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Sage Sukracharya

Sage Sukracharya

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Published by chandu005in

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Published by: chandu005in on Aug 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sage Sukracharya's Secrets of Kerala Astrology 
Sage Sukracharya's Secrets of Kerala Astrology 
Sukra Kerala Rahasya by Sukracharya contains 423 slokas.Without disturbing, as far as possible, the chapters and the order of slokas have been re-arranged subject-wise, to make this publicationuseful as a source of reference and to enable the reader to quicklyspot out what he wants. The original book has no introduction whatsoever, except that, atthe end of each sloka, the author says Iti Kerala Nischayahameaning this is the decision of Kerala Astrologers. This denotes thatthe author is giving out certain decisions agreed to by the Keralaastrologers.Perhaps, the title given to the book Kerala Rahasya is suggestive of the fact that the author has chosen to reveal certain secrets of Kerala astrology which are not available in other systems.Almost all the slokas are on the lines of Yogas, very much on thelines of those found in the great book Sarwartha Chintamani of riVenkatesa Daivagnya, though in substance these two books deal onseparate points in the same subject. There are a number of goodpoints in the book which are not found in others and some of themare indeed valuable Yogas on various important aspects of humanlife, which will assist students as well as professionals in delineatingpredictions correctly.No sloka has been omitted barring a few which seemed repetitive. There are a few slokas in this book which may not be understoodeasily. The author himself has not understood some. A literaltranslation of these, however, appears in the appropriate places andit is hoped that there may be personalities with higher knowledgewho may know their real usage or import.Foreign readers and astrologers following Western System of Astrology may kindly note that all the Yogas (planetary mappings)given in this book are to be applied to the horoscopes cast in theHindu fashion. How to convert a Western horoscope to a Hinduhoroscope has been explained briefly on page 14 of Ashta VargaPhala & Ashta Varga Dasa by the author.
CHAPTER 1Ascendant Kingly Life
 The trines are the abode of Goddess Lakshmi denoting wealth whilstthe quadrants are the above of Lord Vishnu denoting material
NN Krishna Rau
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Sage Sukracharya's Secrets of Kerala Astrology 
prosperity. Therefore, the connection between the lords of trinesand quadrants will result in the native enjoying kingly life.
 Cancellation of debilitation effects: -
If in the sign in which adebilitated planet is standing, an exalted planet is also standing inconjunction, and Maharshi Vasishta and Maharshi Parashara are of the view that the malefic nature of the debilitated planet will vanish.
: Assuming Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Pisces, thedebilitation effects of Mercury here may safely be ignored for thepurposes of prediction.If the dispositor or the lord of the exaltation signs of the planet indebilitation stands in quadrant/trine from Ascendant, the maleficnature of the planet in debilitation will vanish.
Prosperity after native attains specified age16 years of age
 If lord of the Ascendant stays in a beneficsign with aspect/conjunction of anotherbenefic
20 years of age
 If lord of Ascendant is posited in 2nd or 10th,and the lord of 2nd is at the same time inAscendant.
30 years of age
If powerful lord of Ascendant or the lord of the navamsa occupied by him occupiesexaltation /quadrant /trine/11th. The native will be rich & happy throughoutlife if lord Ascendant has his navamsa inexaltation/own house/friendlyhouse/vargothama navamsa and hasconnection with another benefic.
If any planet other than the lord of Ascendant is exalted and powerful in thehoroscope, the native will have poorlongevity.
If any planet other than the lord of 9th isexalted and is powerful in the horoscope, thenative will enjoy only mediocre prosperity.
The native will enjoy reputation, goodprosperity, good finances and agriculturalincome including landed property if, lord of Ascendant occupies deep exaltation whichhappens to be a quadrant/trine fromAscendant and is at the same timeconjunct/aspected by another benefic ORlord of Ascendant occupies his own house in
NN Krishna Rau
Page 2
Sage Sukracharya's Secrets of Kerala Astrology 
conjunction with lord of 10th. 
If there is a powerful malefic in the 12th of Ascendant orin the debilitation sign of the lord of Asdr, the native will spend allhis life outside his native province.If lord of Ascendant is exalted or in own/friendly house, and isaspected by another planet in exaltation/own/friendly house, thenative will spend all his life in his native province.
Chapter IIDhana Bhava - 2nd House WealthBhava Karakatwa: - The
shape of the face of the native, right eye,speech, education, intelligence, gold, ability to learn Mantras/hymns,can be decided from the second house.
Rich Man:-
if lord of 2nd stays in the 5th conjunction with lord of 10th.if the Ascendant happens to be Gemini/Virgo and Mercurystays inthe Ascendant in conjunction with OR aspected by Saturn &Venus.if the Ascendant happens to be Pisces /Sagittarius and Jupiter
NN Krishna Rau
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