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What is Computer

What is Computer

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Published by kabindramudoi3930

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: kabindramudoi3930 on Aug 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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* What is
?> Computer is an electronic machine which can
it to produce some meaningful information and can
it to the user. The computer doesall these functions with the
of some stored
(software) in its memory.* What are the
functions that can be done by computer?>i)Inputting
(The process of entering data and instruction to the computer system)
( Storing data & program such that they can be available for current & future use)
( It means arithmetic & logical operation on input data to get output)
( Conveying the final result to the user as a printed report or visual display)
(Directing the above all 4 functions systematically and timely )
 * Why computer is called
?>. Although the original idea for inventing computer is to develop fast calculating device, but more than 80% of work done by computer today is non mathematical or non numericin nature. Today, computer is used to process
text, number, sound, picture
as per user’s requirements with the help of software. Using computer, user can write text, do business calculation, present project work, maintain database, edit music, play virtualgame, edit photo and video, communicate with other computer and can share resourcesand information etc. So, computer is also called
 Electronic Data Processor 
(EDP).* What are data, processing and information?>
are raw facts or unorganized facts collected for a purpose. 
is applying arithmetical and logical operations on data to get desired usefulinformation . 
is the processed data or organized data. It is obtained by applyingarithmetic and logical operation on data. It is directly useful to the user.For example, a student got marks in an examination as Physics (76/100), chemistry(92/100), Mathematics (87/100) and if we
want to know
his percentage in PCM, thenafter processing we will get the useful information is 85%.* Write some activity where computer is used.* Write some advantages of using computer.* Write some limitations of computer.* What is the difference between computer and other electronic devices like calculator,TV etc ?* What Charles Babbage machine? What is Von Neumann Architecture?* Write a brief history of computer?* What is computer?

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