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Condensed Chapters

Condensed Chapters

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Published by Zeb Eckles

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Published by: Zeb Eckles on Aug 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is the quick form chapter break down for a book I've been slowly working on when Itake breaks from working on scripts. An example of planning and knowing where mystory is going.A Somewhat Self Made ManChapters1.) The man who had been there – Aug. 2000Jason goes hunting after his first adventure. And what he seeks turns out not to bewhat he ends up finding.This is an adventurous situation in which Jason is an ancillary figure. What doyou expect it’s his first time.2.) European nightlife: 3 girls, 6 countries, 9 days – Jan. 2001Jason makes a trip to London that ends up sending him across central Europe.While not a grand adventure by any means it does provide a bit of intrigue.
Monday 22: Arrive in London and Eat with Adam and Sienna that night. Weather: High 50°, Low 37°Tuesday 23: Train to Paris and walk around Paris with Amber. Weather: High 52°Wednesday 24: Get to Geneva and Anat is busy all day. Go out to dinner with her. Weather: High 51°,Low 42°Thursday 25: Wake up late and spend the day with Anat. Weathe: High 43°, Low 34°Friday 26: See Anat off at the airport, not awkward. Leave for Venice. Weather: High 48°, Low 35°Saturday 27: Wake up early morning on the night train pulling into Mestre. Go to Venice with Regina.Weather: high 48°, Low 41°Sunday 28: Arrive in Vienna early Regina meets a guy and they get back on the train to Prague in theevening and get into Prague late and get a hotel. Weather: High 52°, Low 41°Monday 29: Regina brings Jason coffee in the morning that night she does her business and they go back tothe hotel. Weather: High 37°, Low 25°Tuesday 30: Jason wakes up in the hotel and Regina is gone. He gets a ticket back to London.
Since this is early on in his life we see a little of how encounters with the fairer sex fits in with Jason and his existence. And establishes Anat as the recurring femalefigure in his life.3.) Money is not an object or a cure – May 2001Jason and two college friends go on a diving trip to Palau. One of them dies andJason and the other survivor blame themselves.Again formative stuff here, Jason has to get past the fact that the money and the path will, from time to time, lead him into some shitty situations.© 2007, Zebulon Eckles
4.) Driving in the same circles – April 2002Jason encounters a number of people, some of which he manages to run into allover the world. Basically there’s more than one way to be a globe hopper, and those whoare somehow manage to find each other.5.) Three gorges and a mound of dirt – June 2002Jason takes a trip to China, basically to do tourist stuff. In the process he meetsan archeologist grad student who is just like Jason only without the money.This is basically just to introduce the archeologist character. He’s kind of like the big guy with the fez hat in Indiana Jones, he shows up periodically to say hi or take partin some adventure.6.) A monk by any other name (questionable chapter) Nov. 2002Jason meets and travels with a catholic priest while traveling in Cambodia. The pair philosophizes on God Buddhism and the idea of a blessed life.Reasoning for the chapter is so that a little more of Jason’s thoughts on what he isdoing with his life are revealed.7.) North Africa, people die everyday – Jan. 2003Jason is following the Dakar rally because he is sponsoring one of the racers, afellow adventurer (we will have met him in the ‘same circles’ chapter). Jason buyssomething in Tunis that is worth a lot of money and an unseemly fellow follows himalong the race and tries to steal it. Shit goes bad and Jason ends up killing the guy.This is something really heavy that sort of pushes Jason into a different direction.8.) Red Square – May 2003On a simple trip to Moscow things escalate as Jason happens to meet up withsomeone he thought he’d never see again.Just kind of a random adventure, but Jason gets a chance to show how much hehas changed in a short time.9.) Mr. Jones Indeed – Oct. 2003Jason is in India with his archeologist friend and they stumble across an oldnotebook that might lead to a stash of silver stolen from the East India trading company.An unscrupulous type gets a hold of the information and the race is on to find the treasureif it actually exists.Basically a condensed version of what could be a one off idea. Jason gets to runaround in true Indiana Jones style.10.) Life passes by – March 2004© 2007, Zebulon Eckles
Jason attends his 10 year high school reunion. Everyone is interested in him, buthe sees that everyone has grown up and many have gotten married and are havingchildren, and he sort of sees his own life as a bit immature.Jason is 28 and has his first real doubts about what it is he was ever planning ondoing with his life in the long run.11.) Hitchcock on the steppe – July 2004Jason is on a train to Taraz to meet his archeologist friend at a dig. A man whowinds up being CIA becomes interested and suspicious of Jason and what it is he is doingin Kazakhstan.Another sort of adventurous chapter where we add another side character toJason’s menagerie.12.) The last great adventure – Sept. / Oct. 2004Jason’s earlier thoughts of the future come back to him and he decides to seek outone more escapade and then hang it up. It winds up being a great adventure, but changeshis mind on it being the last.This sort of solidifies Jason the character; sure he’ll change and grow, but the book’s larger idea of showing ‘the creation of a man” hopefully will come to fruitionhere.13.) No one in New York – Dec. 2004 thru Feb 2005Jason has some down time and spends the bulk of the winter in New York City.He gets involved with a woman (note: might have it be Anat Preston) and everything isgravy until he gets ready to take off again.Another smaller more character based chapter. Since Jason has resolved himself to continuing down his chosen path what does that mean for other aspects of generalexistence?14.) Intelligence work must be boring – June 2005Jason is passing through Istanbul and gets tracked down by the CIA guy from alittle while back. It gets a little complicated, but Jason gets involved with what the CIAcat has going down.This is another sort of mini one shot story in which there is negligible effects onthe larger story. This is kind of the send off for Jason after the last two chapters laid thefinal few bricks on what kind of man our boy is.15.) Everything old is new again – Sept. 2005 (questionable chapter)Jason is in London to see Adam. While he’s in England a young English journalist, who is an acquaintance of the archeologist, finds Jason and interviews him for an article.© 2007, Zebulon Eckles

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