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Published by Gulam Hussain

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Published by: Gulam Hussain on Aug 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Long, long ago, there lived a poor Brahmin. He was avery lazy man and never liked to work hard. How couldhe and his family survive? There were hard alwaysquarrels between the Brahmin and his wife. Oneevening, after a serious quarrel, the Brahmin decided toleave the house and go to some other place to try hisluck. The next morning, his wife made some snacks forhim to eat on his way. She also packed seven
in acloth and gave it to the Brahmin.The Brahmin took the snacks with him and left thehouse. In the afternoon, he sat under a tree to rest forsome time. He was very hungry. So, he untied the clothin which his wife had put the
. Looking at the
,he said, “I am so hungry that I will eat all the seven inone sitting.”Now it so happened three lived seven fairies that tree. They werefrightened on hearing the words of the Brahmin. They thought thatthe Brahmin wanted to eat them. They immediately came down andfell at his feet and said, “O kind Brahmin! Please donot eat us. If you spare us, we will give you a magicgoat. Whenever this goat opens her mouth to graze,gold coins drop out from it.”The Brahmin realized that the fairies hadmisunderstood his words. However, the promisedthe fairies that he would not eat them up. The fairiesalso kept their word and gave him the magic goat.The Brahmin took the goat and left for his home.The fairies then disappeared.
On his way home, the Brahmin came to the village wherehis friend lived. It was growing dark, so he decided to putup at his friend’s house for that night. The friendwelcomed him warmly. They had dinner together. TheBrahmin told him everything about the fairies and themagic goat. Tired, the Brahmin then went to sleep.When the Brahmin was fast asleep, his friend got up andcrept out the house. He went to the goat and gave hersome grass to eat. As soon as the goat opened her mouthto eat the grass, gold coins dropped out from her mouth.The Brahmin’s friend collected all the gold coins and hidthem safely in a box. But suddenly he had an idea! Whynot steal the goat? The friend wanted to own the magicgoat, so he replaced her with an ordinary one.The next morning, the Brahmin woke up and proceeded on his journey home. When he reached his house, he told his wife aboutthe magic goat. She was thrilled to hear his story. The Brahminbrought some grass and put it before the goat to eat. The goatopened her mouth to eat the grass, but alas! Not a single gold coindropped out from her mouth. The Brahmin’s wife was furious andsaid, “What a foolish man you are! Those fairies have cheated you.”The Brahmin was shocked and disappointed. The next morning, theBrahmin went back to the forest and stood under the same tree. Hesaid, “O fairies! You have cheated me. The goat does not give anygold coins. You have not kept your word. I will now eat all of you.”The fairies said, “O Brahmin! We have not cheated you. We do notknow why the goat did not give you any gold coins. But this time, weare giving you a magic pan. This pan will prepare the dishes of yourchoice and lay them before you in a matter of minutes. Call out thename of the dish you desire and then look into the pan. You will getthat dish prepared in a flash.”
The Brahmin took the magic pan and left for his house. It wasgrowing dark and once again he reached his friend’s village. This timetoo, he decided to stay with him. The friend welcome the Brahminand they had dinner together. While they were taking, the Brahmintold him about the magic pan. After dinner, the tired Brahmin wentto bed and soon, was fast asleep. His friend nowwanted to have the magic pan. He got up at nightand put an ordinary pan in place of the magic one.The next day, the Brahmin took the pan andreturned home. He told his wife about the magicpan. She was happy to see it and asked theBrahmin to demonstrate its power. The Brahmindid exactly as he was told by the fairies, but it wasall in vain. He did not get anything from the pan.This time, his wife was very angry and said, “onceagain, those fairies have cheated you. Go back tothem. I warn you do not spare them this time.”Once again, the Brahmin went to the fairies andshouted, “hey, you fairies! You have cheated me once again. Now Iwill not spare you.”The fairies said “O Brahmin! Please calm down. Believe us, we havenot cheated you. But we feel that somebody you met on your wayhas cheated you.” The Brahmin told the fairies about all the placewhere he had stayed and all the people he had met on his way home.The fairies understood everything and said, “your friend is the onewho has cheated you. He replace our magic thing with ordinary once.But this time we are giving you a magic rope and a magic stick. Takethem and go to your friend’s house.”The Brahmin put the magic rope and the magic stick in his bag andwent to his friend’s house. He was welcomed by his friend and theyhad dinner together. The Brahmin did not tell him anything about themagic things, but went to sleep quietly.

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