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Published by: pontoo on Aug 11, 2010
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1. Basic Radio 12. Propagation and Properties 153. Communications 314. VHF Direction Finding (VDF) 395. Non Directional Beacon and Automatic Direction Finder 456. VOR (VHF Omni Range) and DVOR (Doppler VOR) 617. Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI) and other VOR Indicators 738. ILS and MLS 819. Basics of Radar 9710. Ground Radar Services 11311. Doppler Theory and Navigation Radar 11912. Displays 12913. Pulse, Doppler and Pulse Doppler Radar 14514. Tracking Radar 16115. Microwave Aerials 16716. Weather and Ground Mapping Radar 17917. Inertial Navigation 19718. Secondary Surveillance Radar 22319. DME and TACAN 23320. Global Navigation Satellite Systems 24321. Area Navigation Systems (RNAV) 26122. Collision Warning Systems 26923. Radio and Radar Altimeter 27724. Terrain Avoidance Systems 28325. Hyperbolic Principles 29126. Electro Optical Systems: TV, LLTV and NVGs 30127. Infra-Red Radiations and Systems 31128. Laser 32529. Head-Up and Helmet Mounted Displays 33930. Fibre Optics 349
1. In the early days of aviation, pilots used their eyes and a set of rules to find their way and toavoid obstacles and other aircraft. However, the weather is not always kind enough to allow thesesimple pleasures, and soon it became essential to communicate with other aircraft, which might behidden behind cloud, and to be able to navigate when out of sight of the ground.2. Fortunately, the First World War encouraged not only the development of aircraft, but also of radio, the effects of which were demonstrated by Heinrich Hertz in his famous experiment in 1887which proved the existence of electromagnetic waves. Hertz's experiments also showed the importantfact that electromagnetic waves propagate in a vacuum and can be stopped by a metallic screen. Hecalculated their speed, and determined the relationship between frequency and wavelength.3. Nowadays, radio waves are used in aviation not only for communication, but also for basicnavigation, target acquisition and weapon delivery and as a means to ensure the safety of flight in acrowded sky by directing aircraft to follow an exact flight path in three dimensions, so that others canbe kept at a safe distance. This FIS book 2 on avionics sets out to explain how the theory of electromagnetic waves is applied to achieve all the desired aims.
Simplified Transmission and Reception of Radio Waves
4. Radio waves are the product of the changing fields produced by an alternating current.Alternating current is produced by rotating a loop of wire in a magnetic field (or by rotating themagnetic field itself). This makes electrons flow along the wire in accordance with the alternatingvoltage produced. Because the voltage and current are alternating, the electrons flow in one directionfor half the rotation, and in the reverse direction for the second half. This electron flow, alternatelyforwards and backwards, means that the current is continually changing. This changing current in turnproduces fields along the wire.5. If the wire is a closed circuit, then the fields in one part of the wire are generally cancelled outby those in another part. However, an alternating current can be induced in an open circuit with a barewire at the end. In this case, the fields will propagate outwards from the wire in a normal (at 90° to it)direction. If the wire is of the correct length, the fields will resonate and send continuous alternatingwaves of energy outwards. This outward propagation of the fields forms the transmitted radio waves.

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