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English 5 writeups

English 5 writeups

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Published by Glenice Jornales

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Published by: Glenice Jornales on Aug 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“She’s The Man”
Directed by Andy Flickman
She really is the man!''She's the Man” is an incredibly wacky comedy that I have gone nuts for.Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) is exceptionally good at soccer, considering thatshe’s a girl. She’s got a hunk boyfriend who’s also a soccer player and the girls’ soccer team which she captained is constantly winning. Everything is going around smoothly…then she makes a very bizarre decision when her school decides that they have no roomfor the girls’ soccer team. She dumps up her boyfriend who agrees with the coach’sdecision of dissolving her team and not o let them try out, and plans to get back and prove that a girl can beat them: By disguising as her twin brother and play soccer at hisnew boarding school, who will be playing against her school for the first game of theseason. Her brother Sebastian (who will be absent without official leave, they call itAWOL in US) as he tries o create a musical career in London. And that’s where thesituation starts to complicate for this exasperated soccer captain.The boys in the dorm at first, thought that “Sebastian" is a little weird. However,with the help of some gorgeous friends, she gets a reputation as a hit with beautifulwomen. Then she begins to get the hang of being “the man”. But she still has to facechallenges like finding some time to take a shower when there's no one around andexplaining why she had tampons (
They’re for nosebleeds, you know. a very effectiveway to stop the blood. My nose bleeds easily.—Viola).
Her roommate, Duke Orsino (Channing Tatum), captain of the Illyria soccer team,offers to help her become good enough to be a starter for the coming game if she will putin a good word for him with Olivia. Big problem: Olivia is fascinated with "Sebastian,"especially after she reads the real Sebastian's lyrics. For the meantime, the twins' mother expects them both at the Junior League carnival fund-raiser. Sebastian's pushy girlfriendhas to be kept at a distance so she does not figure out what is going on. Plus, there's thecoming big game.Bynes is a very talented and charming actress with confidence of someone who isa born comedienne. She handles the predictable complications well, from the quick changes in the carnival's pranks to the faked grimace and moans when she gets hit in the“crotch” with a soccer ball.Director Andy Flickman wisely kept the energy high. The introduction, a soccer game on the beach, sets a bright and energetic atmosphere that keeps things lively as allof the characters and plot points come together for a happily ever after ending.I have observed that some of the character’s names are somewhat similar toShakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”. Channing Tatum’s character was not named CountOrsino yet the name Duke Orsino still exudes royalty and has almost the same meaning.Sebastian’s school, Illyria comes from the name of the land where Olivia (of the Twelfth Night) arrived after surviving a shipwreck. Indeed, the whole story really is inspired bythe Shakespearean play. The situation where Olivia disguises as her brother is akin to thatof Shakespeare’s.
It is important to note that the movie is a Rated-PG13. Parents should know thatthe film includes some crude language and some comic implied nudity. There are alsofew brawls and scuffles. But one strength of the film is that while the characters talk agreat deal about who is "hot," the film's strong point of view is that the priority inrelationships is emotional intimacy, not the physical. Another strength of the movie is itscasual portrayal of inter-racial relationships. While at first an unattractive character (Monique, played by Alex Breckenridge) is played for laughs, in the end, even she istreated with respect and affection.Families who see this movie should talk about what led Viola to change her feelings about her ex-boyfriend and. What was the most important thing Viola learned? If you wanted to pretend to be the opposite sex, what would be the hardest part? Teensshould also ponder about how important it was that Viola and Olivia valued themselvesenough to make sure that they only spent time with boys who would value them too.And, it would be great if the viewers would put forth effort to read Shakespeare's play and compare this movie to the play. It would be nice to find out, among other things,how Malcolm's tarantula got the name "Malvolio."

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