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Published by vijayans_1

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: vijayans_1 on Aug 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Machining Operations
Text-based version
Machining Operations
Word Meaning Context More Information
boringBoring is an operation toenlarge and finish holesaccurately. This may bedone on a lathe or amilling machine.Boring is a machine operation in whichthe work is in contact with a single pointtool.A work piece may be held in a 3, 4, or 6 jawchuck and collets.broachingBroaching is anoperation thatcompletes the cutting inone stroke or cut.Broaching can be done on both internaland external surfaces.The teeth of a broaching tool are equally spacedso that as the tool advances into the workpiece,each tooth removes a specified amount of metal.drillingDrilling is an economicalway of removing largeamounts of metal tocreate semi-precisionround hole or cavity.Drilling allows a person to make holesthrough boards, metals, and other materials.Used for last removal of stock on preparation for other operations like boring, reaming, or tapping.drill pressThere are three major types:- Sensitive drill (light drilling)- Upright drill (heavy duty drilling)- Radial arm drill press (large, heavy workpieces)
A machine designed tohold drill bits which willproduce cylindricalholes.Used for producing cylindrical holes, aswell as reaming, boring, counter-boring,counter-sinking, honing, lapping andtapping.facingFacing is a latheoperation in which thecutting tool removesmetal from the end of the workpiece or ashoulder.Facing is a machine operation wherethe work is rotated against a single pointtool.A workpiece may be held in a 3, 4, or 6 jawchuck, collets or a faceplate.gangdrillingmachineGang drilling machineperforms a number of drilling operations in asequence.The gang drilling machine is a series of single spindle drill heads mounted on along table.Each head is equipped with a different tool to drillthe part being machined as it moves from onestation to the next.grindingGrinding is an operationin which the cutting isdone by the use of abrasive particles.Grinding processes remove very smallchips in very large numbers by cuttingthe action of many small individualabrasive grains.The abrasive grains are formed into a grindingwheel.Very smooth surfaces can be accomplished bythe use of the proper grinding wheel.grindingmachineGrinding machinemachines metal partswith an abrasive wheelwhich can grind to closetolerances.Grinding machines can produce parts of the identical size, shape, and finishquality.Various types of grinding machines:- Plain Surface grinders- Rotary Surface grinders- Tool & Cutter grinders- Universal grinders- Internal grindersgun drillingmachineGun drilling machine isa machine used toproduce long, deepholes.The operation is called"Gun drilling".In some drilling machines, the gun drillis held firm in a machine and theworkpiece revolves; in other cases thework is stationary and the tool revolves.Uses three types of spindles for producing deepholes:- way- quill- fixed-spindle
honingHoning is an internalcutting technique thatuses abrasives on arotating tool to produceextremely accurateholes that require a verysmooth finish.Honing operationSimilar to lapping where abrasive sticks aremounted in a rotating tool.Capable of accuracies of less than 1/10,000th of one inch.horizontalmillingmachineA horizontal millingmachine uses a rotatingtool to produce flatsurfaces.Used for heavy stockremoval.The milling machine provides cuttingaction with a rotating tool.The spindle is mounted on a horizontal position.Available in different size tables.latheThe lathe is used for producing cylindricalwork. The workpiece isrotated while the cuttingtool movement iscontrolled by themachine.The lathe is primarily used for cylindricalwork.The lathe may be used for:boring, drilling, tapping, turning, facing, threading,polishing, grooving, knurling, trepanningnon-precisiongrindingNon-precision grindingis a cutting techniqueused when the grindingdoes not need to beaccurate.Non-precision grinding is done whenaccuracy is not important.Non-precision grinding is a free-hand operationdone on a pedestal or bench grinder.precisiongrindingPrecision grinding is acutting technique usedwhen close tolerancesand very smoothfinishes are required.Precision grinding allows very small amounts of material to be removed from a workpiece. This isextremely useful in acquiring smooth fnishes.

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