proletarians society and they are not ‘
’.This class working for their whole lifeand don’t get even proper education eventhey struggles between life and death inorder to loyal to their company. Ancientcapitalism already marks and create bound-ary cum gap among the society which can be considered so-called bourgeoisie and proletarians. This gap is not only affects theseparation of economy, social and politicalsystem but also education part.In this millennium era, we can see all of this still happen even not in direct situation but still we can think and considered aboutthat. For example, the question can rise withasking where the royal class such king’ssons get their education? Is that the go to thespecial school where only royal class can getget through it? Meaning here special classneed to separate from ordinary people fromget the same education which can be calledstandardization. So they not suit to get whatordinary people or standard civil peopleget and that’s why they need to go for royalschool. Is that ordinary people can go to thesame school like the royal class so they canget same education? This is a question that Ican think in order to relate back the structureof social system with education matters. Wemay be able to see indirectly the property between bourgeoisie and proletarian peopleand this will lead to make all education’s property as commodity things that can besell globally.
‘IKEA made in China’ and we can also think about howwas an individual’s education made in money.

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