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The Brief Introduction to Lionworld

The Brief Introduction to Lionworld

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Published by william e justin

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Published by: william e justin on Aug 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The “multiverse” is the stage of my novel-in-progress,
. This “parallel universe next door” as I have come to call it, would beone of the many component structures within the so-called metaverse.Like the Earth in
our own
insider’s view of the cosmic reality,LionWorld is stationed within a solar system and larger galaxy.
The cosmological viewpoint here is that
and our world are like townssitting closely side-by-side on a mapped globe. They are like identical twins thathave developed slight differences in terms of how they move and in their generalappearance. The “multiverse” concept would put the Parallel Universe in the openspace slightly within our own at a smaller distance from some ultimate center of all time and space.
The story is written to mimic the activity and history of the earth very closely. The greatestdifference between the Earth and
is that history seems to be moving at a slightlyfaster pace there in comparison to here. As this is a work in progress, written in serial formand published piece by piece, I’ll likely tighten up the calibration between the two historicaltimelines sometime before it is finished.I’ve called in to use the
many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics
in order to addsome plausibility. This is partly a work in alternative history set as a subgenre of literary fictionand science fiction. My interest in such a story is energized by the small differences in this“parallel universe next door”. They provide a break in the usual congruity we are accustomedto and are natural conductors for comedy.Humor is a leading component in this
story. I have hard time being involvedwith anything unless there is some promise of joy and laughter. But there are also ingredientsof philosophy, psychology, drama, characterization, mystery, suspense, romance and action. Itry and group all of these elements into to an easy escapism from the mundane world—whichis the main point in fiction writing both for reader and writer. I wanted to feather a sort of “comic strip” feel and mentality at the beginning of the story into something more serious andrealistic. In the first chapter for instance, the villain of the piece—
Ethan Vulerummer 
—strikeswith more of a “stick figure” composition. His evil is a bit over-the-top. Later, he gainspalpability and his negative values are easier to fear and understand. 
features a scenario where the world’s most popular professionalsport is not soccer, or football, or baseball, but Lion-fighting—a team sport that combinesprincipled, high-tech hunting along with a gladiator aspect. The popularity of Lion-fighting withits “pay-per-view audience” makes the most successful teams extremely wealthy and famous.At the center of this allegorical tale is the professional sports club known as, The
Le MuffetCrew
which feature four brothers from the
Le Muffet family
along with their brother-in-law.The Le Muffet siblings are African-American while the brother-in-law is a blond. In
,I wanted racism to have an almost non-existent footprint.
by contrast, has a hugefootprint. In this alternative history, African-Americans were not slaves but immigrants brought

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