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Japanese Ammunition Index

Japanese Ammunition Index

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Published by robert_williamson_1

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Published by: robert_williamson_1 on Aug 11, 2010
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 Japanese Ammunition Documents from Kirkee – Index by Norman Bonney (March 2007)1. Japanese Ammunition Chief Inspectorate Ammunition Technical Reports, Publication of theDirector of Armaments (India). Technical intelligence reports on ammunition subjectsfor use at HQs and available to Inspecting Ordnance Officers (see leaflets below)
:No 1 Magnetised Anti-Tank Mine Type 99, 1945No 5 Grenade Hand or Discharger HE Type 91 & Grenade Hand HE Type 97, 1945No 6 Ammunition for 50-mm Rifled (Grenade) Discharger Type 89, 1945No 11 Fuze Percussion DA Type 93 (small) etc., 1945No 22 Pistol and Machine Carbine Ammunition, 1945No 24 Aircraft Cannon Cartridges 12.7-mm Rimless etc., 1945No 25 Land Mine AT Type 93No 27 Bomb HE 320-mm Spigot Mortar (335 Kg)No 28 Ammunition for the Type 96 25-mm Naval AA/AT QF Gun, 1945No 29 Cartridge QF 75-mm with HE AA Shell Type 90 etc., 1945No 29 Supplement, 1945No 29 Supplement B, 1945No 30 Cartridge QF 75-mm with Hollow Charge AT/HE Shell (Type 2) etc.,1945No 31 Typical Primers used in Gun Ammunition, 1945No 32 HE AT (Hollow Charge) Grenade for 30-mm Rifled Grenade Discharger Cup and itsadaptation as 1/3 Kg HE A/C (Hollow Charge) Bomb, 1945No 33 2 1/2 Kg Spigot Charge for Projection from 50-mm Grenade Discharger Type 98, 1945No 34 Nose Percussion Fuzes Type 88 etc., 1945No 35 Electric Primer fitted with Japanese Gaine used in Naval Shell etc.,1945No 36 Bangalore Torpedo Type 99, 1945No 37 Explosive Blocks and Prepared Charges etc., 1945No 38 Typical Methods of Filling HE Nose Fuzed Shell, 1945No 39 Typical Methods of Filling AP/HE Base Fuzed Shell, 1945No 40 Ground Flares (Signal), 1945No 41 B Cherry Tree Dynamite Mk 3, 1945No 42 Base Fuzes for AP/HE Shell 37-mm, 47-mm and 75-mm Calibres, 1945No 43 Igniter Cartridges for Type 93 Portable Flame Thrower, 1945No 44 Grenade Hand or Rifle Type 99A, 1945No 45 Grenade Hand HE Type 98 (Stick Type), 1945No 46 Comparative Performance of Different Calibres and Natures of Small ArmAmmunition against Portable Shields for Japanese Riflemen, 1945No 47 Dutch Mushroom-Top Land Mine, 1945No 48 Beach-Mine (Anti-Invasion Two Horns), 1945No 49 Grenade Hand HE Pull Type, 1945No 50 Ammunition for 88-mm Type 99 AA Gun, 1945No 51 Ammunition for the 70-mm Barrage Mortar (Smooth Bore), 1945No 52 Time and Percussion Fuzes use in Gun Ammunition, 1945No 53 Mortar Bombs, 1946
2. Japanese Ammunition Leaflets 1944, Large (Foolscap) Series. Issued by the Director of Ordnance Services 11 Army Group and compiled by the Director of Armaments (India) andproduced by the Chief Inspector Ammunition, Kirkee.
Section I Introduction and explanation of markings and characters used on ammunition andpackagesLeaflet I–1 Introduction and General MarkingsSection II - Small Arms AmmunitionLeaflet II-1 6.5mm (0.256-inch) SAALeaflet II-2 Cartridge SA Ball 8mmLeaflet II-3 Cartridge SA 7.7mm (0.303-inch) (Semi-rimless)Leaflet II-4 Cartridge SA 7.7mm (0.303-inch) (Rimless)Leaflet II-5 Cartridge SA 7.7mm (0.303-inch) (Rimmed)Leaflet II-6 Cartridge SA 7.92mm AmmunitionLeaflet II-7 Aircraft Cannon Cartridges (Semi-rimless) 12.7mm (Browning Type)Leaflet II-7A 12.7mm Aircraft Cannon Cartridges AP TracerLeaflet II-7B 12.7mm Aircraft Cannon Cartridges Explosive/incendiaryLeaflet II-7C 12.7mm Aircraft Cannon Cartridges With Type B FuzeLeaflet II-7D Fuzes for 12.7mm Aircraft Cannon CartridgesLeaflet II-8 Ammunition for Japanese 25mm Naval AA/AT QG GunSection III - Grenades Hand and Discharger TypesLeaflet III-1 Grenade Hand HE Type ‘97Leaflet III-2 Grenade Hand or Discharger Type ‘91Leaflet III-3 Grenade Hand HE Pull TypeLeaflet III-4 Grenade Hand HE “KISKA” TypeLeaflet III-5 Stick type Hand GrenadesLeaflet III-6 Grenade Rifle HE AT (Hollow Charge)Leaflet III-7 1/3 Kg HE Aircraft BombLeaflet III-8 Grenade Rifle SmokeLeaflet III-9 Grenade Hand HE Type 99BLeaflet III-10 Grenade Inc ½ Kg Hand or 50mm Grenade DischargerLeaflet III-11 Japanese Hand Inc Grenade- Molotov Cocktail TypeLeaflet III-12 Tabulated Summary of Japanese Hand and Discharger Type GrenadesLeaflet III-13 Japanese Hand Flash GrenadeSection IV - Mortar Rocket and Discharger AmmunitionLeaflet IV-1 Japanese 50mm DischargersLeaflet IV-2 50mm HE Shell Nose Fuzed for Dischargers Type ‘89Leaflet IV-3 Rocket ProjectileLeaflet IV-4 50mm Smoke Shell Nose Fuzed for Dischargers Type ‘89Leaflet IV-5 Tabulated Summary of Japanese 50mm Discharger ShellLeaflet IV-6 Japanese Mortar AmmunitionLeaflet IV-7 Ammunition for 90mm Mortar Type ‘94Leaflet IV-8 Ammunition for 81mm (Infantry Trench) Mortar Type ‘99Leaflet IV-9 Ammunition for 105mm Mortar (Believed Type ’95)Leaflet IV-10 Ammunition for 70mm Discharger Type ‘TAISHO 11’Leaflet IV-11 Grenade Smoke 50mm Discharger TypeLeaflet IV-12 2 ½ Kg Spigot ChargeSection V - Gun AmmunitionLeaflet V-1 Ammunition for the 75mm Guns
Section VI - Mines and Booby TrapsLeaflet VI-1 Japanese Land Mine AT Type ‘93Leaflet VI-1A Japanese Mine AP Type ‘93Leaflet VI-2 Japanese AT Magnetic Mine Type ‘99Leaflet VI-3 Japanese Beach Mine (Type XIII)Leaflet VI-4 Japanese Non-Metallic AT MineLeaflet VI-4A Japanese AT/AP Mine Type 3Leaflet VI-5 Japanese Yardstick MineLeaflet VI-6 Land Mine Types 1 & 2 (Wooden construction)Leaflet VI-7 Some Japanese Booby Traps Using Hand Grenades and DischargerShellLeaflet VI-8 Miscellaneous Booby TrapsLeaflet VI-9 Some Methods of Improvising Booby TrapsLeaflet VI-10 AT Mines and Booby Traps Found in the Arakan and Manipur AreaLeaflet VI-11 Dutch “Mushroom Top” Mine (AT or Land Mine)Leaflet VI-12 Naval Mine “ISHI” No 179Leaflet VI-13 Japanese Land Mines – Booby Trap Firing DeviceLeaflet VI-14 Experimental Hand Thrown MineSection VII – PyrotechnicsLeaflet VII-1 50mm Signal FlaresLeaflet VII-2 Rocket Signal Modification ILeaflet VII-3 Japanese 35mm Signal CartridgesLeaflet VII-4 81mm Mortar Signal Flare & 26.5mm Signal CartridgeSection VIII - Demolition StoresLeaflet VIII-1 Japanese Demolition Clock Leaflet VIII-2 Tabulated Summary of Japanese Detonators and IgnitersLeaflet VIII-3 Japanese Saboteur Stores (Secret)Leaflet VIII-4 Tabulated Summary of Japanese Explosive Blocks used for HE FieldFillings and Demolition Work Leaflet VIII-5 Japanese Bangalore TorpedoesSection IX - Smoke and Chemical AmmunitionLeaflet IX-1 Tabulated Summary of Japanese Chemical Grenades

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