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Elemental Heroes (the Fire Within)

Elemental Heroes (the Fire Within)

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Published by Jackie
Fantasy, fantasy and a whole lot more of fantasy! Intense plot and an ending you'll never suspect! ps. This is my first time - enjoy!
Fantasy, fantasy and a whole lot more of fantasy! Intense plot and an ending you'll never suspect! ps. This is my first time - enjoy!

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Published by: Jackie on Aug 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Shadows of death)
The fiery volcano roared with live as it shined with light. The ground rolled with dark mist,covering the bare ground. The sun shied behind dangerous clouds, leaving the place little tonone sunshine.Inside the volcano, which surprisingly is hollow but still roared with live stood a cloakedfigure. His body surrounded by a cloud of purple mist, giving the figure unseen protection.Outside of the hollow volcano, stalked five people. All of them young, but nevertheless theirdetermination shined in their eyes. Suddenly in unison they ran silently towards the volcano,so quiet that you can't even hear them.As they entered the hollow volcano they found nothing, they did not find any trace of thecloaked figure. Then, the entire volcano rumbled as though the gods shook the earth. And inthe confusion it was disturbed by a low thudding noise.
The five people tensed, noticing the change in the air. They quickly drawed their weapons.
There it was again, the five stood back to back, turning their heads left and right.
One of them gleamed upwards and saw a fleeting shadow, pointing to his teamates they allsaw it came down with inhuman speed.
Standing infront of the five was the cloaked figure, the ground under his feet showed amassive crack upon the impact. The five people gasped but quickly recovered, they flashedtheir weapons and stood their ground. The cloaked one laughed and whispered silently intotheir minds, hissing the words, exactly like a snake's.
Welcome to your deaths.
Chapter one (discovery)
It was summer, yet the clouds loomed over the school. Jason was fourteen years old. Hegoes to secondary school, but it was a nightmare there! He got black eyes with slightly black hair. It was the end of school and he was heading towards home. Eager for some Coke.CLONK!!!Jason turned around quickly and walked slowly towards the sound, wondering whoever orwhatever had made that sound, he hoped it wasn't his best friend Aiden pulling a trick onhim.He peeked from behind a car to see what was making the noise, suddenly he tripped over arock and landed right infront of the thing. Or rather monster, it was a rather small beast. Ithas tiny eyes that seem to drill into Jason, with horns growing from it's back and sharp cruelteeth.He looked up and yelled with surprise, a hint of fear seeping into his voice. The beastlunged at him and pushed him into a wall. Gasping and puffing he ran. As he began to runas he felt the beast's claws dug into his skin, yelling, he pulled at the beast's scaly body.Without success he pulled harder, and then he felt the ground gave away, the next momenthe was falling into the darkness, and the beast let go just in time to jump away.When he looked up he saw something gleaming in the darkness, he moaned with pain andrubbed his back. He looked at the hole where he has fallen through, it was impossible to getback up! Yelling with frustration he sat down again, only to hear a painful crack comingfrom his back.Later, realising no one's gonna help him he decided to explore the place and try to find atunnel or something. Again he looked at the gleaming things further into the cave, he staredin awe. He stepped closer, when he reached out to the gleaming things he realized it wasgems!He held out his hand and touched the blue one.ZAPPPTT!!! A painful jolt began to run through Jason's body. He felt the gem started to hover and
into Jason's chest! He yelled with pain, gasping as he felt the gem touched his heart! Thenhis legs started to move by itself and stumbling towards a splashing sound. Jason realized itwas a river!He tried to yell as he fell in and water gushed into his throat, he tried to grab for thesurface but it was impossible, the current was actually forcing him down. Opening his eyeshe looked around, he realized he cannot find his arms or body or even his legs!! The he saw,his arms was pure
! This time he screamed, he pushed himself out and broke into thesurface, he grabbed for the ground desperately. Then he finally got it!He chocked and coughed as he finally landed on the rough ground. His hand start torecover and turned back into normal. His body start to shiver and he turned into ice! "Not
again!" He yelled. He transformed into some kind of ice sculpture and start to climb towardsthe opening. He turned back into normal againwhen he reached the top, and the beast wasgone too! So he start to ran towards home."I'm not crazy!" protested Jason. "I know sweetheart, I know this can be hard foryou.....but there's really no such thing as.....as..powers!" said Jason's mum gently. Jasonwalked away angrily when there was a loud crash that erupted from the kitchen. The beasthas returned!It smashed it's tail onto Jason's stomach and he was flung back onto the wall. The beastleapt at Jason quickly, Jason jumped to the left. ROAR!!! The beast leapt again andsmashed Jason onto the floor. The beast tried to grab Jason but Jason kept on crawlingback, the beast just missed him by an inch! He crawled back even further and found himself trapped! The beast leapt forward, he searched for anything as a weapon and found a piece of broken glass. STABB!! The glass was stabbed into the beast's jaw, it fell back onto the floorand jumped back up again. ROAR!!! It leapt forward like an arrow. "NO!!!" yelled Jason.He put his hand infront of him like a barrier, then suddenly blue light erupted from his handand blinded the whole room. SMASH!!! The beast was flung back and smashed into thewall, out towards the streets. He smiled at his effort and lied back on the wall. Before herealized anything he fainted and dreamed.........He opened his eyes and saw a very old man.
"Jason, Jason. Do not speak, I have something very important to tell you. I don't have long. You must find the other elements! They will help you, that is your mission, you will be guided. Do not worry. Oh no! I do not have enough time, promise me Jason! Promise me! Promise me you will find the other elements and fulfill your destiny, we will meet again if you succeed. Now promise me!"
explained the old man. Ipromise was the only reply from Jason. The old man smiled happily and drifted away........"Jason! Jason! Jason!" cried Jason's mum. The voice seems far away, he opened his eyesslowly and realized the old man was only a dream. He lifted his head slowly."My head. It feltlike I've been kicked by a horse!" groaned Jason. Jason's mum looked worried but Jasondosen't care because he wanted to say this to his mum for a long time."I told youso!".Jason's mum helped Jason to get up, Jason groaned again. He was exhausted from thebattle. He lay back on the sofa and try to relax, soon tiredness swept over him. Again!The sun shinned in the lounge room, it made Jason opened his eyes slowly. His body waspainful from yesterday's battle. He jumped up and got changed into his school uniform thenhe burst out the door. He smiled at the sun, for he had an idea of flying, he steadied himself,he was very excited about the idea. Jason lifted his head proudly, then he felt the powerrushing into him...........BOOM!!! He body soar through the air, he felt the wind rushing intohis face. Suddenly the power seem to be gone and he fell down, down to the street. Just whenhe thought he was going to die a blob of water landed infront of him and he smashed into theblob."That was the weirdest thing I have ever seem! Oh, and great! I can't even control mypower! This magic power just seem to pop out of nowhere and then dissapeared again! Oh

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