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Inspiration for Marketing Innovation

Inspiration for Marketing Innovation

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Published by: Richard van Hooijdonk on Aug 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inspiration formarketing innovation!
MarktingMonda is a markting rm spcial-ising in innovativ corporat commrcialstratgis. It dvlops and xcts compltmarkting stratgis, as wll as tachingcompanis how to handl nw Markting 2.0tchniqs.Tchnological and social dvlopmnts willchang th fac of markting ovr th comingars. Th nw markting is a dnamic andfcint marriag of old and nw approachs.Consmr dmands ar changing with rgardto brands, prodcts, markting commnication,distribtion and sals. Trms sch as “socialbranding”, “co-cration”, “cross-mdia”and“mlti-channl”ar th nw bzzwords.In ordr to giv companis an insight into thfacts of Markting 2.0, MarktingMonda hasdvlopd “Th Nw Markting Ccl”. Drawingon this modl and th rlatd book, as wll asor knowldg, xprinc and insights, wintrodc companis to th nw marktingconom b mans of a balancd stp-b-stpplan. W giv or clints’mplos an insightinto and knowldg of nw markting skills,taching thm how to implmnt this nwmarkting approach thmslvs, and w workwith th compan to dvlop th commrcial/markting stratg. W also handl all aspctsof th stratg’s implmntation/xction. Inaddition, MarktingMonda stags rglarsminars and workshops abot nw markting(Markting 2.0). MarktingMonda works for avarit of top-500 ntrpriss from variossctors.
Inspiration for marketing innovation!
The New Marketing Cycle©Marketing 2.0 turnaroundMarketing 2.0 ‘scan’Objectives 2.0Target Groups 2.0Product Development 2.0Branding 2.0PR & Buzz Marketing 2.0Cross-media Communication 2.0Web Presence 2.0Multi-channel 2.0Marketing Intelligence 2.0Distribution 2.0Sales 2.0
Objectives 2.0
Objctivs ar th bdrock of ambition.Do oformlat spcic targts for brand val,rtntion or p-/cross- and dp-slling? Orfor ach commnication instrmnt,comm-nication ow (cross-mdia),prodct orprodct grop? For onlin visits,click stramand nqir activit,mobil rspons or viralffct? Proprl dnd objctivs allow forpropr monitoring and sbstantiall improvmarkting rslts.
Target Groups 2.0
Hav o idntid which targt grops mightb rlvant to o? Do o hav th rightcstomr insights to prhaps nabl o toaddrss nw targt grops or srv xistinggrops mch mor ffctivl? Toda’scstomrs and prospcts ar mor rcptivthan vr to an intllignt targt grop ap-proach.
Product Development 2.0
Sccssfl prodcts and srvics ar thoswhich satisf a clar nd. Do o s thright cstomr insights to dvlop distinctivtargt grop prodcts? Do o s a co-cra-tion approach to involv or cstomrs inth dvlopmnt of prodcts and srvicswhich th will on da prchas from o?Ar o brav nogh to rlinqish a dgrof control, in xchang for distinctiv pro-dcts, srvics and propositions?
Branding 2.0
Th consmr is mor articlat and ckl,and lss loal. Is or brand distinctiv, dosit instil condnc, is it highl ratd and thbrand of choic? Is or brand rad for thnw consmr,who dmands approachabilit,transparnc, mlti-channlling, cross-mdiaand dialog with or brand bfor doingbsinss with o?
PR & Buzzmarketing 2.0
Th articlat consmr is agr and qick toxprss his opinions, complaints, xprincsand complimnts to th compan sing vari-os mdia: wblogs, virals, forms and othr(oftn social) mdia. In no tim, a small bzzcan hav major implications. Do o hav thisform of commnication ndr control? Aro abl to s PR & Bzz Markting 2.0 as aninstrmnt for managing or brand valsand markting commnication?
Cross-media Communication 2.0
Cross-mdia commnication is a prlsstool in th sarch for prodcts and srvics.Ar or markting profssionals abl tocrat th right mix of ofin and onlinmarkting and dirct th stratg to goodffct? Do o hav sfcint knowldgabot th contnt, fnctioning and organisa-tion of cross-mdia campaigns? At last 60%of all markting activitis aimd at rtntionand cross-, p- and dp-slling can b ato-matd, so that or cstomrs and prospctsrciv thir own, individal campaign, basdon bhavioral triggrs. Ar o alradfamiliar with vnt-drivn tchniqs andawar how asil and qickl rslts can bimprovd?
Webpresence 2.0
Cross-mdia campaigns will lad mor andmor consmrs to or wbsit. Is oronlin prsnc sfcintl prsonal,fnctional and proactiv? Ar o abl toconvrt visitors onlin, b mans of mini sits,wblog concpts and applications? And aro also abl to st p prols in ordatabas of visitors who lav or sitwithot prforming a transaction, so that ocan procss thm latr? Has or sitoffring bn prsonalisd? Hav o consid-rd sing wb 2.0 applications as part ofor onlin prsntation?
Multichannel 2.0
Th consmr ss varios channls dringth diffrnt phass of th sal procss (In-trnt, tlphon, print and prsonal). Is thstrctr and otpt of ths channls tai-lord to or cstomrs’nds? Do o hava halth ratio of incom to xpnditr forth varios channls? Hav o considrdchannl innovation, to ct costs and boostrvns?
Marketing Intelligence 2.0
Th consmr ss varios channls dringth diffrnt phass of th sal procss(Intrnt,tlphon,print and prsonal).Is thstrctr and otpt of ths channlstailord to or cstomrs’nds? Do ohav a halth ratio of incom to xpnditrfor th varios channls? Hav o considrdchannl innovation,to ct costs and boostrvns?
Distributie 2.0
Good knowldg of comptitors, cstomrnds, cstomr val, lif-tim ccl,prospcts and dtaild markting rslts iscrcial. Do o s this knowldg to dvisanalss and scnarios which dlivr a bttrrslt for o, in trms of nw, high-potntialtargt grops, lowr slling costs, highrconvrsion and/or mor fcint marktingcommnication and so on?
Sales 2.0
Almost 75% of consmrs sa that th likto dal with companis who offr slf-srvic.Th want to condct thir own (onlin)bsinss and procss transactions ndis-trbd. Hav o tailord or slf-srviclvl to th wishs of or targt grop? Whatforms of slf-srvic nhanc a commrcialstratg?
Th Nw Markting Ccl
Tcc pmtw c t fc fmkt  t cm . Mkt 1.0 mk w f mkt2.0,  t  mpctf cmmc tt.CusToMerFoCus as aPrioriTyTeChnologyis ChangingMediadisTribuTionas a Keydriver

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